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Yaheetech Pack of 27 Fir Wood Flooring Tiles Wood Plastic Interlocking Flooring Tiles Waterproof Patio Garden Deck 12” x 12” Brown

Interlocking Flooring TilesInterlocking Flooring Tiles

  • Are you looking for a stylish and practical tile to decorate your indoor or outdoor space? Are you planning to redecorate your balcony, patio, or garden? Are you still distressed by the high cost of decoration? This wood floor tileset is a good choice to renovate any living and outdoor space. Our wooden patio pavers are made of 100% solid fir wood and its interlocking plastic base design makes it easy to install tiles onto existing flooring, giving a hardwood decor feel to the backyard, patio, basement, and even garden! They are super durable, super beautiful, and can greatly enhance the happiness of your life.



  • The wood flooring tiles were equipped with interlocking design, which makes it easy and quick to install these tiles. Like a puzzle, the interlocking snaps easily click together without tools required. Just use your imagination to create different shapes!
  • These selected wood flooring tiles are covered by water-based paint, built to last for years without much care and maintenance. Floor decking makes it easy to decorate your terrace or balcony.

The following is some size information for your reference:

Shower measures

5′ x 4′, equal to 20sq ft, and will need 1 box of tiles.

Walkway measures

2′ x 10′, equal to 20sq ft, and will need 1 box of tiles.

Balcony measures

10′ x 4′, equal to 40sq ft, and will need 2 boxes of tiles.

Bathroom measures

8′ x 9′, equal to 72sq ft, and will need 3 boxes of tiles.

Deck measures

15′ x 13′, equal to 195sq ft, and will need 8 boxes of tiles.

Room measures

18′ x 12′, equal to 216 sq ft, and will need 9 boxes of tiles.

Interlocking Flooring for indoorInterlocking Flooring for indoor

  • Material: Fir Wood & Polypropylene
  • Color:Black
  • Quantity: 27PCS

Interlocking Flooring for outdoorInterlocking Flooring for outdoor

  • BaseSize: 12 x 12 x 1 inch (L x W x Thickness)
  • G.W.(27pcs):33.1lb
  • N.W.(27pcs):30.9lb

Waterproof Patio Garden DeckWaterproof Patio Garden Deck

Waterproof Patio Garden DeckWaterproof Patio Garden Deck

Waterproof Patio Garden DeckWaterproof Patio Garden Deck


  • You just snap these fir wood pieces together and place them wherever you want, or detach the tiles for cleaning and storing. The tiles can be cut if you need to fit them around a corner or a pole.


  • Each fir wood plank is securely attached to the plastic base by tapping screws, which better makes the board and base connected tightly to avoid cracking, and extend the service life.


  • With a wave-shaped panel design, grooves on each wood slat increase friction and decrease the accidental skidding when the tiles are wet. Also, the plastic base rises the wood board up to increase space for adequate drainage, filter sand and ventilation.