Lutron Caseta Wireless Single-Pole/3-Way Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit | P-PKG1P-WH-R | White

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PEACE OF MIND: Set lights to automatically adjust with changing seasons so your family always comes back to a well-lit home; Use Smart Away to randomly turn your lights on/off to look like you’re home when you’re away (smart bridge, L-BDG2-WH, required)

MOST CONNECTED: Caseta connects with more leading smart home devices – including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Serena shades and Sonos – than any other smart lighting control brand (smart bridge required)

CONTROL YOUR WAY: Caseta puts the smarts in the switch so you can control your lights your way – the free app, your voice, or from the wall. Schedule lights to change at set times, or activate lighting scenes with the touch of a button (bridge required)

GET MORE, SPEND LESS: 1 Caseta smart switch can control many bulbs at once; Make many bulbs smart, even your existing bulbs; Get smart control of multiple styles of dimmable LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs

SMART CONTROL OF PLUGIN LAMPS: Simply plugs into a standard outlet and can be used with up to 2 floor or table lamps

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: Use the included wireless Pico remote to turn your lights on, off or dim and brighten with the touch of a button from anywhere in the home

EASY 3-WAY SETUP: Create a 3-way by mounting the Pico to almost any wall surface without cutting holes or pulling wire, with a Pico bracket (PICO-WBX-ADAPT sold separately). Replace existing 3-way switches by mounting the bracket and Pico over the backbox

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Works with up to 100Watts of dimmable LED light bulbs/CFL light bulbsor 300Watt incandescent/halogen bulbs; Not rated for low voltage applications (i.e track or landscape lighting)

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Lutron, Caseta, wireless remote, pico remote control

Lutron, Caseta wireless, Pico, pedestal, accessory

Smart Bridge L-BDG2-WH

Smart Plug-In Lamp Dimmer PD-3PCL-WH

Smart Dimmer Switch PD-6WCL

Smart On/Off Switch PD-6ANS

Pico Remote Control PJ2-3BRL

Pedestal for Pico remote L-PED1


Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge and FREE app for iOS or Android

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch for Wall & Ceiling Lights

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting On/Off Switch for Lights & Fans

Lutron Pico Remote Control for Dimming with Favorite Setting

Lutron tabletop pedestals for Pico remote control


For mobile device control, scheduling lights, integration with other smart devices and more

Turns on, off, dims or brightens table or floor lamps. Perfect for family room, nursery, bedrooms

Turns on, off, dims or brightens lights. Perfect for kitchen, foyer or family room

On/Off control of lights or fans. Perfect for outdoor or garage lighting, ceiling fans and bathroom exhaust fans

1-touch dimming control from anywhere around the home. Attach to any wall surface or mount to a tabletop pedestal

Weighted, anti-slip base anchors pedestal and conveniently angles Pico remotes for tabletop use


Plug into power source and connect to router

Plugs in to standard outlet. Plug in up to 2 lamps per dimmer

Replace existing switch in 3 steps – NO neutral wire required

Replace existing switch in 3 steps – NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED

Easy pairing to multiple Caseta dimmers – just press and hold buttons

Set on tabletop, slide Pico remote onto pedestal

Control Capability

Supports up to 75 Lutron devices: Caseta dimmers, switches, Serena shades or Pico remotes

Up to 100W dimmable LED/CFL or 300W INC/HAL

150W dimmable LED/CFL or 600W Inc/HAL

6A Lighting, 3.6A general purpose fans

Each Pico remote can control up to 10 Caseta dimmers

Models available to hold one (L-PED1), two (L-PED2) or three (L-PED3) Pico remotes

Voice Control

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)




Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Black

Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Black

Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond, Black

Available in white, black



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Item Weight

‎1.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2 x 5.94 x 6.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





‎Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit




‎120 Volts


‎300 watts

Item Package Quantity


Switch Type


Mounting Type

‎Wall Mount

Included Components

‎(1) Caseta smart lamp dimmer and (1) Wireless Pico remote

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Metal





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Date First Available

April 8, 2014

9 reviews for Lutron Caseta Wireless Single-Pole/3-Way Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer and Remote Kit | P-PKG1P-WH-R | White

  1. Daniel T. Egnor

    I’ve tried a lot of “smart” home automation products and honestly Lutron’s Caseta light of lighting controllers is maybe the only one that I actually like using and installing.It *just works*, everything is high quality, the controllers can be installed on the wall or on nice pedestals, the dimming is smooth, the whole thing just feels like luxury instead of like some fiddly broken techno gadget. It’s instantaneous and the range is impressive (they SAY 30 feet but it works flawlessly over hundreds of feet for me).This particular kit includes a plug-in dimmer and a remote. This only works for plug-in lights (and it’s only two-prong), not other appliances. (You wouldn’t want to “dim” a toaster, anyway.) There are on/off/up/down controls on the plug adapter as well as on the remote. It’s perfect for floor lamps, table lamps, etc.I highly recommend their bridge (if you don’t already have one), hook it up to your router and you can use app control (or integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc). I also highly recommend a pedestal for the remote, if you’re not wall mounting it — it makes it easy to keep track of and use in place.

  2. PipeFighter

    Everyone who owns an older Lava Lamp knows that you can’t leave them on too long or the lava starts breaking up from getting too hot. This dimmer is the solution for us. We have a Lava Lamp sitting on a shelf in one of our rooms. There’s a wall plug within eight inches of it so I shortened the cord accordingly. Purchased this as it was the only dimmer, that I could find, that was a module that plugged directly into a wall plug and not only had dimmer function but separate on and off switch. After several days of making adjustments of how bright the bulb should be I finally found the sweet spot where I can leave the lava light on for days and maintain a nice gentle lava flow without having to worry about the lava getting too hot. The dimmer also works with an optional remote control for those of you who wish to use it with other fixtures. None of the Big Box stores, where I normally like to shop, carried this or even knew of its existence.

  3. Yul Ullu

    I just installed this device yesterday. It replaced a non-wireless dimmer with a slider bar that constantly had my LED bulbs flickering at the lower setting. In defense of the old dimmer, I bought it about 25 years ago and it wasn’t made for LEDs.What I like about the Lutron: Easy installation, I no longer have a bunch of cables managing my dimmer, it is compatible with my LEDs (no flickering), the way it gradually lights or dims when switching on or off and the great option of having a center-button on the remote, which is a one-touch, fixed-dim-setting which I use for the morning, and the full blast lighting for the evening that is activated by the on switch on the top of the remote. Oh, I almost forgot, having this operated by the remote is wonderful.What could be better: Not much to improve. Maybe the remote could be a little bit bigger, not for ease of use, but because remotes have a way of getting lost in my living room and a larger remote would be easier to locate.I didn’t have to make the any adjustments to the Lutron for my LEDs, like the video suggests. It worked perfectly out of the box. I would definitely purchase this item again.

  4. James Smith

    I’ve always been a fan of Lutron. Their products are designed and built to a commercial grade standard. Since the Lutron Caseta system did not come out until well after the Philips Hue system I started with Hue. I will say unless you care about making your home a small disco studio with changing colors, the Caseta setup is far superior in regards to being1) More cost effective, $50 per light instead of $25+ per bulb. This presents immediate cost savings for fixtures that use multiple bulbs (ie Chandelier lights)2) The light output is far superior compared to Hue as you can chose whatever wattage LED bulbs you want.3) The Caseta system doesn’t turn all your lights on in the event of a power outage.4) The Pico remote is great for guests and when you don’t have your phone nearby…just don’t loose it lolSo overall I can say I’m a fan of the Caseta equipment. My only qualm is if you have a large house make sure you buy their extender or lamp dimmer to expand your coverage. The Hue is superior in this regard as the bulbs all form a mesh network within your home.

  5. Christopher Robinson

    I just can’t stop buying these Lutron Caseta Smart Lamp Dimmers. I simply touch my phone screen or watch screen to turn on/off, or dim… and through the Lutron Caseta home network brain (not included) all each unit does what I “dialed in” on my device. Each unit has two lamp plugs and the on/off dimming setting is applied to both of those plugged in lamps equally (one setting, not two settings per unit).Every now and then, I use the voice command on my smart devices to control the lights, and that works. There’s a special way of speaking to get what you want from that method.The only downside of these is that for anyone not controlling the wireless unit’s settings by smartphone/watch will need to make those settings on the unit itself, which has nice control buttons, but might be plugged into the wall in a low wall plate or behind objects. There might be a remote control unit that I don’t know about yet. But either way, adjusting the lights can become challenging for anyone who doesn’t know to do it on the unit or do it on a smart device (or do it on a special remote).And of course, I’d rather the retail price for this to be 30% less, but I’ve found that this wireless dimmer is currently the best available. Clear to say, I’m perfectly happy with these dimmers: I’ve bought several already… and wanting more.

  6. PhotoGraphics

    This isn’t the best choice of an outlet mounted dimmable on/off power switch. It is the only choice. Sure there are a few no name brand switches that can be operated with a handheld remote control and there are an increasing number of outlet switches can be operated using an app or even with your Alexa device, but there is nothing I could find anywhere that is a brand name dimmable switch that you can simply plug something in to, walk up to it and turn it on and off and dim it up and down just as if it was a wired wall switch. Nothing. That alone makes it worth its weight in gold. And to cut right to the chase it works and it does exactly what I expected it to do.WHYTo detail that, in my case the need was for me to install a track light above the kitchen counter space I use most often for food prep. When they built the house they put lights over the sink and over the stove and over the center of the kitchen floor but they left one long countertop entirely without its own lighting. Installing the track light was easy as shown in my pic, it is in exactly the right place and I use Philips Bight White LED 50 watt bulbs in three track light fixtures with frosted side flutes. The lighting is perfect but when I’m not actually working at the counter it sure would be nice to be able to dim the down a little.The problem is that unless I wanted to pay a lot to have an electrician wire a permanent wall switch in, the best way to power these lights is to simply plug them in to an outlet right above the counter. There are some simple power switches that you can get at the local fixit store that can turn a light on and off but I wanted to do that plus be able to dim them. The Caseta switch could not be more perfectly designed. Without the need for remote controls or apps or anything complicated any family member can simply tap the on or off buttons or touch the up or down dimmer buttons. There is a second outlet available on the switch that I am considering to use to plug in a task light over the stove for added convenience.This switch would be perfect just the way it is and no matter where I looked it was the same price everywhere. I chose to opt for this kit that includes a wireless remote control because of a special deal one day and I’m glad I did. Now if someone leaves the kitchen task light on accidentally I can turn it off from the next room without having to get up. That to me is convenient, if not entirely necessary.IS A HUB NECESSARYThere is one important thing that needs to be cleared up about the product description and that is that no, it is not necessary to buy an expensive hub to use these switch as I described above. It works perfectly out of the box as a stand alone product or with the remote control without any additional accessories. You need a hub ONLY if you want to control the switch with an app or by using Alexa or a similar device. Okay, I use those personal assistants every day for a lot of reasons but I think it overcomplicates the function of a simple outlet switch to have to use an app just to turn something on and off. I think the whole idea of requiring a hub for any of these devices will be obsolete in a year or two for three reasons – they are overpriced, there is no compatible standard between them, and they require plugging them in to an Ethernet port on a router, which as the world goes wireless is becoming a dinosaur relic. My house doesn’t even have an accessible Ethernet port these days and it won’t be long before most houses don’t.WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE WALL DIMMERThe wall dimmer is close to perfect in design. You simply plug it into an outlet, plug your light into it and you’re done – no apps or programming or learning complicated commands. There are four push buttons that you can actually feel move. Two of them are white and two of them are dark gray. The top white button turns the light on and the bottom dark gray button turns it off. When power the light instead of it just popping on or off the brightness fades softly up or down. The middle two buttons are actually a split diagonal with the upper white part increasing the brightness and the bottom dark gray part dimming the light.WHAT THEY COULD IMPROVE ABOUT THE WALL DIMMERThe first thing that seems obvious that I would recommend is that the white on button should glow softly so it is easy to find in the dark. The second thing is that there should be memory function so you can have the light turn on to a preset level if you choose. And the third thing is that the design makes you use your bottom outlet on your wall plug, which means when you press any button the whole device rocks up and down a little. Yes you could plug it in to the top outlet but if you do then you lose the use of the bottom outlet on your wall plug. By plugging it in to the bottom outlet if you have something else plugged in above it the cord drapes down right in front of the push buttons on the Caseta. I solved that by plugging in a Hug-A-Plug adapter which routes the cord off to the side and also gives me back an extra unswitched outlet.WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE REMOTE CONTROLRemember I didn’t really need a remote control, but as long as it was included I like that the buttons replicate the function of the wall plug almost exactly but as a bonus they include a fifth little round button that memorizes your favorite light brightness and lets you turn the power on to that exact level.WHAT THEY COULD IMPROVE ABOUT THE REMOTE CONTROLIf you own an Apple TV you know how customers feel about the slim remote control, fifty percent of the time you will grab it upside-down and either nothing will happen or you push the wrong button. Lutron makes the same mistake here, unless you look very closely at the remote you have a one in two chance that you will be holding it upside-down. The other mistake, which should be so obvious, is that they make the remote all one shade of white instead of following the excellent theme of using white buttons for on and dark gray buttons for dim or off. What were they thinking.

  7. K A Fitzgerald

    Contrary to the reviews written in 2014, this is now an Apple HomeKit Certified connected home product *IF* paired with the Lutron Smart Bridge (version 2)!I purchased this item a few weeks ago, and thus far it has exceeded expectations.Here is a list of pros and cons that I have experienced.PRO: *Can be controlled with 4 Physical Buttons on Dimmer, Connected App, and 5 Button Remote * 300 watt Incandescent/Halogen Load or 150 watt LED load * Quite reliable, quick/responsive. * Smooth Dimming for entire range on LED, Incandescent, and Halogen * Impressive RF Wireless Range * No Neutral Wire required * Includes RF Pico Remote with memory that can be tied to other Caseta products as well. * Can be linked to sync with other Caseta products * Easy Setup * Secure Encryption if used with iOS devices and the Lutron Bridge * Solid Build Quality from a trusted name in lighting * Completely Silent does not hum, buzz, click, or otherwise emit any audible sound. * Can be controlled via remote or physical control panel if hub is not present/unavailable (you will just lack the capacity to control via a smart phone/tablet app) * If using version 2 Bridge – Apple HomeKit Certified meaning you can use Siri on your iOS device to control all or individual light’s power status and their brightness. NICE!!CON: * Uses Lutron’s Proprietary “Clear Connect” wireless control protocol * Power failure results in outlets set to Full OFF not returning to previous state * No Memory Button on Plug’s control panel, just on Pico RemoteThere are a few limitations to the dimmer, however I feel that benefits outweigh the shortcomings. I do recommend this system to anyone that already has a Smart Bridge from Lutron or an otherwise compatible hub from another companyThanks for taking the time to read my review!If it was helpful, please click the “Yes” option at the top.If not, I welcome comments and concerns.

  8. M. J. Mccaffrey

    This dimmer/remote combo has helped us solve several lighting problems in our relatively small house.The Caseta plug-in lamp dimmer is a cousin to the  Lutron PD-6WCL-WH Caseta Wireless 600-watt Single Pole In-Wall Dimmer . Its internal programming and controls are the same, but it is housed in a plastic case that features two, two-blade polarized outlets. The dimmer can take the bottom plug of a standard duplex outlet (presuming it is installed with grounding slot down). The other physical difference between the lamp dimmer and the wall switch is that the former has a single LED indicator instead of the seven LEDs on the wall switch. Grey plastics for the “lower” and “off” buttons are a nice cosmetic touch.The Pico remote has the same controls and single LED indicator as the lamp dimmer, and adds a domed center button to implement a “favorite lighting level” feature. This remote has a long-life lithium button cell. Lutron says the battery will last for 10 years of ordinary use, and it is easily accessible for replacement. There is a wide slot on the back with a removable cover. This allows the Pico remote to be mounted on accessories that include pedestal stands (single or double) and a wall plate adapter. I think it’s essential that you choose one of these mounting options, as the remote on its own is so small that it is easily misplaced.The huge improvement that Caseta features over earlier Lutron electronic dimmers is that it can be “trimmed” by the customer to match different lighting loads. For example, a  Maestro eco-dim 600 Watt Single-Pole Multi-Location Dimmer  can control incandescent or halogen bulbs. But you need one special version of the Maestro to handle compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, and others exist to control low-voltage magnetic ballast bulbs and low-voltage electronic ballast bulbs. The Caseta dimmer doesn’t solve this problem completely, but it should handle any dimmable 120VAC lighting load. As another reviewer noted, it’s a good idea to check the Lutron site for approved bulbs, but that’s a large and growing list.As for the main problem that this dimmer solved: We have two floor lamps placed in barely-accessible corners of our entertainment room. Turning them on and off was previously a long reach, and of course they did not dim. A fireplace separates the two, so putting them on a single circuit was not an easy way out for us.We added a pair of Caseta dimmers, one at each corner. One nice feature of the Pico remote is that it can control more than one dimmer. So, we “paired” both dimmers to a single Pico remote, which is mounted in a wall plate. We also added LED dimmable bulbs to the floor lamps. The lamps now operate in tandem, and can be set at any brightness level we choose.We own three other Caseta lamp dimmer/Pico remote sets, which are being used to control lamps on three buffet units. Since the outlet is otherwise inaccessible behind each of these large pieces of furniture, this has added enormous convenience and an element of “mood lighting” in the rooms where they are located.I found programming easy and intuitive, and the only irritating aspect for me is that the “favorite” button is ONLY on the Pico remote. It doesn’t matter as much in this application, but it still seems like a huge oversight that I wish Lutron would address.I recommend these dimmers highly.

  9. S. Davis

    It’s pricey, but it works. (requires the hub).This has been what’s been missing from the lineup of HomeKit devices. I have a lot of specialty lighting that I don’t want to ditch and I don’t want to replace all the physical plugs in the house because they are used for other things than lighting.This little baby finally lets me run an extension cord to a cool lame and then integrate it into my HomeKit lighting. You don’t need to use the app after setting up the hub and devices (which was very easy) so I’m not even going to bother with the app. The lights show up under HOME and IDEVICES and you can schedule them and set scenes from there.As I said, it’s pricey, but it opens up a lot of new possibilities and brings the HomeKit ecosystem a bit closer to being the professional product it deserves to be.As a side note, I had the X-10 system 30 years ago and while it wasn’t completely reliable like today’s technology, it was a lot more versatile, until this plug in dimmer.

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