Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

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Shaft measures approximately Ankle from arch Heel measures approximately 1.5″ STAY ON YOUR FEET: Our Pit Boss is everything a steel toe boot should be: Safe, tough & comfortable. These leather work boots meet ANSI safety standards and feature slip-, oil- and abrasion resistant outsoles for traction & padded top collars for comfort. SAFETY AND COMFORT: PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension technology is a unique comfort system that meets the most rigorous work site demands — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It helps reduce foot fatigue, support the arch and cushion every step. A SOURCE OF PRIDE: We know you take pride in your work, so our soft-toed shoes and boots and steel-toe boots and shoes are designed to provide you with enhanced job performance day in and day out. Wear them at work well as at home with comfort & style. QUALITY WORKWEAR: Timberland PRO assesses the unmet needs of those who work in the most demanding environments and then develops solutions that deliver ultimate comfort, durability & protection—all day long—from work boots & shoes to anti-fatigue insoles. Rugged nubuck leather with breathable and moisture-wicking lining , built with goodyear welt construction for a durable mechanical bond

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We know what you wear is as important as the tools you use. We also know that what’s needed to get the job done is always changing, so our footwear and apparel are always evolving, engineered with technologies to provide the very best in comfort, durability and performance—ALL DAY LONG.




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10 x 15 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds

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December 8, 2017

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Timberland PRO

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#3 in Men's Work & Utility Shoes

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10 reviews for Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel Toe Industrial Work Boot

  1. Ruby Spinner

    Quality is valuable. My first experience with these boots was seven years ago. My son was fifteen, and had just been accepted into the automotive vocational training class. The required gear was simple: Steel toed work boots. It was the only item which had to be worn, and the only one the school would not provide. So, off to the Sears Roebucks we went. These were the only ones that fit his size 13 wide feet. We went through the toe box, the heel width, lacing, arch support, boot height. He ran, jumped off a bench, knelt, crouched, crawled. Only these met each test.The next morning, while pushing his truck down hill to start it, it bounced, and he wasn’t able to clear it’s path. His foot was run over by the tire.It was an amazing miracle! He limped home to get a second driver, and the whole top of his boot over the toe was ripped off. The steel toe box was in place and undamaged. We got him clean dry clothes, super glued the leather in place, and he went off to school.He has walked over nails, dropped car parts, stepped into boiling vehicle fluid, spilled every garage substance, stomped out molten tar, and his boots have survived.Well, I began to notice last week how ratted his boots were, to the point my feet hurt just looking at his boots. So, I bought new ones.Let me see. $200 divided by 2,555 days (7yrsx365) equals less than 4/5ths a cent a day (.0078). That they have held up so long is incredible. And, keep in mind, that allows for my paying 30% more back then than I did now.The fit has not changed. He did tell me they fit different, but after an hour, he determined it was because the new boots didn’t have the replacement liners he had in the old ones. He also put on thinner socks this morning, because the new leather is stiffer especially at the ankles and at his heel, but it will loosen with wear time.

  2. EJenEJen

    I work at a trash burning plant, our boots get covered in ash daily. The ash dries most boots out making them too tight, stiff and eventually crack. Many boots don’t last 6 months. I’ve tried several other quality boots over the last 13 years and none of them hold up for even half as long as these. Almost everyone at my job uses only these boots and I tell all new employees not to waste their time with anything else. They are also unbelievably comfortable, right out of the box. No break in needed. I have never had a lace hook break off either, even with Kevlar laces. Other boots I use with Kevlar laces (because they hold up to the ash) the hooks eventually break off. These boots also have a nice tread that holds up very well, and that don’t trap ash or mud like so many other boots. These boots also have support in the middle of the sole which means that the sole will not put pressure on the arch of your foot when walking up ladders.I have a wide foot, size 13 4e. I buy size 13 normal width for these boots and never get chafed by the sides of the steel toe like many other boots I have tried.This boot is also a great all around work boot, I have a pair that I wear at home that is several years old with no significant wear on it.

  3. KaylaKayla

    My husband got a pair of these boots 3 years ago and it was time for new ones. He works in a metal shop, CBI Offroad Fabrication, they work with very very heavy metal, welding, brake press, laser table, etc. All the heavy machine equipment! The company actually chose a few people a few years ago to get boots for (a contest, they do awesome stuff like that for their employees literally all the time) so my husband chose these and he said he will never get a different pair. He loves these boots so much. Says they are so comfortable and perfect for everyday all day standing at work.

  4. D. P. MurrayD. P. Murray

    UPDATE #4: JULY 2021This set up boots I bought exactly a year ago have held up great. As I said in my previous updates I work 6 days a week in construction and wear these everywhere else as well, these are worn 7 days a week, granted Sunday is usually just work around the yard after church. Again, super pleased. One thing I am completely impressed with is that they stay comfortable the entire time, from new to worn out, they have nearly no break in period, in fact I’d say they don’t have one, none of my sets have ever given my blisters as other boots or shoes have. Again very pleased by these boots.UPDATE #3: JULY 2020Just bought these boots again for the 3rd time. This time they lasted about 14months.Treads are mostly gone, this time they got holes in the bend of the boot and toe, toe is typical for me. Reason i had to finally get new ones was the middle of the sole broke and made it painful to walk. Once again, very happy customer for a third time, lasted longer than any other boot I’ve owned.UPDATE #2: bought these for a 2nd time September 2017 because I’ve never had boots that lasted as long as these. I just bought my third pair because the ones I bought in 2017 finally wore out…19 months later and they wore out is because like 3 months into them I sliced both toes at work, but they stayed in together till just recently! Love these bootsBought the boot on my foot back on August 14th, 2015.. I have finally worn through the sole of the foot. I have cur these boots with razor blades and saws and grinders.. By accident obviously. Never ripped or come unthreaded. I’ve had Dewalt, among other brands and they never last a year. These boots lasted over two years, and I’m still going to wear them around the yard.. But I want thicker soles again for work consider to do carpentry.. Lots of nails. I wear these boots 6 days a week and even sometimes on Sunday.. I am super pressed.

  5. Box Man

    I work in a factory so I stand on concrete all day. I also use some harsher chemicals for cleaning and keeping high ph in solutions. Obviously I get these chemicals on my boots, this takes a toll on them. I had been trying to find boots that would hold up for more than 6 months. The pit boss boots are the best I have found.These boots are comfortable and hold up for much longer than any other I have tried (Keen, Caterpillar, Red Wing, Merrill, Danner, Wolverine, and Brahma). I use a silicone based water proofer and clean and re apply once a month. These boots last between 9 to 10 months for me, that’s twice as long as most other brand I have tried. The only boots that have come close are LaCrosse.I like these boots enough that I bought a pair of soft toe for weekend work around the house and in the woods. They break in fast and are comfortable from the get go. The insoles are poor quality, and wear out fast, so you will want to replace them with something better after a few months.

  6. Mack

    I really like this boot. It survived two workplaces including maintenance and moving building materials. It’s had enough stuff dropped on to it to have turned the bones in my foot to powder. I dailyed these boots for over a year (late 2019-2021), they survived minor scrapes and bumps on the motorcycle when I did wheelies in the lot or slide around in the snow during the winter. They even survived their fair share of snow and salt when snowboarding, shoveling around the workplace, and more.The biggest challenge was a huge motorcycle crash that wasn’t my fault, someone pulled out in front of me. They saved my foot and ankles from needing any treatment. The laces kinda sucked and didn’t even survive the paramedics, but I bought a new set of laces and dailyed them since then.I’m still wearing them at the time of the review, but the right side of my right boot split slightly at the stitching. My soles are worn near flat on their respective surfaces. They’ll continue to be an option even after I get my second pair, arriving Monday. They’re decent boots, but to be fair, I’m not sitting in deep mud and water for minutes at a time, let alone hours. They’re not too water resistant once you get to the laces.


    Working on heavy machinery is dangerous, we all know that. I would not have my left foot if I had not been wearing steel toe boots.I could see a hydraulic leak on the boom of the excavator so I powered down the brush cutter and hopped out of the machine to see where it was coming from. As I approached the end of the boom where the leak was I wasn’t paying attention that the brush cutter blades had not finished spinning. The 300+ lbs. blade carrier with 3 blades engaged the end of my boot and threw my leg sideways. I did not break any bones, I still have all of my toes and my whole foot. The steel insert of the boot was unscathed. Very reliable product, and well exceeded my expectations.Thank you Timberland for saving my foot. I would recommend these to anyone.

  8. DGeorgeC

    Got a good deal on the through Amazon Warehouse. The description said there were minor blemishes but I couldn’t find any. I’d just seen a pair someone was selling on Craigslist for $80 in slightly used condition. I paid $60 for these and they are new. They look new, smell new, and fit great. Some days I get home burned out and I’ve fallen asleep with these on. Just like a pair of slippers! Well okay that may be a little excessive. Just call it the Trump effect… The boots are great though no bovine doo key here… umm well I gotta watch what I say or I get an email from Amazon saying I was bad and violated someone in their department that looks for violations. They should put a list out of the words they allow cuz really it wasn’t that bad. Did I mention the boots are great?

  9. matthewmatthew

    This is my 5th pair of these boots, I Buy a new pair about every year. These pit boss timb pro’s are my money makers. They are simply a rugged and comforitable long lasting bad a$$ work boot. I work in an industrial environment always indoors working on concrete, Always soaked in hydraulic/gear oil on a regular basis they still hold up like champions, haven’t had a blowout yet. I refuse to buy another boot. These things are the blue collar hard working mans bread and butter.

  10. Review King

    Bought these as part of a 2-3 week contract that involved working in a production plant. They arrived on time. Fit was good. For those who might be concerned with style, they look great with jeans or chinos. They are not water proof, but I did put some mink oil on them which provided some water resistance. The boots broke in nicely with just a 1/4 mile walk around the neighborhood. No complaints.Read some reviews that talked about a back seam which caused irritation or blisters. I don’t have such a seam on this pair. I would recommend probably doing half a size up if you are going to wear heavy socks. These fit me well but if I were to wear a pair of insulated socks I would probably want half a size up.All in all, a nice boot. Looks classy if you end up if the front office as opposed to the production plant side. Got plenty of compliments about them. Only negative side is they need some leather balm and a mink oil treatment before you put them into use. Beats boots I have tried on at Walmart or other similar “big box” stores.UPDATE: I noticed about 4-5 days after I purchased these the price went down significantly, about $30, they were still new in the box but I needed them in just a few days. I called Amazon to request a price adjustment seeing the difference was pretty stark. At first the agent told me they had a no price adjustment policy but I could return them and purchase a new pair. I pointed out that was pretty absurd seeing that I liked the item just the price change was about 30% in the just a few days. Plus I needed the item in about two days which would not have given the replacement enough time to ship. After being put on hold for a few minutes I think the agent got approval from the supervisor to simply credit my card. I was overall happy with the customer service experience, but almost every merchant has some sort of short term price adjustment policy. I know part of Amazon’s business model involves “dynamic pricing” depending on demand, inventory, and supply, but to require a full return (with them paying the shipping) for an item just purchased in order to effectively get the lower price is both a waste of time/money for Amazon and a hassle for the consumer to have to mail back the entire product (especially during the holiday season).One further update, make sure to purchase the steel toe version of this boot if that is what you desire. There is a soft toe version that looks identically the same that is cheaper but does NOT have a steel toe. A friend found this out the hard way when he called me up to gloat he got a pair even cheaper then me. He was not so pleased with himself though when I asked if he got the steel toe version he required for work only to find out it was the soft toe one.

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