UltraPro 10in. Linkable LED Bright Strips, 6 Pack, 1360 Lumens, 2700K Warm White Light, Low Voltage, Under Cabinet Lighting, Strip Light, Flat Plug, 44415

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Superior Lighting – Slim design saves space while emitting 2040 lumens of excellent illumination – 2700K color temperature provides a warm white light

Two Mounting Options – Mount strips end-to-end or connect via 18inches linking cord for added reach – Everything you need for installation is in the box

Sleek Design – Product adds modern visual appeal and features a flat plug and 5feet power cord to easily connect to out-of-the-way outlets

Other Versions Available – Comes in sets of 2, 3, 4 and 5 for more linkable combinations

Lifetime LED – Product is created to last, designed in the USA and UL-listed for peace of mind

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From the manufacturer


10″ Linkable LED Bright Strips

Homeowners can now give their space the perfect amount of light, no matter the size or setup of the room. These low-voltage light strips boast a slim, space-saving design for flexible setup possibilities.


Connection PreferenceConnection Preference

Flat plugFlat plug

junction boxjunction box

Efiicient, Flexible, and Stylish

With a slim and aesthetically appealing design, these exceptional LED light strips effortlessly link together to achieve your desired look and shape. Long-life, energy-efficient LED technology also eliminates need for replacements.

Connection Preference

Provides the option for mounting and to end or via included 18” linking cord. This energy-efficient LED is fully designed for either preference.

Minimalist Flat Plug

Flat plug saves space and adds sleek visual appeal. This modern design is perfect for hidden outlets without needing to compromise furniture placement.

Direct Wire Junction Box (sold separately)

Convert your bright strips to a direct wire fixture with this direct wire junction box (sold separately). Search: B07W3N9ZZ3

kitchen lightingkitchen lighting

bright strip light

capacitive touch light bar

premium linkable light bar fixture


low voltage light bar

Bright Strips

Capacitive Touch

Premium Linkable Fixture

Linkable White Select Bright Select

Low Voltage Slim


Low Voltage




340 Lumens per Strip

233 lumens per bar

375, 575, 750, 1150

329, 542, 718, 1126

360, 640, 775


On/Off Switch





Light Temperature




CCT 2700K / 4000K / 5000K



Length Options

2 pack, 3 pack, 4 pack, 5 pack, 6 pack

1 pack, 2 pack 3 pack

12in, 18in, 24in, 36in

12in, 18in, 24in, 36in

12in, 18in, 24in


‎Jasco Products Company, LLC

Part Number


Item Weight

‎1.17 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11.81 x 2.95 x 1.77 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎6 Pack









Power Source



‎120 Volts


‎20.5 watts

Item Package Quantity


Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

‎2040 Lumen

Special Features

‎Instant On

Included Components

‎Light Fixture, power adapter, mounting hardware, power supply cord, linking cord

Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎Limited lifetime warranty.





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Best Sellers Rank

#31,159 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)#240 in Under-Counter Light Fixtures

Date First Available

July 30, 2019

10 reviews for UltraPro 10in. Linkable LED Bright Strips, 6 Pack, 1360 Lumens, 2700K Warm White Light, Low Voltage, Under Cabinet Lighting, Strip Light, Flat Plug, 44415

  1. Amy Button-Denby

    These lights were pretty easy to install, and they look great. I feel safer getting a name brand, and the price was still very reasonable. I installed one set direct-connected, and one set with the connecting wires, and both went fine.In the small box are the individual strips (one has a plastic cap on the end so you know it’s the last in the chain), 2 mounting brackets with 1 screw each for each strip, a power block with 2 mounting screws, a power cable for the wall to the brick, a set of 18″ cables that can optionally be used to connect the strips if you don’t want a solid line of directly connected strips, and instruction sheets in English and Spanish.The instructions are reasonably clear, though I did read them twice. However, they reference a drilling template that did not exist; I just spaced the mounting brackets a couple of inches in from the end of each strip. If you don’t screw the brackets completely tight, they can twist to align with the strip. The 1/16″ drill bit recommendation was spot on for the included #4 screws, and the screws were plenty short to not worry about going all the way through my cabinet bottoms. However, there are no extra screws included, and I sheared the head off one that was going into a wood knot. I have a good stash of screws, but didn’t have any of those tiny flat-head #4s, so I ended up nailing that one bracket in. 1 or 2 extra screws would be a good addition to the kit. Another good addition to the kit would be a few cable clips to secure the loose wire lengths up out of the way. I happened to have a couple suitable for the main power cord, but I just used some duct tape to secure the small connector wires to the underside of the cabinets…we’ll see how well that stays.

  2. mg

    I was surprised how easy these lights were to install, overall. The light is terrific. I am very please with the finished product. I wish the wires connecting the separate segments could be ordered in longer lengths (maybe I couldn’t find that, but I did learn NOT to order “what other customers bought” associated products such as the extension cord which does not fit this product, though Amazon suggested it did). If you need more than 12″ between segments (such as going form one cabinet to the next which involves crossing the stove and the microwave above) and you are comfortable splicing wires, this package works well. If you don’t need longer connectors than 12″, this product is perfect. In general, I am very pleased with the light, the product and installation process. We are ordering another set for above cabinet lighting.

  3. David Flory

    The lights are great. I used 3M tape to stick them under the kitchen cabinets, much easier than screwing in and attaching the clips.My issue is with the lack of being able to get a longer accessory connecting cord. I have 3 lights on either side of the stove, but needed a wire span to reach across the bottom of the built-in microwave, in order to connect the lights. I called their customer service and was told that they didn’t carry anything like that.It was a bit of extra work, but I cut, soldered and shrink wrapped a length of wire to span the area. Not being able to do that fix, I would have had to buy two 3 light kits and plug them in to either side of the stove. It seems like such an easy issue to remedy, I hope the company sees this comment and does something about it.

  4. RacingGreen

    I like that the LED strips are good quality and sturdy.Took some time to choose between the array of different options because we don’t have trim along the base of our cabinets to hide the lights, so they needed to be low profile. We were not disappointedI needed to run a longer cable between two sets of lights in our kitchen, so I could operate them both with one switch. I cut one of the connector cables and spliced some 18AWG lamp wire in between to lengthen it to about 6-7 feet and then tested the lights to see if it worked….it did ! I am overall very pleased and the kit is definitely good quality and not cheap feeling.I did hesitate on a couple of comments about them being too yellow light as we refer a whiter/cleaner light (but not the ‘daylight’ hue which is too blue/harsh for our taste), but our kitchen has white counters so the slight yellow hue adds warmth and works well with our Mexican style tile backsplashRecommend !

  5. R. Carlson

    I love these lights! I was looking for something to brighten up my office and these are easy to install and low profile. I mounted them on top of my doors, facing up so they provide indirect light. They are very bright and would make fine under-cabinet lights. The image does not do them justice. I think this is because they are very bright so they make the rest of the image look a bit shadowy (it’s not!). The kit comes with a number of cables to allow you to connect segments together, or you can simply plug segments into one another. The nice thing about the cables is that they allow you to easily turn corners.Overall, this is a well-thought-out lighting application.That being said, there are some downsides:1. Since each segment is separated by a connector, there is a slight gap that you can see in the image at the bottom of the lights (these are plugged directly into one another). The only way to avoid this is to place the lights further away from the wall. Unfortunately, in my case, this is not possible, so I’ve learned to live with it. In an under-cabinet or under-bed situation, this would probably not be noticeable.2. The lights are not dimmable.3. The light segments themselves are not sold separately4. You are restricted to 6 light segments with the enclosed transformerJust a note on that last item — each segment is 3.2 watts, so that’s 19.2 in total for 6 of them. You can see from image 2, the back of the transformer that it’s sized to exactly 19.2 Watts. While the segments are not sold separately, you can buy another kit and runt he string further, but IF YOU PLUG MORE THAN 6 SEGMENTS INTO THIS TRANSFORMER, IT IS A FIRE HAZARD. You’ll notice the transformer getting very, very hot. It can get hot enough to melt the plastic case and start a fire.The solution to running more segments is to get a larger 24V transformer and do some wiring – the connectors are non-standard so there’s some DIY involved here. I bought two sets for my application and then bought a 50W dimmable transformer to allow me to tone down the lights if I want to.Overall, this is a unique and flexible product, that’s a lot easier to use than the competition owing to it’s compact, yet extensible nature.I have several recommendations for improvement:1. Upsize the transformer in the standard 6-segment kit to 24 W to allow for current fluctuations and to let it run cooler.2. Provide more standard connections to the transformer (not really a big deal since most LED transformers allow for bare-wire connection and if you’re replacing it, you’ll simply have to cut the wire)3. Sell the light segments separately4. Provide a number of lengths of wire and connectors ranging from 1″ to 3″ instead of a bunch of 6-inchers for more flexibility (and since the connectors are non-standard)If you want to find a larger capacity transformer, search for “LED DRIVER TRANSFORMER 24V”. Make sure it’s 24V and the wattage (W) is high enough. Multiply the number of segments by 3.2 and this number should be about 80% of the wattage of the transformer. For instance, 10 segments require 32W, but you should look for 40W or higher transformer to provide a little padding and keep the transformer running cooler.

  6. HBSurferMan85

    Went in easy, and provide a lot of light.

  7. Illinikayaker

    These are great under cabinet lights, they make such a difference as you can see from the photo partway through installation. The light is a perfect temperature, not too warm or too cool and the lighting is perfect! The only two complaints we have are that I wish they would make an option to have longer cord section you could purchase to extend the distance between lights if needed, like for spanning the distance across a built in microwave like we have. The other is these are super light LED strips…. they could have very easily been installed with just double sided adhesive tape, but they came with metal screw in brackets that were kind of a pain to install and, like I said, for the weight, really overkill. Overall though, we’re very happy with these!

  8. Mark

    These Honeywell UltraPro LED lights and a great value.. They are a nice compact design and are well made. The installation was straight forward and the brackets and cabling worked out well for my installation. The only complaint is that the screws for the brackets are so tiny so be prepared to loose a couple during the installation process. Also, the power plug cable is only about 5.5 feet so if you plan on running the power up over a cabinet to an outlet (example: an outlet behind a refrigerator), you have to either get an extension cable or cut the cable and splice in addition wiring to reach the outlet (as long as you are comfortable with electrical work, this is not a deal breaker). Regardless, these lights work well.

  9. Sophisticated professional, trust me

    I got the 6 light unit, actually purchased a used set on Amazon, it was much cheaper, looks new and works flawlessly. The only bad thing is that the package was missing one of the connector links, but I worked around it anyway. My kitchen is small, and I knew I wanted under and over cabinet lighting and this 6 light unit worked perfectly for my application. To get the connection from under the cabinet to the top of the cabinets, I just cut the connector cord in half, spliced in some speaker wire, hid it all within the cracks of the cabinets and you can’t see a single wire, it looks great! The driver is plugged in behind the fridge and the driver itself that has the on/off switch is mounted right in the gap between the fridge and the cabinet, it is the perfect spot and easily accessible to turn on and off. I’m telling you, but a used set, it’s so worth it, the $14 made my kitchen look at least $500 nicer.

  10. SR

    Most LED strips simply stick on with a built in adhesive. These are different, they come with little metal mounting plates and screws. You screw the metal plates down to whatever you want to mount then on, then snap in the strips.Pros: Super easy to link the bars together, just stick the end of one into the next. You can make one super long, continuous bar with no wires or many short ones connected by the included wires.Mounts solidly on surfaces where adhesive wouldn’t work wellVery bright and good warm color temperature. Not super duper white.Cons:They don’t come with adhesive if adhesive is what you planned to use. You can use command strips though.Wires to link the lights are one fixed length. Would be much more versatile if they threw in a couple of longer/ shorter connectors. I had to cut one of mine apart and splice in longer wires to get the look I wanted.Box with on/off switch is a bit large. Tricky to find a good place to hide it.

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