Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three Indoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel Steel Blades

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Indoor 56 inch ceiling fan, down rod only installation ideal for great rooms up to 400 square feet

Brushed nickel ceiling fan with three brushed nickel steel blades

Westinghouse ceiling fans feature a high-quality motor, deliver powerful air movement and quiet performance, wall control ceiling fan offers easy operation of 5 speed on/off fan control

Fan Performance on High Speed Airflow: 4833 CFM, Energy Usage: 41 W without lights, Airflow Efficiency: 84 CFM/W

15 year limited motor warranty and two-year warranty on all other parts

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From the manufacturer

Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel with Brushed Nickel Steel Blades

The Industrial 56-inch ceiling fan is durably constructed for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Well-recognized for its modern, mechanical appeal, the Industrial fan needs minimal assembly and includes a five-speed wall control unit and a sleek brushed nickel finish. Meant for cooling larger work and living spaces, such as workshops, lofts and high ceiling great rooms, the Industrial ceiling fan must be hung at least 10 feet above the floor.





Part Number


Item Weight

‎14.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎25.35 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Assembled Height

‎22.1 centimeters

Assembled Length

‎64.39 centimeters

Assembled Width

‎21.59 centimeters

Assembled Diameter

‎56 inches

Item Package Quantity







‎Brushed Nickel

Blade Color

‎Brushed Nickel

Number of Blades


Air Flow Capacity

‎5972.83 Cubic Feet Per Minute


‎Alloy Steel

Finish Types


Included Components

‎Five-Speed Wall Control, Ball hanger installation system., 12-Inch Length By 1/2-Inch Diameter Down Rod, 78-Inch Lead Wire, Ball Hanger Installation System, Industrial Indoor Ceiling Fan


‎120 Volts

Specific Uses

‎Indoor use only

Special Features


Shade Material


Power Source

‎Corded Electric

Switch Installation Type

‎Downrod Mount

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?



‎Certified frustration-free

EU Energy Efficiency Label

‎104 cfm per watt


‎60 watts





Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

#39,825 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)#93 in Ceiling Fans

Date First Available

September 14, 2004

10 reviews for Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three Indoor Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel Steel Blades

  1. Thomas M. Edmondson

    Do NOT pay attention to the negative posts about fan vibration or wobble. They installed incorrectly. These are absolutely perfect! We bought two to cool down our very hot garage in summer. I installed them myself as an experienced home DIY’r. I bought a heavy duty ceiling electrical box, support bar to install between ceiling joists, it’s a MUST for these.Very easy to install brackets, connecting wires (POWER OFF then white to white, black to black, green to green). Instructions very easy to follow.We flipped on the circuit, turned the control knob to “5” and very pleased with the high speed, airflow was great to circulate out the warm air from our garage. We used them both for a couple days of 80 degree heat and Mission Accomplished.Highly recommend anyone buy these, you will be pleased.I love the industrial look of these.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Love the clean modern lines of this fan. It was easy to install and moves some serious air when on high. Very happy with it.The drawbacks to me were the remote. Seriously, Westinghouse? It’s beyond ‘retro’ and not in a quirky or unique way. Ridiculous. Anyone buying this fan will have to buy your Westinghouse 7787200 Ceiling Fan Wall Control . It’s a given so why not just add it to the fan? Add $10 and it is still a great deal.Second issue is there is no reverse. I almost did not buy due to this but I really like the fan and am glad I did go for it..I still gave the fan 5 stars even with these two issues. One was an easy workaround and the other I gave up but still got a great fan with a nice look and great functionality otherwise.

  3. S. Scott

    I bought 2 of these for my garage. To make them hang at the correct height from a 9′ ceiling, I cut the down rods short and drilled a few new holes. That worked like a charm.The fans move a lot of air and are quiet, except for the sound of the blades cutting through the air. I love the industrial look of these things.Both came with the huge fan speed controllers. I swapped those out for the normal size Westinghouse controllers available here on Amazon. Even with the added cost of the controller, this fan is a bargain.Highly recommended so far.

  4. Raymond Cusamano

    The media could not be loaded.  Like my headline says, this fan feels like quality. It is a good looking fan that was unbelievably easy to install. I read some complaints on here about the bulky speed controller, but because of the awesome transformer it houses, this fan does not hum at the lower speeds. I’ll take the bulky speed controller over annoying hum any day.The blades do make a slight “helicopter” sound at high speed but it isn’t annoying to me. I’ve included a video at high speed. Regardless, this sound dies down significantly and is whisper quiet at the lower speeds.Because I installed it on a 9 foot ceiling, I cut its down shaft in half to avoid accidentally shoving my hands in the blade path. The blades are thin and I’m imagining it could easily cut at the higher speeds.Regardless, this is one of the better purchases I’ve made on Amazon and plan to purchase a couple more for my living room.

  5. cindy

    It would be hard to overstate how much I love this fan…I cannot believe it was so inexpensive and works so well and looks so good. I have it in a loft office space where circulating air can be really helpful to beat the heat and MAN this fan moves the air!! It has a really simple, clean industrial look to it – not really eye-grabbing exactly but when you DO notice it, it just looks great and definitely does NOT look cheap. From having read the other reviews, I knew we’d have to wire it into the wall and I wish I could tell you how to do that but all I can do is show you what the wall switch looks like after it was wired in. The other pic is a before pic, just to show how much more modern this fan made the space look! This fan is a GREAT deal.

  6. william

    Ok let’s be real about the fan. The description says it’s an industrial fan and not to mount lower than 10ft. Why would it say this? Because it has thin metal blades that could probably remove a small finger at the worst and bust hide at the least. This fan moves more air on medium setting then any of those decorative fans on high. Speaking of moving air yes it moves tons of air and yes it sounds like a Huey coming in especially on high but it moves the air. I actually challenge you to find a fan in the price point that moves more air. Heck I bet at 3 times the cost you can’t move more air. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this above the kids bed because no matter what you say they are going to jump on the bed.

  7. Grippy

    Last time I checked the fact that this is reversible is not listed in the description.It would’ve been a deal breaker for me since I’ll use it mostly during winter, but after researching I found that it is indeed reversible.There is no reverse setting on the wall mounted remote. You must manually move the switch each time you want to set the blades to rotate clockwise, or counterclockwise. This may end up being a hassle, but the price point encouraged me to go for it.You will ultimately have a five speed option in either direction.I haven’t put it up yet, but thought this info was crucial enough to tell right away.I gave it five stars since, so far it’s exactly what I expected.

  8. Scott

    I’ve bought quite a few products lately to try and combat the heat here and this fan is one of them.Our main issue is we just recently had a baby and the nursery is above the garage. Being above the garage and having a traditional attic, that room gets very hot and is not easy to cool down.When we built the house we did make sure the garage was fully insulated, so all walls and the ceiling. I have done a few thing to help the garage not heat up as much and I am working on modem insulation in the attic as well.What I did with this fan though was put it in my garage. Right now there isn’t much else I can do with my garage other than air condition it and I have no plans to do that. So, I mounted this fan ok the ceiling in the area that would be about center to the nursery above the garage.The thought was that during the day the heat builds up in the garage and rises to the ceiling which in turn heats up the floor of the nursery. Putting the fan there will help pull the heat off the ceiling and keep the garage a more uniform temperature. It also helps to cool down our car after driving it and then parking it in the garage which helps prevent the car from heating up the garage as much as it normally would. I also plan on moving the yard equipment and things out to a storage shed so that I can put up cabinets and put down a floor coating to make the garage a cleaner place to work on things. So this fan will help make working in there more bearable once I am finished with all that.So far I think it has helped. I wasn’t expecting huge results since it’s just blowing around the same hot air but, for $70 it was worth a try. It also wasn’t necessarily about saving money each month as much as it was about making that room easier to cool down. Because as it is now, on the hottest days, we can’t get the room down below 76-77 and it hasn’t its own dedicated thermostat for that room. So if my bill stayed the same but I could cool that room better I’d be very happy. I tried to measure the temperature of the floor before the fan and after and it seems to be about 3-5 degrees different than before. It’s hard to get concrete results because the temperate and humidity etc….have not been exactly the same but they’ve been close. The temperature before was around 80-85 depending on where and now it’s around 77-81 depending on where.As far as the fan itself, it is probably the easiest fan I’ve assembled and put up. We just recently put up one in the nursery that was not as simple.My control box looks quite a bit different than others, I’ll post a picture, so I did not replace it as it’s not too bad looking.When cranked all the way up, this fan moves a ton of air! I can see why people said it was loud. It’s not the fan operating that’s loud, it just blows so much air its like a planes propeller on our ceiling!Because mine is in the garage I could not use the long rod it came with as mine is in between the ceiling and garage door. So I just cut down the rod, drilled two new holes and reassembled. The holes I had to drill hold in the small metal bar which is what secures the ball joint that mounts to the bracket on the ceiling, so it’s very important to be able to drill those two new holes before you cut up the pipe.Because I cut it down, I wasn’t able to use some of the decorative shrouds that hide the wires, but that’s ok since it’s in the garage.Assembling the blades was a piece of cake and so was mounting. Just throw a couple screws to the mounting bracket and ceiling and then hang the fan. Once it’s hung you can splice the wires and you’re done!Now, where I put this fan was not designed to have a fan or even a light, it was just a smooth ceiling. All I had was two outlets on the ceiling which power my garage door and my remote garage door opener. It’s one we got from our security company so we can open and close the garage from our phone.In order to make this work, I bought a two outlet adapter, from Amazon, so that the fan and or remote sensor could be plugged into the one outlet. I wasn’t worried about load on the circuit since the remote opener barely uses any power.Next, I took an extension cord (VERY IMPORTANTLY A THREE PRONG GROUNDED CORD) and wired it to the fan wires. Because this has no light it would’ve been an easy white to white, gray to gray and black to black wiring. However, this also comes with the control unit that needs to be wired in. Again, since this fan wasn’t traditionally wired, I had to come up with another way.So, I bought 18 gauge wire, the same as the fan wiring, and used it to wire the switch. All you have to do is splice on wire to the black wire coming from the fan and then splice another wire to the black wire coming from the extension cord. Those two wires are ran along my ceiling to the back wall where I wired them into the switch. There are two connections labeled A and F that you screw the wires into. F is the wire coming from the fan, A is the wire coming from the power. Once those were connected and the fan plugged into the outlet it worked like a charm!So far I am very pleased with how everything is working. The fan moves a ton of air which was the goal, it doesn’t wobble or make noise, was affordable and easy to install. All in all a great product that I would definitely buy again and would highly recommend.

  9. harmonie

    Super cool, heavy and sturdy feeling. Easy instal…..except make sure to notice that the downrod is 12 inches. Making it hang too low on a 9 foot ceiling. You need to have a ceiling taller than 9 feet in order for this to work. I switched out the downrod for 4 1/2 inch down Rod and it didn’t work because everything else is made to go with the down rod that came with it and the down rod that came with it is skinnier than the downrod you buy at Home Depot.Switching out the down rod wasn’t possible with a homedepot run. Way bummed, was going to be sooooo awesome!I’m 5’7” and I could almost touch it just standing on the ground. My sons who are over 6 feet tall would just about hit their head. And our ceilings are just over 9 feet tall.

  10. S. Smith

    Recently finished a house build and purchased five. Have been using ALL five daily for a few months now and absolutely love these fans. They are quiet, have a very industrial look, move sufficient air at all speeds (from mild to wild), and were the best bargain on the market…other alternatives I looked at were priced 2-3X more! Only thing I do not like about the fans is that they come with rather ‘clunky-looking’ wall-mounted, fan speed adjusters. They probably work just fine; however, we pitched ours and bought off-the-shelf controllers that fit behind standard outlet covers…now all you see is a simple, clean rotary dial next to the light switches. My wife and I think these five fans were the best ‘score’ in our build!

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