Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron 40″ Heavy Duty Chemical Work Apron Durable with Adjustable Bib Apron for Dishwashing

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MULTIPLE APRON: Great protection for a dishwasher, washing your dogs or trimming the yard. It‘s comfortable to wear and has an adjustable length neck strap, so you can choose the perfect height for you. Once you are done, rinse or use a soapy cloth to get the grime off. KEEPS YOUR CLOTHES CLEAN AND DRY: It’s also excellent for cleaning fish or power washing farm equipment. Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron soft enough for extended wearing. BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Waterproof rubber vinyl apron are made out of high quality elastic fabric, delicately silky and breathable material. LIQUID AND OIL PROTECTION: The light and comfortable material of waterproof rubber vinyl apron is oil and liquid resistant. It repels oil and all liquids. You can get 2 pack apron without worrying about spoiling it. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Waterproof rubber vinyl apron is 40″ length, this apron fits small and big builds and everything in between.

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Gotega Rubber Vinyl ApronGotega Rubber Vinyl Apron

color choicecolor choice

Varied Color Choices for Different Working Places


Why we choose rubber polyethylene materials to produce aprons:

1. Rubber aprons are easier to clean than ordinary non-woven materials and are also recyclable

2. It has a softer feel than non-woven fabrics, it will not abrade your skin and make you feel uncomfortable

3. The rubber polyethylene apron fabric will not pilling and will not easily become wrinkled




Cover the Whole

The length can cover most of theThe length can cover most of the body area, keeping you away from dirtbody area, keeping you away from dirt

One size fits most

Adjust according to you figures or willingness

Harmless Neck Band

Adjustable neck band and strap, which can be changed to fit different figures.


Maintain your apron-with proper maintenance, your apron can last for several years

1. Clean the dirty surface: When cleaning the surface, you can wipe off the dirt and dust on the apron with a cloth dipped in water.

2. Repair or maintenance: The rubber material with little wear can be repaired naturally. Depending on the frequency of use, some small scratches will appear on the apron. At this time, you can use your fingertips, palms or cotton cloth to wipe gently and slowly. Use your hands or dip a little wax oil and push along the scratches to slowly eliminate small scratches.

3. Try to put it in a ventilated and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, long-term exposure will cause the apron to dry and crack, and too much moisture can easily make things moldy.

What you get?

  • 2 x Rubber Vinly Aprons

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Unisex Adult

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February 15, 2022

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#1 in Safety Aprons

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10 reviews for Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron 40″ Heavy Duty Chemical Work Apron Durable with Adjustable Bib Apron for Dishwashing

  1. Tracy L. M. Shipley

    Bought these to use when butchering chickens with the family. We had a chicken plucker, which was great but messy. These aprons were great and worked like I thought they would. Really caught a lot of the mess as well as deflecting the water from butchering. Without the aprons we might as well have been wearing swimsuits! And we prefer to butcher when it’s cool so this really helped us stay warm and dry. I am purchasing several more to replace the cloth aprons some of the family used. Would highly recommend for the quality, price usefulness. I believe they will be durable due to the quality but only time will tell.

  2. Crazy4candy12

    Very happy with the quality and durability of the apron. Works great for tall people (6’2″) also! Use for washing dogs and it keeps you dry!

  3. Angelina Frankino

    So far..so good! We use them for our dish washers at our restaurant. No complaints yet! Love the strap around the band so necks are scratched 🙂

  4. Rose

    Good as described, I bought 2 .long enough, keep your clothes dry and clean.

  5. B. J. Berlo

    Bought these aprons for my son who does restaurant kitchen work and according to him they work just fine!

  6. B. Austin

    I work in a professional kitchen trimming meat and needed aprons that fit well, easy to clean and covered my clothes. These aprons met all my requirements.Very affordable and delivery is very fast.

  7. Gina Osadczuk

    These waterproof aprons are perfect for what I have them in mind for! (Working in the lapidary!) The adjustable straps are ideal for everyone and I intend to order more of them! Thank you!

  8. Jim Jam Tho

    The apron is amazing. I used to leave work soak and wet from washing dishes all day. Now when I leave I’m always dry. Best apron ever!

  9. Victoria S

    This waterproof apron is great for washing dishes. Never thought I would be using one but after countless times of getting drenched from washing pots and pans this is the perfect apron to stay dry. No sweating from the apron what so ever. The double pack is great to have as a back up. Can’t recommend this enough.

  10. Ryan Wolcenski

    Bought them Monday, arrived Tuesday and used them Wednesday. My buddy and I butcher deer and pigs each year so I bought these for us. They are flexible and kept us clean the whole time. Didn’t even notice I was wearing it for most of the day.

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