Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights 3 Carved Wood Fan Blade Noiseless Reversible Motor Remote Control With Light

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Low Profile Ceiling Fan Dimensions: 52″; Height: 10.24″ (From Ceiling to Bottom of Fan Housing); Weight 14.7lbs. Please refer to the manual in “Product guides and documents”.

Ceiling Fans Lights Energy Usage: Integrated LED Light 15W, LED Color Temperature With Warm White(3000K).

Convenienty Quiet Smart Ceiling Fan:Silicon Steel DC Reversible Motor Delivers Ultra-powerful Air Movement, Mute Rotation, Energy Efficient And Long Service Life. ETL Certification.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Blades: 3 Outdoor Approved Dark Walnut Blades (60″ Span / 13° Blade Pitch),includes 6-Speed Hand-Held Remote Control.3 Level Timer.

Modern Ceiling Fan: Elevate Your Space With A Brand New Fan! The Sofucor Ceiling Fan Suiable For Farmhouse/ Patio/Bedroom/living room/Kitchen

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low profile ceiling fan low profile ceiling fan

Low Profile Outdoor Ceiling Fan with LED Lights and Remote

VINTAGE STYLE: Decorating your home with Sofucor new fan!

Thousands of Testing : Undergo years’ testing ,up to 750 KG load bearing test to meet the all fundamental safety requirements.

Free replacement: We provide lifetime free of charge for fan motors. Two years free of charge for spare parts maintenance.

ceiling fan with lightceiling fan with light

outdoor ceiling fanoutdoor ceiling fan

Reversible Motor

This powerful ceiling fan is equipped with 35W DC motor and Three wooden fan blades that provide a 178 RPM spin and an incredible 5021 CFM – an airflow efficiency of nearly 51 CFM/W.

Remote Controlled

To get the most out of the Sofucor fan, we recommend using the included remote control that allows you to adjust the fan speed and turn On/Off the fan from anywhere in the room.

  • ultra-efficient energy saving
  • 1/4/8 timing function
  • 6-speed reversible switch
  • 178 RPM
  • Seasonal Performance Feature
  • Remote Operated

ceiling fan ceiling fan

Hunter ceiling fanHunter ceiling fan

ceiling fansceiling fans

Frosted LED light

Frosted glass lampshade

Customized glass lamp shade keeps you away from dizziness while staring at the ceiling fan LED lights.

Convenient timer mode

1H/2H/4H/8H timer setting.

Save enery during midnight .

No worries at all when you forget to turn off the smart ceiling fan.

Silent strong DC motor

20-30% electricity less consumed.

Silent noiseless ceiling fan lower than 35db.

Oil rubbed bronze finish shines evenly.

You can return back the fan motor if you detect any defects for a lifetime free of charge.

Sofucor 47‘’ ceiling fan remote control with lights

Sofucor 52 Inch Farmhouse Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control

Sofucor 52 Inch Black Ceiling Fan with Light Remote Control

Sofucor 52 Inch Brush Nickel Ceiling Fan

Sofucor 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control Silver

Sofucor 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control Wood Blades

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Remote Control

Fan Size

47 inches

52 inches

52 inches

52 inches

52 inches

52 inches



Plywood Blades

Plywood Blades

Plywood Blades

Plywood Blades

Solid Wood

Number of Blades















Light source required







Package Dimensions

28.5 x 12.6 x 11.05 inches

Item Weight

14.7 pounds







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8 reviews for Sofucor Low Profile Ceiling Fan With Lights 3 Carved Wood Fan Blade Noiseless Reversible Motor Remote Control With Light

  1. SmithHaus

    The media could not be loaded.  Perfect for our patio, we have an outdoor kitchen and needed a replacement fan. This wood ceiling fan with lights,3 carved wood fan blades was perfect for our decor as we modernized our patio. We have an outdoor fireplace and spend a lot of time on the patio and cook out there, so not only does the light add ambiance, it also displaces the grill smell, while using our flat top.Yes, we have it spinning as we cook so much, then being in Arizona it will help circulate the air in the summer. This is a ceiling fans that is almost completely noiseless keeping the mood just right.The size was perfect for our patio at 52″; height: 16″/21″optional (from ceiling to bottom of fan housing, includes 5″/10″ down rod optional) we chose to keep it high and tight with the flush mount but you do have the option to have it longer like if you put it in your bedroom or Livingroom.This ceiling fan uses a led 15w warm white 1500 lumen we love everything LED our whole house is being replaced so much brighter and more economical. This ended e up being the coolest and most conveniently quiet ceiling fan that I could have picked I like it so much we may replace some of our other one’s so that they all match. Go get one easy instruction and to install I did it myself.Update : We loved the fan so much we bought another for our master bedroom. Installed just the same. Just to show these are amazing indoor and outdoor. The difference was night and day compared to our old standard fan.

  2. Richard Kissick

    The media could not be loaded.  I needed a fan for my mothers room, she can not reach the pull chains anymore. Therefore, I picked up this one, with good specs, and I just loved the design where the color of the wood matches the rest of my moms furnature too. Out of the box, everything is packed perfectly so nothing gets damaged even when pulling it out of the box. Very easy to install, about 30 minutes, mostly due to the wiring work that I did too. The fan comes with a remote kit, very easy to solder the wires up and then an easy connect at the ceiling. The bracket was very easy to install, it hung perfectly the first time, where I made sure the screws were even for allignment. Therefore, I was happy to say that I didnt need to add any weights to the blades for balancing it out. Nice that I don’t have to add bulbs too, where it has its own LED light plate that impressivly just connects with magnets to the base, no screws needed. Where it would also be easy to replace, if ever need be. I just love the remote, fits nice in the hands, and responds really well, from any place in the room, where I was really happy to see that. No cons, the fan works great, where I am very happy with the purchase.

  3. Anthony B.

    The media could not be loaded.  This is a great fan, operates very smoothly. The wood blades are very lovely. This would be a 6 star fan if it also had Alexia and google support. However, the included remote is laid out well and works great. I would highly recommend this fan. Like all fans, especially fans, with LED lighting, make sure it’s properly grounded and is hung level and you will not have any problems.

  4. Steve

    I looked for a long time to find a fan that was stylish and solid and constructed of real wood. My search ended when I found this Sofucor fan. The blades are beautiful and the housing is minimal and sleek. I purchased a 4′ down rod separately as this is hanging from an 18′ ceiling. My only mistake is that I assumed the fan would come with wire extensions to facilitate a long down rod, though I have no idea why I assumed that really. I reached out to customer service who was SUPER responsive and sent me the proper wire connectors. Now the fan is installed, running smoothly, and looking sharp!

  5. Dave B

    This is an update to my original review which I have updated again due to a battery problem with the remote. The first fan developed a bearing noise within the return window so I requested a direct replacement from Amazon. What a difference! Sofucor must source this item from a number of manufacturers as these were very different fans. The new wood blades were not countersunk and the attaching bolts were long enough as-is (photo attached).The remote and receiver were different. The new model is reversible (which is what I expected from the first fan shipped) and the remote looks completely different (photo attached). It also uses a special A23 battery instead of two AAAs (the included 23A battery lasted only a few uses twice now so I’ve asked the manufacturer to replace just the remote – in the mean time, I am removing the battery when not using it). Another extremely positive point is that if the fan is turned off at the wall switch, it returns to its last setting when power is restored. This means if an overnight power outage occurs, you won’t have a ceiling fan light come on unexpectedly.I have no idea how to tell in advance that you will get the better engineered fan. The new one had a sticker Zhongshan Kebaishi Electric Appliance Company on the motor housing (photo attached) which the original did not have. I did communicate my issues with the company.Having learned from my first installation, I assembled the fan on the ground rather than working vertically (photo attached). The printed installation manual was a bit easier to read BUT still differs from the physical fan design. The wiring is different from the first fan but all wires were clearly labeled and the diagram at the back of the manual is easy to follow.I also shared an idea that the short screws for the light fixture make it very difficult to line up the light with the bottom of the fan properly. I found a long version of the same thread in my miscellaneous screw bucket and cut the head off so that it when I slid the light fixture over it and centered the center opening on the fan, the other 2 screws lined up and could be inserted. I then removed my longer screw and finished with the 3rd screw for the light (photo attached). So far I am very happy with this fan.=== Original review text follows:The fan is very stylish and runs quietly but the installation was a pain. First, the written instructions use the smallest possible typeface and do not match the installation video either which is animated and equally confusing. The instructions only cover the longer down pole (aka the suspender) which leaves ample room to work. The shorter down pole is much tighter. It isn’t clear but don’t forget to slip on the magnetic Canopy Cover between the Canopy and the Coupling Cover. The video shows installing the blades before wiring the fan but this would make wiring later much more difficult. Speaking of the blades, they come counterbored with a 1/2″ wide circle to recess the bolts and washers. They are not drilled out to a consistent depth. This along with barely long enough bolts means 3 of the 6 bolts will not thread into the motor mount. I carefully used a 1/2″ wood drill to slightly deepen the recess but for 1 bolt I had to leave off the washer. The bolts barely clear the top of the blade by 1/8″ and should be longer. At least these slight modifications did not cause the fan to wobble which is really good as the generic wobble correction kit and instructions suggest bending the blade mount which is not something that can be done with this style blade. The instructions also show the LED lamp having 2 separate wires and not the plug used now. It is hard to fit but the clip for the plug does face downward. Push the extra wire upward to get the plug enough room to clip in. If it hadn’t taken so long to put this up, I would return it but it is working well at this point with a comfortable airflow on Medium. If you turn the fan off at the wall switch it will start up next with the fan off and the light on. I guess the intent is to only use the remote control. When you do start the fan, it starts up in high briefly before switching down to the selected slower speed. I blame myself for looking at too many propeller style fans on Amazon but this one does not reverse direction for winter use. There is not a switch on the side of the motor and the unlabeled button on the remote doesn’t do it either.

  6. michelle gilbert

    We absolutely love it.Pros:-It’s beautiful.-Most fans similar were faux wood and this one is real and it makes a difference in looks.-Installation was the easiest and nicest fan install we have done and we just replaced 7. This one has a plate that mounts to your ceiling box which the fan mounts on.-There is ample room for the remote receiver in the base. Heck, we could put a couple of receivers up there. No wrestling match to get the receiver positioned right along with the wire nuts which all don’t exactly fit well like other fans.-The wiring harness goes up separate from the fanNo balancing the unit while connecting wires. Simply wire connect the wiring harness with wire nuts, hold the fan while.plugging the harness into the receiver and up it goes.-it has 6 speed settings which all really do seem to be faster than the one before.-it moves a LOT more air than I was expecting.-Reversing fan direction is done from the remote. I don’t have to get up there and hunt for the switch. Now let’s hope I don’t lose the remote.Cons:-The light engine is warm white and I hate that yellow tint. I will simply order a new light engine to replace.-The brightness/output wattage of the light engine is adequate, but if you use your ceiling lights to make the room super bright you’ll want to replace the light engine with a brighter one.-Theotor isn’t silent like my old fan. It’s not what I would call loud, but… yeah. It’s noisy when compared to the other fans in my house. It drowns out the ticking clock, so I guess that might be a positive.-The remote is… way over complicated for what it does. The way it’s labeled makes you think that you’re controlling the light but pretty much other than on and off on the light, everything controls the fan.Summary: for under $300 I could not find another fan as pretty and functional in this style. Well worth the money. I would give it probably actually 4.75 stars. The noise and having to replace the light engine were too minor to give it less.

  7. Natalie

    This ceiling fan is absolutely gorgeous when hung, it’s modern looking yet looks great in my farmhouse style home because of the carved wood blades. I’ve never seen a ceiling fan with blades carved and this beautiful. They are solid walnut and you can see the beauty. I had it installed in my second living room , and it really brought the space together . air comes with a remote control where i can control the LED lighting on and off . The LED lighting can change from warm white, cool white, or Full Light. As well as adjust the fan on the remote from Hi ,Low, or medium or stop. It also has preset timers on the remote with 1 hour ,2 hour , 4 hour, and 8 hour settings.It is completely noiseless , other than the light swoosh of the blades. It’s great for winter to shift the heat downwards. and perfect for summer to keep cool air flowing.It is a smart fan boasting light electricity usage.I had a professional install my fan as it’s a little over my head as far as installation goes . The final result though was so worth the cost . This fan would look amazing in any room.

  8. Samantha

    Easy install, probably took less than 30 mins to install on our own. Almost don’t need the instructions. I love the mid-century style and how simple it looks unlike all the other ceiling fans available at home depot. The led light is super bright. I was afraid of the light color would be too blue but it is just right. Remote control is handy and you can ajust the fan speed on it. The blade feels slightly light for Walnut but the pattern is great. Kinda wish the remote had a dimmer for the light but not a big deal

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