NewDoar Hand Ascender Rock Climbing Tree Arborist Rappelling Gear Equipment Rope Clamp for 8~12MM Rope

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[Safty Guarantee]: CE 1019-435 EN 567:2013 ensures its security.Hand ascender you can trust.Weight limited:140kg/ 308Ib,Breaking strength8.5KN.Tension:4KN,for 8~12MM Rope. [Light Weight Ascender]:The aluminum alloy frame is light yet durable,Weighs only 0.52 lbs (237g) [Great Grip]: Comfortable rubber handle adds the friction and protects climber’s hand. [Solid Stainless Steel Cam]: Made of stainless steel, rustproof and anticorrosion, can handle most situation and service for long. [Multiple Holes]: For connecting carabiners and webbings. 2 hole attachments in both upper and lower side of ascender to let operator put to great use.

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Product Description

climbing hand ascenderclimbing hand ascender

Climbing Gear & Equipment

NewDoar specializes in outdoor products. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have gained much knowledge and expertise in the field.

climbing hand ascenderclimbing hand ascender

climbing ascender

right hand ascenderright hand ascender

Good ascender will stir up the highest efficiency of force

Reduce direct friction of safety catch and ascender body to have a longer service life.

  • Please allow the ascender tend to move up while trying to open the cam, so it will efficiently avoid damaging the rope sheath.

NewDoar Hand Ascender

Rope compatibility: 8~12mm

NewDoar Hand ascender is widely used for tree climbing, Single Rope Technique Climbing (SRT climbing) and tensioning / rigging / hauling / pulley system.

Working Principle:

Cams installed allow device to move smoothly along rope upward or in the arrow mark direction but clamp to rope when pulled in the opposite direction.

  • ✔ Weight: 240g / 8.47oz
  • ✔ Certification(s) : CE 1019 EN567
  • ✔ Max load:4kN / 899 lbs
  • ✔ Handle cover:Rubber
  • ✔ Cam / pivot: Stainless steel
  • ✔ Main body:Aluminum Alloy
  • ✔ Color: Blue -Right Hand & Orange – Left Hand

Features about NewDoar Hand Ascender


climbing hand ascenderclimbing hand ascender

climbing ascenderclimbing ascender

Solid Safety Catch

The safety catch has spring inside and allows operators to easily use it with a thumb. It ensure to quickly install and remove rope effortless.

Sharp Teeth

Due to material’s great property, cam can handle most situation and service for long. Large teeth also works well even in icy or wet condition.

Great Grip Handle

The rubber handle offers great grip and protects hand from getting hurt. The rubber has features of abrasion resistance and wet skid resistance.

chest ascender for climbing

stop descender for climbing

climbing pulleys

climbing descender

climbing pulley


4KN Chest Ascender

Stop Descender

Static Climbing Rope

40kN Rescue Descender

30KN Climbing Pulley

35 KN 8 Belay/Rappel Device
CE&EN CE 2008 & EN 567 CE 1019 & EN 341 CE1019 & EN12278 CE 1282 & EN 341 CE 0123 CE&EN: CE 1282 & EN 341
Max Load 4KN 1.5KN 25KN 40KN 30KN 35 KN
Rope 8-13mm 9-12mm 33-66-98FT —– <15mm —–

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December 15, 2018

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#1 in Climbing Ascenders

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10 reviews for NewDoar Hand Ascender Rock Climbing Tree Arborist Rappelling Gear Equipment Rope Clamp for 8~12MM Rope

  1. Justin Beasley

    Are use this device for when I’m hunting out of a tree climber or tree stand. I have a 15 foot section of rope that I keep with me so that if the stand or climber fails and I fall from the tree im secured to the safety strap with the rope already deployed down. I can then use this to bite on the rope to assist me down the rope via a cam or prison rope. It allows to pull up and release pressure of cam or prusik as you move them down

  2. Garrett

    Very light but sturdy ascender that anyone can afford. I hung a foot loop through the large bottom hole of mine to get a leg up and save energy. I’m using it with 12mm rope and don’t have any issues at all with it slipping or damaging rope. Don’t trust it as your primary life support, but I definitely keep mine on the line as a handhold in case things go south. I wish this company would make a copy of the two-handed petzl butterfly-shaped ascender!

  3. Charles Hugh

    I bought some professional static climbing rope for safe traversal of a steep two story roof and needed an ascender. The top line domestic offerings were pricey and I only need for occasional use so this fit the bill. Don’t know how it would hold up for a true climber but I see no issue with the overall quality for a reasonable price. Thanks China!

  4. Shawn Mahaney

    Lifesaver literally.Bought this as a backup to a flip-line spur kit. it has held when it had to.Doesn’t descend smoothly without completely disengaging it, but that’s not what it’s meant for.

  5. carefulresearcher

    I find this ascender easy to use, and fun as well! It works pretty much as I remember them working in my teen years ( just a few design changes). I learned to rappel at 14 years old, and am just getting back into it at 50, but have found this unit to work pretty well. Has minor flaws, but I can work through those.Thanks for making a great product!!

  6. Morning star

    Used it as part of fall protection equipment in DIY roof work. I bought a pair (this one and the blue one), thinking I would use both together for additional safety. I haven’t tried using both yet. Using one with one anchor point feel secure enough for now.But I am glad to have both in hand. The two can be hooked together in opposite direction to haul a tall ladder to vertical position with a rope passing through one of the top ladder rungs.

  7. Bill

    Okay, I’m not that big. Only about 220lbs. Also, disclaimer, I don’t know anything about climbing – yet. However, I did watch a couple of YouTube videos to learn how to use this. I looped my climbing rope over a tall branch, put on my gear, and started using the ascender. I didn’t ascend much yet, but it definitely can hold my weight and all the gear (plus the occasional 9 year old child who thinks you’re playing some kind of game and climbs up you). I’ll update my review as I get more experienced at climbing, but for a beginner with no training or exposure to the sport at all I was able to start using it after reading the instructions and watching a video.

  8. katy

    Works great.I also bought the harness

  9. Amazon Customer

    love it, bought both left and right. . I climb trees for my tree service and this is a must have tool. I don’t have to spend to much energy getting up where i’m going. these are my first ascenders and super happy in the field

  10. Leonard Griffin

    Works and performs as listed. I added a small cord and key chain caribiner to the safety release ( the small hole in the safety release) to make it easier to release from rope. It gives me something to grab instead of using my fingers.

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