Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Industrial Work Boot

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Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ from arch Boot opening measures approximately 10.5 around RELIABLE DURABILITY: We reinforce our Boondock men’s waterproof work boots with Ever-Guard leather and rubber toe protectors for abrasion-resistant performance. TPU outsole features deep lugs for traction and is slip-, oil- and abrasion-resistant. ANTI-FATIGUE TECHNOLOGY: A comfort system designed with shock-absorbing, geometrical technology that returns energy back to the foot to deliver all-day support and comfort. A SOURCE OF PRIDE: We know you take pride in your work, so our soft-toed shoes and boots and steel-toe boots and shoes are designed to provide you with enhanced job performance day in and day out. Wear them at work well as at home with comfort & style. QUALITY WORKWEAR: Timberland PRO assesses the unmet needs of those who work in the most demanding environments and then develops solutions that deliver ultimate comfort, durability & protection—all day long—from work boots & shoes to anti-fatigue insoles. Premium waterproof leather with waterproof membrane

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We know what you wear is as important as the tools you use. We also know that what’s needed to get the job done is always changing, so our footwear and apparel are always evolving, engineered with technologies to provide the very best in comfort, durability and performance—ALL DAY LONG.




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Timberland PRO footwear styles stand up to the rigors of the worksite. With built-in comfort technologies, electrical hazard protection and slip-and-oil resistant soles- they deliver optimal performance on the job- all day long.

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April 15, 2022

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Timberland PRO

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7 reviews for Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6 Inch Composite Safety Toe Waterproof Industrial Work Boot

  1. Amazon Customer

    I am no stranger to work boots. I have worn leading brands. I read up on the reviews before purchasing this boot.Okay, first of all, this boot is made out of synthetic man made materials. Due to this, the boot is very warm. You can not get away with wearing cheap run of the mill socks while working in these non-insulated boots. Again, really, …they are warm, notably. I upgraded my socks due to this. I didn’t have much of a choice if I wanted to enjoy these boots on a 12 hour shift schedule. Now, the best part for last – These are by far the most comfortable work boots I’ve ever worn. End of story. The insoles are as good as it’s going to get, next to being barefoot around the house free from any footwear issue. Best boots as far as comfort goes that I’ve ever experienced in my life. Lastly, they are a little on the bulky side. A little heavy and a bit tacky in appearance. They feel very secure however. No worries here. Your feet are safe. The built in toe cap made of rubber is nice, too. I prefer 100 percent leather boots, but because of the comfort this boot provides to my feet, I would definitely purchase again, and most likely will be. Nothing compares to this in terms of comfort. Also, If you have wide feet, get wide.

  2. Shae Lynn MaLayley

    As a pipe fitter, I have worked in some of the toughest terrain imaginable. While working the Trans-Alaskan pipeline in Valdez, Alaska, it quickly became apparent that the boots I was wearing weren’t going to withstand the 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off, seven 10 hour shifts we were working. (That’s right folks, 7 days a week, 10 hour days, for 8 weeks at a time.) I did my research, and found these boots. Two weeks into my first rotation I went ahead and ordered them, along with two sets of air pillows.Not only did these boots withstand three rotations on the pipeline without so much as a scratch, they are still in good shape now almost two years later. I will not lie to you and say that you’ll want to wear these all the time. The fact is that there is no work boot known to man that will prevent your feet from hurting at the end of a hard day standing on concrete or grating. However, these boots are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned, and my feet hurt less with these than any other brand Ive tried, which is always a plus.I have worn these boots while working the pipeline, combined cycle and coal power houses, paper mills, nukes, and even at Blue Origins at Cape Canaveral, FL. If they ever do wear out, there will be no guesses as to whether or not I’ll buy the same damn thing.

  3. the gamer

    After my first waterproof work boots I got from Scheels quit working, and after my water proof caterpillar work boots I got off here quit working I took a chance on these and so far they are working great.The first two work boots I had only lasted one year each. These have so far worked pretty well, though I don’t believe it’s been a full year yet. However, they show no signs of breaking down yet. I take care of them pretty well, by cleaning them and putting a type of leather protectant on them they have stayed nice.Pros:1. The composite toe which absorbs blows pretty well. No need for steel toe where I work but this helps.2. Waterproof (so far).3. Looks good. (hard to find a good pair of work boots that also look nice)4. Laces have surprisingly held up even till now. But you never know.5. Felt pretty comfy at first (though it’s starting to wear off or go away? Possibly the padding on the inside is wearing out cause of use idk).Cons:1. Squeaky. Unfortunately these squeak a lot especially on polished floors. I was hoping it would go away once they got broke in and wore off the first layer on the bottom but they continue to squeak. Not as bad some some shoes iv seen but it’s a bit annoying. Though might be okay to endure this to have good boots. Only time will tell.2. Feels like the cushion on the bottom is wearing out but it’s been over 6 months I would say so it’s not a big surprise. I am guessing every boot the cushion wears out. Just need to maybe look into getting inserts soon. Not a big con.So, I like these boots so far. I am just worried they will wear out after just one years of use like every other boot iv tried. I want a boot that can last at least a few years before needing replacing. I know it’s not as profitable for the company when they don’t get a sale as often. But if I have a good quality boot that lasts a long time, im for sure gonna keep giving my business to that company. I want reliability and dependability when it comes to important stuff such as what im having to stand on for sometimes hours a day.I will update this in the future if I come across any problems.

  4. Nelson C Shane

    After several weeks of wearing the boots I am now going to write this review. Comfortable. One person wrote too much volume, I found it perfect. I had a wish list for work boots that I have developed over the last 40 years and these fit all categories but one. This list is specific to me so this is not a reflection on the boot. I wanted;waterproof, but not insulated, (how hard that is to find), easy to lace, but strong eyelets, a tongue that stayed in the center and did not creep to the side and expose my socks. I also wanted comfortable. Doing floor work has destroyed the toes of many of my boots, these are reinforced with this rubber toe. Soft top. The only feature that I would have liked is a flat, light colored sole with no cleats. I am very careful about tracking dirt as I am in and out of peoples houses all day. also light soles don’t leave black scuff marks on a polished floor. But I will say that those flat soles offer little traction in the ice and snow we just came out of and these made me feel a lot safer walking on ice, going into these houses. Did I mention comfortable? These are surprisingly so…even right out of the box.

  5. Jeff B.

    I’ve worn these boots since 2007, finally ordering a 4th pair. First pair I received from a Timberland sponsored community service project.These are very comfortable boots to wear 10+hrs on concrete floors, outdoors etc. The leather holds up very well and is very supple unlike some red wing boots and anecdotally 10x more comfortable than redwings as those are the standard to which every safety toe work boot is compared.They do seemingly loosen up a bit too much after a year but replacing the insole and wearing wool boot socks alleviates this issue. Most pairs I’ve owned have lasted 2-3 years of 50+ hrs/wk with the first pair lasting about 5 years (less use).They are heavy boots, when compared with much of what is available, and the first thing anyone who picks them up comments on but the comfort and stability these provide is unmatched by any other safety toe boot I have tried.The primary failure point that I’ve had with ALL of these boots are the laces, the eyelets cut through laces fast. Even polyamide (kevlar) laces don’t last and I’ve tried various “unbreakable” laces. Polyamide is the only thing that lasts more than 6mo on these boots. The true death knoll for these boots always seems to be the sole splits/tears off near the toe/side of the toe. The soles are sewn into the leather of the boot but it’s just not enough and tears through eventually. If Timberland could do anything to improve the eyelets and reinforce the sole to boot attachment these would probably last 5 years as you don’t abuse your boots.That being said, since the soles are rather heavy and the failure point is the sole separating, people who like to kick heavy objects (pallets, boards, whatever) to move them around will ruin these boots quickly. Especially if you use the toe of the sole. Puts a ton of stress on the attachment and will tear the sole off. I am not saying they can’t stand abuse but doing this is from my experience what causes them to fail. If I didn’t kick anything with them they would likely last twice as long.TL;DR these are great boots that are comfortable and last quite long for hardworking/abused work boots. Laces tend to break/get cut more often and the soles eventually tear away near the toe after 2-3 years (for me).

  6. brittany

    This is a long one but if your a serious worker and dont play around when it comes to feet then read on. I’m a welder in a fast paced environment standing on concrete floors all day in some of the hottest gear on some of the hottest days 10 hrs and sometimes6 days a week . I have put these boots through it for two years maybe longer. They are looking pretty ruff but are completely intact. The laces finally snapped last week from all the the weld spatter. Not one time did my foot get burned. The toe protection helps and the leather itself has held up to the sparks and spatter as well. They were broken in right out of the box. Insoles are the orange octagon patterned ones they are unbelievably comfortable. This particular boot is slightly heavier then some of the other timberland pro boots but that’s expected from a heavy duty boot. Being a female it’s hard to find good boots that actually fit and are actually strong enough to withstand actual work. I dont know why but the womens timberland pros suck. They are ruff on the feet and ankles tuff to break in and dont stay together. These and the ringmasters are both very good boots. I order them from here bc stores don’t carry mens boots in my size. So if your a female who’s on your feet busting your you know what and dont have time for Dainty boots these are the ones. In womens I wear around and 81/2 in most shoes these in a 7 to 71/2 wide toe fit me great. I also recommend the ringmasters they have a little more weld spatter protection.

  7. Joe L.

    Have been using these boots for 3 months now, working 12 hour shifts. Footing is mostly on concrete with some time spent on compacted gravel. These are hands down the most comfortable pair of boots I have owned. The waterproofing is excellent having been through standing water and downpours. Durability to this point is excellent, with no degradation of any materials or stitching. The insoles are removable and can be replaced. These boots are slightly heavier than most other boots I have worn, but the comfort factor more than makes up for an extra ounce or two.Would I buy again? Absolutely!

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