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Flooring SpacerFlooring Spacer

flooring spacersflooring spacers

flooring spacersflooring spacers

flooring spacersflooring spacers

2 in 1 Size Spacers

YINAFU spacers are available in 2 sizes, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch, can install any wood flooring material requiring an expansion gap of 1/4″,1/2”. Never fall, slip, tip or get stuck, even if the wall is high. No need for carpet tape, painters tape, or any other fasteners.

High Quality & Reusable

These laminate wood flooring tools are engineered from impact and chemical resistant plastic, which are very durable and reusable. Big Triangle Design-stability stays in place.

20 Spacers

Our Flooring Spacers have 20 spacers, allow you to install your laminate wood flooring more convenient.

Wood Flooring toolsWood Flooring tools