YOGEON Hand planer, Block Hand Plane Planer Perfect for Woodworking, Trimming, Wood Planing, Surface Smoothing

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【Greater control】This premium planing plane is the perfect tool to help you perfect the shape and dimensions of wood or to give it a final finish. Nothing says woodworking like hand planes. The frog and base are a sturdy one-piece casting. 【Greater accuracy】The plane is made of high quality steel, sharper and more durable! Both planes have blades machined from thick 1/8” steel for minimal chatter, and are precision ground for flatness. Precision ground cutter allows for cutting with greater accuracy and confidence. 【High quality construction】The TV remote control stand is allow you to move the entire remote easily and reduce your desk clutter down to almost zero, keep your desk neat tidy, the best choice for your office, school and home use. Two wood boards can be detached by hand, which means cleaning up is simple. 【Comfortable handle grip】The handle with a contoured design fit comfortably in the hand, making this planer easy to hold and control. The compact size fits anywhere without taking up the entire surface, keep your table looking stylish and chic. 【Widely Use】Our hand plane for DIY allows you to tackle a range of professional and DIY wood projects. Friendly to woodworkers of all skill levels from beginner to advanced, perfect for cutting, polishing and deburring woodworking surfaces.
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November 28, 2019

10 reviews for YOGEON Hand planer, Block Hand Plane Planer Perfect for Woodworking, Trimming, Wood Planing, Surface Smoothing

  1. rick riferick rife

    I’ve been a hobbyist woodworker and home construction DIYer for 20 years. During that time I’ve only owned a few planers. However one of them was the Stanley #4 Sweetheart. I loved everything about that planer, had it for almost 15years until it was stolen.. recently I hand need for a similar sized planer but couldn’t justify the price of another #4 on hobby budget. Enter the Yogeon. I had used some of my grandfathers wooden planes and loved their feel. Given the reviews and the attractive price tag, I decided to give it a chance. I’m not a stranger to “setting up” a plane. Any plane under $350-$500 is going to need a little love and adjustment out of the box. I bought adhesive sandpaper and a granite tile to flatten and square the main block surface. When I pulled the Yogeon out of the box, it looked pretty damn flat. I hand checked with my square and 123 blocks.. looked perfectly flat out of the box! For fun I slapped it on my lathe table and mic’ed it. From end to end of the working surface it was flat to within a .002 over the entire face! I love the 1/8 blade thickness, it came sharp and ready for action. I still plan to wetstone it from 500-4000, but even with the factory grind, the cutting edge surface is perfectly square all the way across. Now I’m not going to lie and say it feels as good in the hand as my beloved #4 Sweetheart.. but as far as results.. it’s a damn amazing product for 28$. Keep some bees wax handy to help her glide across your workpieces and I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  2. Tim D.

    Love this. Once set correctly, this shaves wood like butter… and that’s before I even honed the blade. Planed a walnut and maple cutting board flat in no time at all. Very well made, and for the price you simple can’t do better. I get full width, paper thin shavings with every stroke. I will buy more of their planes without hesitation.

  3. Justin Dearing

    I bought a mini chinese block plane on AliExpress mostly as a joke, assuming it was a clone of a traditional Japanese plane. I got it, and was THOROUGHLY impressed with its performance with only 20 minutes or so of blade prep, so I watched a few youtube videos about the big one. This lead me to learn that these planes were of a traditional chinese heritage and traditional chinese master wood workers make their own in this style. Also, everyone, including people that own Verital and Lei Nelson seems to love them.So I get this one from amazon, and I’m extremely happy. I almost never give five stars, but I am estatic.The wedge has unfortunately VERY sherp corners, but that is an easy fix. It must be CNCed. Quality control on this model is GREAT. The fit and inish on the outside is great, Its a little rough in frog area, but its not to any detriment.The iron and chip breaker are not the hardest of steel, but are machined to VERY good tolerances. They are rough cut with a fly cutter. My diamond stones make QUICK work of them,For its maiden voyage I straightened out a half of a christmas tree log from 2020 that was split with an axe. I’m not at all trying to get whispy shavings on wood that’s still a bit green. I was looking to hog. Hog it did, and there was a little tear out around the knots, but it was otherwise a smooth finish that didn’t need sandpaper.It even cleaned up the end grain pretty good. There were still some scratch marks, but it was smoother than I ever got with my vintange block planes.Bottom line it’s an INCREDIBLE plane for $30, and I”m convinced chinese bao planes and japanese ryobas are THE way to go if I was going to assembly a Rex Kreuger like beginners tool kits for hand tool wood working without regard for country of manufacturer or of the tradition of the particular tools

  4. Jerry K.

    As recommended from Rex Kruger woodworking videos. I’m a total Novice, BUT this is SO easy to use and awesome…though I do pull it towards me. I find you can pull it with one hand(you can shift left to right as needed) with fingers in the grove forward of the blade. I don’t know why, but the little pig stamp cracks me up! Exact item, shipped SUPER fast and its also an object de art. Smoothed an old surface super fast with this day one!

  5. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    25 bucks or not… this is my favorite plane now. Cut great right out of the box, but I did sharpen later to a smoother finish.The parts being numbered with a sharpie just proves that some time was taken at the factory to fit each part to the plane…it is not a defect. Cut scarfs in marine plywood better and smoother and with less effort than any of the other planes I own…and did this before I did any sharpening. The sole does not need flattening — leave it alone…after you use it a bit you can see there has already been a slight depression made just behind the blade. If you start messing with it you’re probably going to undo this work and screw it up. Some pics show the first cuts I made with it right out of the box – on pine, douglas fir and white oak.This thing is so easy to use and cuts so good that if you have trouble using it like some of the reviewers did that you honestly shouldn’t be using a hand plane in the first place. Maybe stay away from all sharp instruments…you might hurt yourself.

  6. Glenn C

    Impressed! I was intrigued by this plane. I like Japanese style tools and I was looking for a replacement for my #4 size plane. I like wooden planes and adjusting them is a cinch (with a little practice for beginners). The price was good so I took a chance. I was prepared for a lot of tuning to get this plane up and running. *Reality – No planes are ready to go out of the box. The “It was not sharp” review makes me groan. Of course it’s not sharp out of the box, that’s your job.* So when I got it I was all prepared for a full days work of fattening, shaping, sharpening, and honing. On examination I was immediate surprised. The wood is solid, the finishing is nice, the parts fit well, and the iron is crazy thick. I started off flattening the bottom. Flattening was quick, because it was mostly flat, and it’s… wood. After giving it a good wax and polish on the sole, I realized that my new set of sharpening stones hadn’t come yet so I had to wait to work on the iron. Out of complete curiosity I set it up for planing, cleaned and adjusted the iron and decided to have a laugh and test it out. I was ready for this thing to destroy some wood……. but it didn’t! Smooth like butter. Beautiful ribbons of shavings came drifting out. WTF! This is better than the Stanley I am replacing and I haven’t even tuned it yet. This is now one of my favorite planes. I am embarrassed to say that I have still not done ANY sharpening or honing to it. I am using it every day and loving it. I have never had a plane come out of the box with little to no tuning necessary. I am still scratching my head over this one, but very happy. Cuts cross grain like a champ. Fully recommend.

  7. Chip

    China and India are producing lots of “discount” (ie: cheap) hand tools and I’ve been stung more than once (looking at you, spokeshave)Buying from Amazon (with return option, unlike buy directly from China and expect pay $20 for return shipping) gave me an added level of confidence.BUT… *OUT OF THE BOX* THIS PLANE ROCKS. Indeed, out of the box, this was the best “plane” experience I’ve had.I was expecting to “tune” it but the other reviews are correct. I will end up changing the bevel to the 25° preset on my Veritas sharpening jig, but I can’t complain, ESPECIALLY for the price.If you’re not used to the way to adjust these kinds of planes that don’t have screws, check out Youtube and keep a wooden hammer handy.

  8. TTX

    I’m completely satisfied with my purchase.So, I’m a relatively inexperienced woodworker – my builds have been fairly rough, I watch the woodworking videos and try to get better. This is my first functional plane – I had inherited one, but didn’t have the skillset to get it working properly. I’ve been watching Rex Krueger’s videos, so kudos to him for making me aware of this plane, how it works and how to adjust it. I’m nowhere near as good at adjusting as he is – but here’s the bottom line: Within 5 minutes of starting to set up the plane, I was making nice wood shavings – thin enough to see through. Really dried out pine and cedar, as that’s what I have on hand.Of course when I took the plane apart and put it back together it took me maybe 7 minutes to get it set up the second time – but still, really reasonable amount of time for a complete newbie at planes. Anyway, definitely worth the money – and watch Rex’s videos.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Sharpened the blade edge and flattened it out, flattened the chip breaker edge….and inserted the blade back in –used a small dead mallet to adjust the blade. getting the blade adjusted is a learning curve –but easily mastered –just be patient. Using small taps was key in finely adjusting the blade. Was able to take sheer – hair thin shavings off with little effort — getting a smoother surface than my $ 300 dollar plane. Both were close in terms of smoothness –but this once was noticeably smoother –leaving a beautiful satin finish that needs no sanding. For this price and some patience –you’ll get a great plane. I also used canning wax to the sole which made it glide like silk. Buy this plane –incredible for the price, incredible even if it had cost more.

  10. Colin M.

    Not just “good for the money” this is genuinely GOOD.You’re getting what you pay for on the initial fit/finish, and like any plane that doesn’t cost $600, out of the box it will need some setup.What blew my mind was that the sole of mine is dead flat. Out of the box. NOTHING COMES OUT OF THE BOX THAT FLAT. I put it to a surface plate with some 120 grit just to make sure I’m not insane and sure enough, dead flat. I would not expect all of them to come flat, but it’s a wooden plane, so a $2 granite floor tile from the hardware store, some spray glue and a sheet of 80, 120, and 220 grit (up to 400 if you’re feeling fancy) will get it set up right. You want the edge of the front, edge of the rear, and both sides of the mouth of the plane to be flat. everything in between doesn’t matter. If yours does need flattening, make sure you do it with the iron and wedge in the plane, just retracted, because wood body planes have a habit of twisting a smidge once the iron and wedge are inserted, so you want it under the tension it’s gonna be used at while you flatten.The handle can be removed or left in, just tap it in or out with a hammer, and it goes from a nice push plane to a nice pull plane. this is called a “hong kong” style chinese plane and it works amazingly well.The body is a nice hardwood, not rosewood or ebony hard, but seems very solid. They even put a thick brass insert at the mouth, which is a super premium touch. Mouth is fixed (like all wood body planes) but the shape and size is perfect for a jack plane. Think of this like an asian feeling Stanley #4. You lose some of the ease of adjustment of the bailey style iron plane, but you gain control and precision, and this thing is LIGHT (that’s a good thing for the kind of work this plane does)The only rough parts on mine were the wedge, which just needed sanding smooth, and the iron/chip breaker were ground crazy rough. It did take a rather excessive amount of time on 40, 80, 120, 220, 320, 800, 1500 and then green jeweler’s compounded leather stropping to get right. The back of the blade was pretty flat but it looked like it was ground with a broken tuna can, deeeeeply gouged so that it needed a lot of metal removed to properly flatten the back. Once I did (it took like 25 minutes) It seems to hold a superb edge.The chip breaker was nowhere near as bad and took five minutes to put a knife edge on.Adjusting is very easy, all you need is a soft hammer for retracting the blade, tap on the back to pull the blade back, tap the back of the iron to advance it, and tap on the sides to shift the iron side to side. It seems scary at first, but you’ll figure it out fast and be a pro within an hour of just playing with this thing.Once you set it up, this thing is unbelievably good and versatile, and very comfortable. The light weight makes it usable all darn day (and seriously, there is no plane on earth that’s under $400 that doesn’t need ALL of these steps done, for some reason no manufacturer makes a “ready to use” hand plane. So this needs very little setup, particularly since it’s a wood body. Sanding a cast iron plane flat is agony.)As long as your expectations are reasonable and you don’t plan to have this thing out of the box and cutting wood in five minutes, this might be the most outrageous deal on woodworking that there is.

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