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DRILL ATTACHMENT: This innovative shear conveniently works with any 18 Volt or higher cordless drill, allowing you to navigate the accessory with ease while cutting. This product is specifically designed to cut 1/4 – 1/2-inch HardieBacker fiber cement board. CONTRACTOR TOOL: Cut any shape with this universal shear head’s ability to rotate 360° degrees. You can make straight, right-angle, curve cuts, and cut circles down to 3-inches in diameter, giving it the ergonomic advantage over traditional shears. SIDING TOOLS: No more score and snap. This tool’s versatility makes it ideal for various siding remodel projects, kitchen, bathroom renovations, and installations, specifically for cutting around the corner, outlets, hardware, and toilet flanges. SMART SHEARS: This drill attachment minimizes airborne dust while using it, allowing professionals and DIYers to cut and install with ease. This dramatically increases efficiency and keeps those who are working on-site safe from dangerous particles. PACTOOL: Trusted for decades, we are the leaders in specialized construction, renovation, and remodeling designs. Our patented product line inspires craftspeople and DIYers to work smarter, measure better, and repair more efficiently.
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May 6, 2019

10 reviews for PacTool SS724 Snapper Shear Pro – Cutting Tool for Fiber Cement Board – Power Shears Professional Power Tools

  1. Mshelton

    If they tell you it doesn’t work they are wrong, or using it wrong or they have other issues. Just completed first shower install with this tool and it is worlds ahead of any other type of backer board cutting. We used both 1/2 and 1/4 inch Hardie brand backer boards and it cut them both very well. You can even trim a little more off to make the fit better when needed. Possibly the best 90 bucks I ever spent.

  2. PhillipS

    Warning: Make sure your drill is switched for CLOCKWISE rotation.If you end up using this tool with the drill on reverse, the tool will jam (and you’ll end up having to dismantle it to get it unjammed), and, depending on how much torque you hit it with, may be damaged too much to use againSlices through cement board like butter and generates very little dust. I find it faster than the innumerable scores it takes for me to be able to snap the thicker Hardibacker. Glad I bought it!

  3. Km2455

    You will need two hands to operate this tool with any accuracy. This means getting a helper or horse clamping system. I have a Dewalt cordless drill and despite the instructions recommendation of setting it to the lowest clutch speed, it did not cut cleanly when doing so. I was only cutting 1/4″ backerboard which it cuts through like butter. I’ve seen some reviewers say they’ve burned up their drills on so, I would say the quality and robustness of your drill is a factor if you are using it to cut 1/2″ cement board; less so for 1/4″ though. It’s fun to use and is extremely portable. I still prefer scoring and snaping for straight cuts because nothing could be easier, but for the odd cuts, it works great and produces zero dust in the air.

  4. Leonardo Medina

    I ordered this item yesterday October 2nd, 2020, and received it today October 3rd, 2020. I opened the package, attached it to my drill, and gave it a test run. Let me tell you, WOW!!! This gadget is the real deal. I’m building a deck and part of the support I’m using 1/2 hardy backer board and cutting a lot I mean a lot of arches. I’ll update this review as I use it more and test how much abuse it can stand.I also showed it to a friend who is a contractor doing a bathroom remodel now. “Sold,” hed said, “I’m ordering one now!” he concluded.”Asta la vista …..”, gotz lots of hardy backer to cut, “I’ll be back!”

  5. Miller

    I used this for replacing the siding on my house with Hardie Siding. Worked like a charm. Worth every penny!

  6. boydumber

    Didn’t want to carbide cut the hardi plank. Didn’t want to deal with the dust. This was a GREAT solution. It made hundreds of cuts on just one set of jaws. There are extra in the package for the next job. With a little practice, I was getting good a cutting a pretty straight line. Nibbling off a quarter inch is not easy or recommended. It would more like smoosh off a quarter inch. I would pick up the circular saw for those situations.


    Used this for the first time on 1/2 Durock and was amazed how well it did. Used on an old 18V Dewalt drill. Will eat batteries but had no problems keeping up rotating two batteries through the charger. Corded drill would be better. This shear is waaaaay better than score and snap (ragged edge, difficult on thick board) or Skilsaws with cement board blades (dust). Easy to control, clean sheer. Much lower dust, much lower mess – little curls are easy to clean up. Great for fitting up most pieces in the bath. Only used a jigsaw with special blade for the shower rough-ins (3 1/2, 5 1/2) a didn’t try this tool in such a tight radius circle although it says it can do it (jigsaw was more precise).

  8. John CrossonJohn Crosson

    Just finished siding my 400sq foot shop. This was a fast and easy way to cut pre-painted Allure cement board. Made my cuts with the painted side down, no damage to the factory painted surface. Used an aluminum 12ft ladder on two saw horses as my work/cut table. Clamped the siding planks, painted side down, to the steps on either side of my desired cut line. Used two clamps on each side of the cut making my cuts between the rungs of the ladder. Dressed the cut edge with a cheap metal aggressive rasp type file, painted to seal the edge, and installed. Faster than using an oscillating tool, very clean cut but lots of dust. No dust from using the Pactool. Easy to guide to make strait cuts even slicing long ways. Angle, yep, did that too. I marked my cuts with a strait edge and followed the line.

  9. Michael G. Gallant

    I bought this tool to cut Hardie Plank because I didn’t want to deal with the nasty, dangerous dust you get with a saw, and I’m glad I did. A saw might give a perfectly clean cut, but the need to use a vacuum, SERIOUS dust mask, and tight goggles would have negated that advantage. (note: Some will say that you don’t need to go all space-suit when using a saw, but you’ll be sorry if you don’t)This shear/nibbler takes a little practice, but after a couple of cuts, you’re getting very nice results. It’s not difficult to produce cuts to within 1/8th inch, and often to within 1/16th inch accuracy. You can also do respectable curve cuts if needed, and the amount of dust produced is minimal. The slightly furry edge of the cuts can be smoothed, if needed, with a small sure-form rasp. Remember to prime all cuts before installation – Cement Fiber absorbs water, and caulking, where used, will adhere much better to primed material. The Pac Tool shear won’t be as durable as a $400-$500 dedicated nibbler, but it’s held up very well during my one-off siding project, still cutting like new after about 100 planks, including several long rip cuts.If you’re only doing one small-to-medium sized siding project, rather than an entire LARGE house, this tool should do the job to your satisfaction. I’m glad I bought it.

  10. ghostrider44

    Ok I have been trying to do the snap and score method on the 1/4” Hardi Backer board. It worked for a few pieces then others started breaking in half. Plus could not use this method on smaller pieces. I then tried a jigsaw and it took too long to make cuts and the dust was horrendous. Enter the PacTool SS724.. my biggest advice is make sure you use a good newer drill. We first used an older Riobi 18v battery drill and it wasn’t strong enough and chewed up part of the board and it looked like a photo posted by another reviewer. We switched to a newer and stronger Milwaukee drill and it cut the board like butter without dust. I love this tool. Don’t hesitate. Buy it.

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