Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch and Remote Kit for Wall & Ceiling Lights, P-PKG1W-WH, White

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Hub is required for it to be compatible with Alexa

Works with Alexa to support dimming through voice control (Smart Bridge required, Alexa device and Smart Bridge sold separately)

Replaces an existing switch and installs in 3 steps in as little as 15 minutes; Ideal dimmer for all homes, as it does not require a neutral wire

Can control up to 17 bulbs per circuit (based on 8.5 W LED bulbs, 60W incandescent equivalent)

Tested and recommended for use with over 1,000 bulbs (for recommended LEDs, please see “Technical Specification”)

Works with up to 150W dimmable LED/CFL or 600W incandescent/halogen bulbs; Not rated for low voltage applications (i.e. track or landscape lighting)

Use included Pico remote to run lights on/off or raise/lower to adjust brightness from anywhere around your home

For use in multi-location applications, replace existing switch with included Pico remote and wall plate brack (PICO-WBX-ADAPT, sold separately)

Works with your voice assistant or smart phone via the free Lutron app for iOS and Android (Smart Bridge required)

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Smart Bridge L-BDG2-WH

Smart Dimmer Switch PD-6WCL

Smart On/Off Switch PD-6ANS

Smart Plug-In Lamp Dimmer PD-3PCL-WH

Pico Remote Control PJ2-3BRL

Serena Smart Shades


Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge and FREE app for iOS or Android

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch for Wall & Ceiling Lights

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting On/Off Switch for Lights & Fans

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer

Lutron Pico Remote Control for Dimming with Favorite Setting

Serena Smart Shades by Lutron – Custom Automated Window Blinds


For mobile device control, scheduling lights, integration with other smart devices and more

Turns on, off, dims or brightens lights. Perfect for kitchen, foyer or family room

On/Off control of lights or fans. Perfect for outdoor or garage lighting, ceiling fans and bathroom exhaust fans

Turns on, off, dims or brightens table or floor lamps. Perfect for family room, nursery, bedrooms

Attach to any wall surface (fits within standard decora wallplate) or mount to a tabletop pedestal (L-PED1)

Raise, lower, and set to your favorite shade level using a Pico remote, the Lutron app, or your preferred voice assistant (smart bridge required)


Plug into power source and connect to router

Replace existing switch in 3 steps – NO neutral wire required

Replace existing switch in 3 steps – NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED

Plugs in to standard outlet. Plug in up to 2 lamps per dimmer

Easy pairing to multiple Caseta dimmers – just press and hold buttons

Attach bracket inside, on, or outside window mount and attach shade to bracket

Control Capability

Supports up to 75 Lutron devices: Caseta dimmers, switches, Serena shades or Pico remotes

150W dimmable LED/CFL or 600W INC/HAL; not rated for low voltage applications (i.e. track or landscape lighting)

6A Lighting, 3.6A general purpose fans

Up to 100W dimmable LED/CFL or 300W INC/HAL

Each Pico remote can control up to 10 Caseta dimmers

Voice Control

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)



Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Black

Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Black


Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Black

Available in Shell and White



Part Number


Item Weight

‎8 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2 x 5.94 x 6.75 inches

Item model number



‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





‎Dimmer Switch and Remote


‎1 Volts


‎600 watts

Item Package Quantity


Switch Type


Mounting Type


Included Components

‎(1) Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch, (1) Coordinating Wallplate and (1) Pico remote

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Metal





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#14,813 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)#47 in Dimmer Switches

Date First Available

April 8, 2014

9 reviews for Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch and Remote Kit for Wall & Ceiling Lights, P-PKG1W-WH, White

  1. clayton gibson

    Ok, I can’t say enough good about this product, or the company itself. I am using my man cave to test-pilot some home automation before moving the concepts out to the rest of the house. The Lutron Caseta systems have come up in just about every conversation I’ve had with people who have done similar things in their homes. Let me tell you my story.I have basically built my own room in my house for a home theater/man cave… Floor to ceiling, wiring and cabling, etc… I got some dimmable LED recessed lights from Lowe’s fully expecting to put in some type of Lutron dimmer switch in there at some point. When these lights worked on a standard flip-style switch, they worked fine. However, when I put a dimmer switch on, the lights would never turn off fully. I tried a few different brands and models of dimmer switches before trying the Lutron Caseta. When I first installed the caseta switch, I was disappointed to see that this too would not turn my lights off completely. They would dim to a really low level, but never to completely off. I poked around online, found forum thread after forum thread discussing adjusting low-end trim, and all those things, nothing worked for me. Now, I am not one to rely too heavily on manufacturer customer service for things like this. It’s been my experience that most manufacturers really don’t care about supporting their products after purchase. So, I reach out to customer service as a last resort. But, I have to say, Lutron Customer Case has been nothing short of absolutely perfect to work with so far.1) I didn’t have to wait in a ridiculously long queue or wade through an endless sea of button prompts to talk to a human being. That was huge for me.2) Once I DID get a human being on the phone, I felt like they actually cared about my problem.So, I explained to the guy what was going on, and he bounced a few questions off me. The next part is what floored me though. After we had troubleshot the Lutron device, and ensured IT wasn’t faulty, he THEN began to walk me through some things on my lights. Yes, they were dimmable LEDs, and yes they were compatible with the Caseta wireless dimmer. But, he said after perusing the LIGHT MANFUCACTURER’S information regarding my model of lights, he learned that this particular model needs to have a minimum of 6 lights on a circuit to fully dim, and I only had 3 on that circuit. So, I was bummed, I had just put a new ceiling in this room, and had planned it around having three lights, and 6 speakers in the ceiling. I didn’t want to have to reconfigure everything. So, I asked if I was just screwed. The customer support rep said “Not exactly. We have a small device (LUT-MLC) we have tested and had great success with in similar instances. We have NOT tested on this particular brand or model of lights, but on other similar models from other brands, and this has worked. The device simulates an additional load on the circuit, allowing the dimmer switches to fully turn the lights off”. He asked for my address and a few days later (at no extra charge) I had one of these devices. I installed it, as per the instructions given to me by Lutron support, and voila, works like a champ…Fast forward to a couple months later. I’d made some changes to t he room, and needed to move the switch from the old wall to a new wall I had built to expand the room. Upon reinstalling the switch, apparently I’d crossed some lines somewhere and blew the switch and the LUT-MLC device. I bought a new Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer switch, and contacted their support again, via email, to find out where I could buy a new LUT-MLC. I was unable to find them for sale anywhere except ebay, which had a few for ~$40-$60. Keep in mind, I never once asked them to send me anything for free, I simply wanted to buy my own replacement. I got an email back within 4 hours stating they had shipped me a new LUT-MLC. I got it 3 days later, installed it, and everything has worked perfectly since.I honestly have not had such a positive interaction with another company like this in my entire life. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars. They have gone out of their way to support me as a customer, and for that I will keep their products in my home as long as they keep making them.

  2. g3gene

    I usually use my laptop in bed, and to reduce eyestrain, I like to keep the overhead lights on. I could put the laptop away easy enough, but having to get out of bed to get to the light switch and then find my way back in the dark was something I wanted to fix. Those who are not feeling well or who suffer from muscle pains can also appreciate the convenience.From reading the reviews Caseta package was my best answer. The dimmer, coverplate, and remote all in one box. I live in an old place where the light switch has a just one hot wire and this model is the right one for that. The install was simple, and the faceplate leaves no exposed metal parts. The remote needs to be paired with the dimmer first, but once that is done, it’s ready to go.I keep the remote on the adhesive backed mount attached to my bed stand when I’m not using it. I can unclip it and take it anywhere. Now that I know I can pair an extra remote, I bought a spare. $15. A “Bridge” is not anything I need, the remote is sufficient. I use two 15W (75W equivalent) dimmable led bulbs on the overhead lights.So thanks to other buyer and seller answers here, I found exactly what I needed. I’ve made many purchases on Amazon, but this is one of my most outstanding ones.

  3. BKextra

    I have tried several other smart lighting systems, including smart light bulbs (Philips Hue, Lifx) as well as smart switches (WeMo, TP-Link, etc.), but the Lutron Caseta system is the best system because of its versatility and integration with Alexa, Google, Apple, etc.Below are my reasons for being a big fan of the Lutron Caseta System:BIG SAVINGS by Using Smart Switches Instead of Smart BulbsI prefer installing smart switches over using smart light bulbs like Philips Hue because of the cost over time. While the Hue bulb is fantastic, it is also extremely costly when you have to pay for every single light bulb. With a smart switch system like Lutron, you only pay for the switch that controls all the light bulbs. I have 10 overhead lights in my kitchen alone. That would cost me almost $500 if I installed Philips Hue or Lifx Bulbs. By using the Lutron Caseta Switch, I was able to “Smart-ify” my kitchen lights for only 10% of the cost of what it would have been had I used Philips Hue Smart Bulbs!EASY INSTALLATIONI am not handy in any way, but I was easily able to follow the instructions through the Lutron Caseta app to install the switches. I have installed more than a dozen switches (without getting zapped once!)NO NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED – bigger benefit than most considerWe had an electrician come to fix some wiring issues in our house. When he saw our Lutron system, he commented how most electricians prefer this smart lighting system to most because older homes often don’t have neutral wires and since the Lutron Caseta doesn’t require neutral wires to operate, the system is easiest to install without any hassles in adding neutral wiring.INTEGRATION and EASE OF USEOur home uses Alexa as its primary system to integrate all of our smart home equipment and appliances. Lutron switches integrate seamlessly with Alexa and it’s really easy to set up. Additionally, we have a lot of guests stay with us (non-tech savvy grandparents) and it’s easy to use for them without knowing how to use Alexa because the switches work traditionally too. Not all smart switches can be used as traditional switches too so it helps that Lutron switches can be used traditionally too.

  4. RB601

    Replaced the existing wall switch in 10 minutes, paired the wall switch and remote, and it worked like a charm. We have it controlling 10 PAR 20 spotlights, and it goes to full brightness to maximum dimness to total off. The top button on each brings the lights up, with a slight fade in, to full brightness, the bottom switch does the opposite. The two middle buttons control the dimming function. The small round button on the remote allows you to set a “favorite” brightness which you can access by pushing it. Pairing is simple. Press the bottom button on the wall switch for six seconds until the lights blink, and press the bottom button on the remote until the room lights go on and off three times. That’s it. Very simple.

  5. A. Moore

    I’ve used these dimmers and remotes to replace previous power line protocol dimmers that had failed for various reasons. Lutron has a great reputation and I’ve used other dimmer products of their for years with solid reliability – so hoping and expecting these will be equally reliable. They have a good quality feel and good looks. They function reliably every time in all operating modes (remote range is at least 30 feet – through walls).Paired with the (expensive) screw-less Claro wall plates these look especially good. Electrically these are 2 wire dimmers, but there are also available Caseta 3 wire dimmers and ELV/Magnetic dimmers that can drive other loads. These basic 2 wire dimmers aren’t compatible with all LED’s – but Lutron at least DOES publish a list of compatible lights. I had some LED bulbs that didn’t work with this dimmer but did work well with the caseta 3-wire dimmer (about $20 more). The Pico remotes work well to create 2 way (or more) switching options, either used as a pure handheld remote, a replacement for a 2 way switch in an existing switch box or a new location mounted to a bare wall (no wiring). For the last 2 cases there is a mounting bracket for about $7. This is a truly great idea and Lutron also makes scene controllers compatible with these dimmers. A separately available home hub controller allows local & internet access by phone/tablet to observe lighting status and remotely control lights including setting up scheduled events – great for when you are away.

  6. M. Pataky

    I installed 30+ of these switches during a recent remodel. I’m extremely happy with them. At first had a small issue because I couldn’t update the light bridge, and that took a couple of customer service calls. Turns out the bridge I had was over 1yr old and for some reason there was no way to update it. They sent me a new one and problem solved. These switches, unlike a lot of home automation out there are actually ready for prime time. They work flawlessly, are easy to set up, and have endless customization. For those of you considering a similar move, and raking your heads about which LED lights works with them, just buy one and try it out, because I was told by Nora that their recessed fixtures tend to flicker when used with Caseta, but I’ve had no such problem. If you get some small issue these can also be addressed by adjusting the high/low dimmer settings (look for video on youtube. These lights are at the best nexus of price and function. I highly recommend them. Also Lutron customer service is amazing in general, and have helped me on several occasions with several other questions.

  7. Daniel T. Egnor

    I’ve tried a lot of “smart” home automation products and honestly Lutron’s Caseta light of lighting controllers is maybe the only one that I actually like using and installing.It *just works*, everything is high quality, the controllers can be installed on the wall or on nice pedestals, the dimming is smooth, the whole thing just feels like luxury instead of like some fiddly broken techno gadget. It’s instantaneous and the range is impressive (they SAY 30 feet but it works flawlessly over hundreds of feet for me).This particular kit includes an in-wall dimmer (no neutral wire required!!) and a remote. I highly recommend their bridge (if you don’t already have one), hook it up to your router and you can use app control (or integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc). I also highly recommend a pedestal for the remote, if you’re not wall mounting it — it makes it easy to keep track of and use in place.

  8. Linwood

    The Caseta line is very nice, I now have them throughout the house controlled by Home Assistant. Their proprietary network is highly reliable, I have not had it miss a status or change yet. The “nano” remote is very handy particularly for putting in a 3-way switch (no wiring needed), and particularly for installing a switch where you do not want to cut a hole in the wall (tile, etc.), as it can surface mount and look like a real switch. This particular dimmer requires no neutral, which is really handy. It has a drawback in that it cannot be reprogrammed as a switch (i.e. non-dimming), and does not work at all with florescent loads and even some low quality LED’s. Caseta has a separate switch (does require a neutral) for those cases. These are pricey, but really reliable, and from a long term brand, unlike so much smart home stuff now.

  9. Susi

    We already have one of those, which works great and reliable. This one we got to for a three way switch situation, where we are moving the location of switch. If you can follow instruction for the install (my husband did not and was really to through it out), you should have no problem getting it to work. However if you plan to operate this with LED lights make sure to check if they are compatible. The edison type LEDs most likely won’t work. We only find one type by accident that would work, but wasn’t on the list for compatibility with this switch.We are planning on using this in conjunction with wink and I’ll update to include my experience with that.Update: We have several of those smart dimmer switches now for more then a year and are very happy with it and the integration with wink, which does not required a lutron hub. This is a very reliable system and easy to install. It also works great with google home. In combination with the wink hub and google home we use this everyday to have google turn on lights, turn them off automatically and while on vacation wink made it look like we are home.For comparison, we also have hue light bulbs and CRE connected bulbs. Both of which won’t connect with wink or need updates all the time and worst of all after a power failure hue defaults to turning the light on, which is not what you want in your kids room in the middle of the night.Updated 12/13/19: After having Lutron Caseta dimmer switches for a couple of years now, I can attest to their reliability and functionality. While hue and other smart home devices routinely will need rebooting, updating or resetting something, we only once had to trim the dimming again and integration and automation with wink and google works flawlessly. Very conveniently we added a couple of remotes and programmed them to turn off the entire first floor or several lights. This is useful, when leaving the house and save a little more.I recommend this:- for someone trying out smart home tech, because even if you end up not liking your smart home tech overall your switches will work just fine for years to come without it.- for moving switches or adding switches especially in difficult locations for a wired application- for dimmer for LED fixtures, note I recommend using CREE and checking compliance. You won’t have to deal with buzzing compared to the competitors and can trim the dimming to adjust to what you need.- for non WIFI applications. If you don’t have wifi or you don’t want lights /switches ect to be on your wifi network for security reasons or because it will slow down your wifi, these will work well and even without a hub you can enjoy some of the remote capabilities.- for vacation homes, because this system is just so reliable. Power outage, no problem the switch remembers last setting and does not default to on.- smart home loves: these dimmers are fast, don’t use up bandwidth on your wifi, very reliable, the company has been around for a long time and really knows what they are doing with regards to lighting controls. I oversaw commissioning of their commercial applications a couple of times.I recommend this to everyone looking to make their lighting smart. It costs more than the competition, but you’ll be happy and no need to replace it in 10 years. It also does install in 15 minutes for a one way switch installation.

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