Secure STWBM-60G Transfer Belt with Handles and Quick Release Metal Buckle – Patient Safety Gait Walking Nurse Assist Mobility Aid for Elderly, Seniors, Bariatric, Occupational & Physical Therapy

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EASY PATIENT TRANSFER & WALKING – The Secure STWBM-60G Transfer Gait Belt with six handles and quick release adjustable metal buckle is an essential and highly effective mobility aid that helps caregivers perform safe elderly fall risk patient transfers, walking and ambulation; The quick release high tensile metal buckle is easily adjustable, allowing the transfer belt to be attached and removed with ease by the nurse or caregiver DESIGNED FOR SAFETY & COMFORT – Gait belt is made of durable yet comfortable nylon webbing with strong reinforced stitching that is guaranteed to withstand the rigors of daily use; The four inch belt back section is wider than traditional gait belts for increased lumbar comfort and greater contact area with the patient; Gait belt fits waist sizes 30″ to 55″; Dimensions: 60″ x 4″ SURE GRIP FROM ANY ANGLE – Features four vertical and two horizontal handles that allow the caregiver to choose the most effective leverage point to safely handle a patient, resident or loved one; Gait belt is machine washable and made to last. ONE YEAR GUARANTEE – Gait belt is covered by a one year full-replacement guarantee and backed by our industry-leading customer service team. ELDERLY SAFETY EXPERTS SINCE 1991 – Secure brand falls management, wandering prevention and patient safety products have been trusted by thousands of health care facilities across the US, Canada and Europe since 1991; Purchase with the confidence in knowing that Personal Safety Corporation always stands behind its products.

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Product Description

  • The STWBM-60G Gait Belt with Six Hand Grips and High Tensile Metal Buckle is an essential and effective mobility aid that helps caregivers perform safe elderly fall risk patient transfer, walking and ambulation.
  • The four inch back section is wider than traditional gait belts providing greater area of contact, pressure relieving comfort and added support to the patient, resident, or loved one.
  • Four vertical and two horizontal hand grips allow the caregiver to get a firm hold, helping prevent injury to both the patient and caregiver.
  • Fits waist sizes 30″ to 55″
  • Belt Dimensions: 60″L x 4″W
  • Gait belt is machine washable and made to last.

Since 1991, PSC has lead the industry in developing Patient-Centered, Solutions-Based, Cost-Effective fall management, wandering prevention and patient safety products. Our vision is to listen, learn and lead the industry in developing only the highest quality products at the lowest manufacturer-direct prices. We are proud to make products that assist in helping our customers live a safer life. You can count on being treated as our #1 customer by our entire USA-based customer care team. We are here to exceed your expectations!

Secure Transfer & Walking Gait Belt Metal Buckle elderly fall prevention patient safety mobility aidSecure Transfer & Walking Gait Belt Metal Buckle elderly fall prevention patient safety mobility aid

Secure gait belts have been trusted by healthcare professionals since 1991

  • Durable nylon webbing material with reinforced stitching
  • Durable & Secure high tensile metal buckle
  • Wide belt design for superior patient support and comfort
  • Perfect for caregivers, nurses, physical therapists, etc.


STWB-52 transfer and walking gait belt mobility aid

STWB-70A Padded Gait Belt patient safety mobility aid

STWB-62Y transfer and walking belt patient safety mobility aid

SGBM-60S transfer and walking gait belt elderly fall prevention mobility aid

Transfer Belt with Metal Buckle

Transfer Belt with Quick Release Buckle

Padded Gait Belt with Push Button Buckle

Ultra-Wide Transfer Belt

Striped Gait Belt
Buckle Mechanism High Tensile Metal Quick Release Push Button Quick Release High Tensile Metal
Dimensions 60″L x 4″W 52″L x 4″W 70″L x 4″W 65″L x 6″W 60″L x 2″W
User Waist Size 30 – 55 inches 28 – 48 inches 28 – 65 inches 30 – 60 inches up to 55 inches
Hand Grips 6 6 7 7

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9.02 x 6.5 x 2.52 inches; 14.4 Ounces

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July 28, 2014

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Personal Safety Corporation

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#17 in Standing Aids & Supports

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2,131 ratings

9 reviews for Secure STWBM-60G Transfer Belt with Handles and Quick Release Metal Buckle – Patient Safety Gait Walking Nurse Assist Mobility Aid for Elderly, Seniors, Bariatric, Occupational & Physical Therapy

  1. Jarrod Sherrard

    This is, by far, the best and easiest to use gaiter belt I’ve had. I got it to help with moving my father (who has progressive supranuclear palsy) between chairs and bed and to help get him up after falls. Had some concern at first about the breakaway clip, but after months of routine and demanding use it’s held securely every time.I will note most medical professionals I’ve encountered who use gaiter belts routinely commented on not seeing its like before, which is surprising to me. And I can understand, a lack of a breakaway clip would remove the possibility of the belt detaching altogether. But the addition of handholds, thereby allowing easier grip of the belt and from different angles for better leverage seems worth the risk. Just make sure to place it well (under the shoulders), hold on securely, and keep your eyes and ears open.

  2. Dog Mom

    I bought these on a whim; we needed something to help my Father who has difficulties walking and is at high risk for falling. We took these to the Rehab facility that was caring for him after a major fall/accident. The Physical Therapists could not get over the handles on the strap and the quality. They wanted to know where we had purchased these. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t order some going forward! Definitely a good investment.

  3. Josie H.

    Mom is 92, weighs 104, 4’10”, and is in late stage Parkinson’s Disease. I’m 70, 4’11”, 125 pounds. This gait belt has allowed me (alone) to lift mom back onto her feet.An RN demonstrated its proper use; gait belt is placed under mom’s arms, clipped in front of her chest. Her feet must be braced against my feet as I use my weight (leaning backwards) to lift mom.It has worked every time. I own 3; have them placed throughout our home including in the car.

  4. Kat

    I recently lost mobility in one leg and one arm (same side) and purchased this for transfers into and out of the wheelchair, going up stairs while sitting, as a seatbelt to hold me into the wheelchair (so I don’t faceplant at every bump in the sidewalk or doorways), and use while out and about in the community. Since I’m a high fall risk, I wear this any time we are out in the community, especially to physical therapy and doctor visits. I actually also bought a second one that lives on the wheelchair too, so I can have one as a wheelchair seatbelt and another as a gait belt. I also use the wheelchair one to sometimes help me pull myself up onto the wheelchair unassisted, which makes a huge difference.Radiology loved using this belt so much that they asked me where I bought it, stating it is much less tough on them than normal hospital gait belts due to the handles, especially since there are handles in multiple directions. It also clips on easily and adjusts easily, making it quick to get it just right, even with only one arm usable. It was funny–they liked the gait belt so much that it felt like I was wearing a rock star or something–all the ladies were fawning.My husband feels much safer with me wearing this too, since I can go from ground to standing on one foot despite use of only one arm, as long as he gives me a little momentum by pulling me up a little bit, which is probably about 20-30 lbs worth of force compared to the full body weight it would otherwise be without any gait belt. I think the handles are also much easier to grab than normal gait belts and I can clip a carabiner onto it for some things, such as making sure my keys are secure but quickly available during a transfer. All in all, I have had a very good experience using this and highly recommend it. I’ve even come back, as mentioned, to buy another!

  5. Reviewer

    I was beyond impressed with this belt. I did a lot of review research and wanted to be absolutely sure it could be used for transfers safely and not just to assist with walking. In the past we had the standard gait belt that fits just like a belt and has a buckle that you thread the belt through. This was always difficult and we were worried that belt might really cut into the person too much. I was shocked how sturdy this belt is built. The pictures don’t do it justice. It has a nice decent width so it seems more comfortable on the body/back. I feel very confident it will hold up and hold weight once I saw the actual belt. We are always careful not to pull directly on the buckle to be extra safe. The front buckle is much, much easier than threading a belt through a loop and being sure it’s secure. The buckle is like a car seat belt. There is quite a long strap left over after sizing it correctly and our family member is a male, about 160 pounds and slim. We loop the extra strap length around the belt so it’s not hanging down. Sometimes we put the buckle at the back which was suggested by the physical therapist as an idea, and that’s helpful too. One of the best purchases yet to help our family member with difficulty walking and transferring. Highly recommend.

  6. LuvmyLab

    My 91 year old mother complains of loss of appetite and refuses to eat. This results in severe generalized weakness, especially in her legs.Prior to purchasing this transfer and walking belt, Mom used to fall several times a week, sometimes more than once a day. Now she is always secured with this belt when she gets ready to walk, even if it’s only for a few steps. The belt is well made and the many loops, both vertical and horizontal, give us exceptional control over her movements. With this belt, we have been able to stabilize her by pulling up on the loops as her legs begin to wobble. Consequently she has not landed on the floor for the past several weeks. I highly recommend this product.

  7. George E. Creel

    I purchased two of these a couple of weeks ago and just purchased two more. These are great for assisting elderly persons with limited strength. Two of the CNA’s who stays with my wife asked me to buy them one. They carry the belts with them to other clients. I have one for the house and one for the car. There are multiple handgrips placed around the belt and easy to grasp. The adjustment of the belt is much easier than a standard belt and the nylon fabric is much more sturdy. The tail of the belt is long, so I am going to adjust it to my wife and cut/seal it so I don’t have to deal with a tail.

  8. RW

    Bought this for a family member who is having increased difficulty rising (with assistance) from a sitting position to transfer into a transport chair & then to another seat (or bed). Most of the lifting must be done by the caregiver with little help. After seeing a very basic belt of this type (no handles) and checking out several others online, decided to give this a try. Was not disappointed. This is an excellent product. It enables the caregiver to raise the “patient” to a near standing position by using the side handles. (The wide belt strap gives support across the back.) If holding the patient from the rear (not using the belt) should there be a “slip”, extra handles are easy to grab. Also helpful in assisting one who has limited walking ability. Belt is adjustable down to a waist size of (approximately) 28″ & the seat belt type of plastic open/close clasp is an additional plus.

  9. Amazon Customer

    My 82 year old mom had a stroke. Helping her transfer in and out of bed and chairs, and keeping her steady while she walked with a walker was difficult and led to back, shoulder and knee injuries for both her caregivers – my dad and me. The army/navy-type cinch belt we took home from brain rehab was very hard to grab quickly and awkward to use. This belt is easy to get on and off, very sturdy, wide enough to support mom’s back and not feel like it’s bending her in half. The many loops are easy to grab and hold her up without us either hurting her by grabbing her wrong or hurting ourselves by being contortionists trying to help her avoid her falls. Mom is now more confident to work towards becoming more self-sufficient without hurting her loved-ones in the process.

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