Parblo Graphics Drawing Tablet with Two-Finger Artist Glove 8× Pen Tips 10×6 Inches Digital Drawing Tablet 8192 Pressure Level with Battery-Free Stylus 8 Shortcut Keys A610 Pro

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Parblo A610 Pro graphics tablet is designed for digital drawing, painting, online teaching, remote work, photo editing, etc. This tablet is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. It also well work with the drawing program Adobe Photoshop, paint tool sai, illustrator, Corel draw, Corel painter, sketchbook, manga studio, clip studio paint, and more This digital drawing tablet stylus features 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 5080LPI resolution, ± 60° tilt function to make lines smoother and more natural. Its 10×6 large working area gives you a lot of flexibility to freely move your hands around This graphic drawing tablet comes with 8 shortcuts and 1 circular dial that is frequently used- such as pen tool, brush tool, eraser, undo, etc. All 8 buttons can be programmed to any custom shortcuts of your choice in the tablet settings. You can also assign different button shortcuts for different applications. The driver automatically changes the shortcut keys depending on the application you are currently using This drawing tablet is covered by a high-quality matte screen protector, which is scratch-resistant and has no glare, making the drawing, sketching, and writing easy, even under the bright sun. This Paper feel screen protector also offers you a natural and real feeling with stylus writing on screen as writing on paper, quite smooth and responsive Parblo A610 Pro is an ideal tool for online teaching, e-learning, remote work, web-conferencing, it’s compatible with Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Zoom, Xsplit, etc. Parblo provides a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support for all our pen tablets/displays

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Product Description

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Parblo A610Pro Parblo A610Pro

Important Notice:

1. Parblo A610 Pro is NOT a standalone product!!

  • This device must be connected to a laptop/computer to work. It is compatible with Android, Windows system 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X version 10.10 or later.
  • This Parblo drawing tablet works with Android devices, you can just connect the tablet to your Android device and start drawing( IPAD/ IPHONE/ SAMSUNG not supported).

2. Is it really important to install the driver?

  • The answer is – Yes, it is important to install the driver, without it the tablet will not work. Driver is free and can be downloaded from the Parblo website

3. Driver Download and Installation Tips

  • Before driver installation, please remove other brand’s driver from your computer;
  • For Windows Users , please disable anti-virus software and firewall temporarily, then run the driver as Administrator when installing the driver;
  • For Mac Users, Details steps please see the FAQ section on the Parblo website.
  • For Android Users, this tablet support with Android 6.0 and later, you do not need to install the driver or any other special application.

4. Parblo Tech Support

  • When you have problems with the use of the Parblo Drawing Tablet, please check the Quick Guide first, or you can search Parblo online to find a way to us for further assistance, we will be very glad to help you step by step!
  • We uploaded many guide videos which can help you with setting tablet up, please visit Parblo website to take a look.
  • If your tablets died within one year, it is highly suggested to contact with Parblo to get help.

Parblo A610Pro Drawing Tablet Specifications

Dimension 14.2 x 9.4 x 0.3 inches
Drawing Area 10 x 6.25 inches
Stylus Parblo P02A (battery-free)
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 levels
Tilt Detection ± 60°
Pen Resolution 5080LPI
Report Rate Speed 260RPS
Shortcut Buttons on the tablet 8 Shortcut Buttons
Shortcut Dial 1 Rotating Dial Wheel
Buttons on the stylus 1 Right Click Button + 1 Customizable button
Connectivity USB-C
OS Support Windows, Mac, and Android

10x6 Active Area10x6 Active Area


Screen ProtectorScreen Protector

10×6 Large working area

  • This graphic tablets comes with a fairly large active drawing area of 10 x 6 Inches. This larger drawing area allows you to freely move your hands without feeling cramped.
  • The tablet has four large rubber pads at the back, which helps the tablet to firmly grip the surface. Once you place the tablet on your desk it stays put and does not slide or move around.

8192 Levels Pressure Battery-free Pen

  • The Parblo A610Pro comes with a battery-free stylus that has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 5080LPI pen resolution, these numbers can meet all expectations of artisits.
  • It also supports up to 60 degrees of tilt action, delivers smoother and more natural lines and strokes.
  • With the 8 replacement nibs in the pen holder you can use the pen for long time without changing.

Scratch resistance-Protected by Matte Screen Protector

  • This Drawing Tablet covered by a high-quality matte screen protector, which is scratch-resistant, it also has a great anti-fingerprint and anti-skid ability.
  • The drawing surface has a well-balanced texture that feels smooth and consistent while providing the much-needed friction to keep the stylus in control.


What we provided

  • Excellent drawing performance
  • Responsive and accurate stylus
  • Large drawing area
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Customizabe Shortcut buttons
  • Support for Android devices
  • 8x Pen nibs plus adapters included in the box
  • Easy to use driver

8 Customizable Shortcut Keys /1 Circular Dial

This Drawing tablet comes with 8 shortcuts that frequently used- such as pen tool, brush tool, eraser, undo.

All 8 buttons can be programmed to any custom shortcuts of your choice in the tablet settings. You can also assign different button shortcuts for different applications.

What’s in the package?

  • 1 x A610 Pro Drawing Tablet
  • 1 x 8192 Battery-Free Pen
  • 1 x Pen Holder
  • 8 x Pen Nips
  • 1 x USB -C Cable
  • 1 x Two-Finger Glove
  • 1 x OTG Type-C Adapter
  • 1 x OTG USB Adapter
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x Manual


Explore new ways to get creative with Parblo Tablet:

Painting/Sketching: For the professional artist, designer and amateur hobbyist, the Parblo graphic drawing tablet provides a professional and precise control of drawing lines and photo-editing. Such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, SAI, Manga Studio, Clip Studio, Zbrush, Krita, Gimp etc.

E-learning /Teaching: Parblo Tablet helped educators and learners stay connected. Teachers can remote online education and students can take fast note-taking, writing, these digital tablets make it possible to convey learning content in digital form in the same way as with a blackboard. compatible with Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, etc. Present your handwritten content precisely – ideal for your e-learning or distance learning program.

Photo/Video Editing: Parblo A610Pro can be added to a photo/video editing tool. A digital pen will make this process easier and more natural than a traditional computer mouse, taking your skills to the next level

Android Supported: If you are someone who draws on your smartphone or tablet, you don’t necessarily need to get a laptop or a computer to have a full-fledged drawing experience, you can just connect the tablet to your Android device and start drawing.






Parblo A610 Pro

Parblo Intangbo Purple S

Parblo Intangbo Black S

Parblo Intangbo Purple M

Parblo Intangbo Black M
Work Area (Inch) 10×6 inches 7×4 inches 7×4 inches 10×6 inches 10×6 inches
Pressure Level 8192 8192 8192 8192 8192
Tilt Support ±60° ±60° ±60° ±60° ±60°
Pen Technology Battery-free Battery-free Battery-free Battery-free Battery-free
Android 6.0 Supported

OS Support Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later Android 6.0 or later Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later Android 6.0 or later Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later Android 6.0 or later Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later Android 6.0 or later Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later Android 6.0 or later

Product Dimensions

14.2 x 9.4 x 0.3 inches

Item Weight

2.57 pounds





Item model number

A610 Pro

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#1,367 in Computer Graphics Tablets

Date First Available

December 25, 2020



10 reviews for Parblo Graphics Drawing Tablet with Two-Finger Artist Glove 8× Pen Tips 10×6 Inches Digital Drawing Tablet 8192 Pressure Level with Battery-Free Stylus 8 Shortcut Keys A610 Pro

  1. A_Persno

    It’s a really nice starting tablet for the price, it does take a lil practicing and getting use to, but so does everything new. I love looking at the monitor while I draw instead of looking down, my neck doesn’t get sore as fast. The tablet is a very big size, I was expecting it to be smaller but I was wrong. If you’re looking to get a tablet, I highly suggest this one as a start (:

  2. Brett

    If you’re a graphic artist, besides the fact that you’re probably not reading this review, you know that a drawing tablet can be a very useful thing to have – short of doing all your work on a tablet or touchscreen PC, a drawing tablet allows you to interact with a standard desktop with a pen to create shapes and forms that a mouse is just ill-equipped for.Many of these devices though can either be very large / take up a lot of space for someone just dabbling OR are cost prohibitive if you don’t know in advance that you’re going to use it all the time for a profit making enterprise. This device solves both of those issues – it’s reasonably sized so it doesn’t fill your workspace unnecessarily and it’s reasonably priced so you can try it without breaking the budget. It was easy to set up – plug in the tablet, install a driver from their website and off you go. From there, you can certainly start assigning keys to the programmable buttons or whatnot, but you can also just pick up the pen, open a graphics program and start drawing. It’s really that easy – and it works.For me, I found that this is probably all the drawing tablet I’ll ever need/use, so no need to invest more. Others might find it not for them, or that they need more more – but this lets you try it in an entry level manner that just works, with no muss and no fuss.

  3. IMO

    I’m new to digital art. I love how easy it was to get started with this. I plugged it in to my tablet, downloaded my choice of drawing apps and I was ready to go. I didnt realize at first that there was a protective film over the surface that you need to remove. It was completely invisible until I started drawing. Then a shadow of my picture remained visible. That’s when I realized I had to remove it. Doing so also removed the tiny bit of drag I had noticed. I’m really happy with this tablet and looking forward to experimenting more with digital art.


    The media could not be loaded.  Great competitor to HUION in the segment of entry drawing tablets. Let’s face it, pros use WACOM but these are very expensive. This tablet delivers a great performance and value for the money. I use it on a Windows 10 laptop (Surface Book 3) with Krita, the free software. Includes many accessories and replacement tips for the pen which is battery free pen. Drawing area is huge: same size than a letter page. Recommended.I hope this review was helpful and if it was, please consider click on the Helpful button. Thanks!

  5. ReyRey

    Perfect drawing tablets especially if you’ve never used one before. Very easy to use and plug & play friendly. In my case I didn’t even have to download any drivers. You get a lot of bang for your buck! Comes with everything you see pictured.Love the customizable keys and dial ring. This allows you to use the tablet without the need of a keyboard or a mouse! If you’re great at drawing you’ll enjoy this model when doing your own sketches. I also use it for work when dealing with job drawings. From making notes to making any other changes by hand I’d like. Works with numerous programs including some that already come with your OS.So give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.

  6. theSLAchannel

    This is a nice drawing tablet. We got it for my daughter to use on her PC. It hooked right up, was immediately recognized, and worked without having to install anything. She just uses it to sketch using paint.

  7. IMScrat

    This tablet is perfect for my occasional need to use a drawing pad. It is easy to use and has all the bells and whistles that I could ever want. I’m very happy with it.

  8. SofiiaSofiia

    This tablet comes with a lot of accessories that are really useful, I do character design. I would say that tablet is amazing not only for beginners but also to digital artists that draw as illustrators and so on. It is also useful for school work and day to day computer work. The surface is soft and the pen works perfectly at any angle. The size is also big enough to work on small details but also is easy to carry around places.

  9. Adriana MillerAdriana Miller

    This is an excellent tablet especially for the price that I paid. It is a big upgrade from my previous tablet. The size makes for more space to move around on and the key binding really comes in hand when wanting to either zoom in or out, undo and redo on my canvas. The setting up process is very simple and easy to do and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. The pen pressure feels great and is easy to adjust if needed. I strongly recommend this drawing tablet for everyone!

  10. Tyler M

    I have recently gotten into drawing and wanted something relatively cheap to start on and this couldn’t be more perfect! I’ve watched videos and quite a few others require software to work, this one doesn’t! It’s just as responsive as a mouse and keyboard and i love how many extra keys it has on the side that you can program for various functions when drawing. This isn’t too big or too small for me to use either

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