Lutron Caseta Deluxe Smart Dimmer Switch (2 Count) Kit | Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant | P-BDG-PKG2W-A | White

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PEACE OF MIND: Set lights to automatically adjust with changing seasons so your family always comes back to a well-lit home; you can also enable the Smart Away feature to randomly turn your lights on and off to look like you’re home even if you’re away.

MOST CONNECTED: Caseta connects with more leading smart home devices – including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Serena shades and Sonos – than any other smart lighting control brand

CONTROL YOUR WAY: Caseta puts the smarts in the switch so you can control your lights a variety of ways – via the free Lutron app, your voice, or from the wall. You can create personalized schedules to turn on, off, or dim lights at set times to best fit your everyday routines, or activate favorite lighting scenes with the touch of a button

RELIABLY SMART: The smart bridge doesn’t use Wi-Fi, so you get super-fast, ultra-reliable smart lighting that works right, without slowing your Wi-Fi down with more devices

SET IT AND FORGET IT: Always keep your smart light functionality. Even when the Wi-Fi goes down, there’s no need to reset your schedules and scenes or reconnect everything when it comes back online

GET MORE, SPEND LESS: One Caseta smart switch can control many bulbs at once; make many bulbs smart, even your existing bulbs get smart control of multiple styles of dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs

WORKS WITH EXISTING WIRING: Unlike other smart dimmer switches, Caseta works in any home, of any age, as it does not require a neutral wire

EASY 3-WAY SETUP: With the included Pico remote control, create a 3-way by mounting the Pico to almost any wall surface without cutting holes or pulling wire. You can also replace existing 3-way switches by mounting the Pico over the back box; wall plate bracket, PICO-WBX-ADAPT, required for mounting Pico and sold separately

Includes: (2) Caseta smart dimmer switches, (2) Pico wireless remotes, (2) wallplates, and (1) Lutron smart bridge

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From the manufacturer

Hub, Bridge, Caseta, Smart Bridge

Caseta In-wall Dimmer

Lutron, Serena Shades, Smart Shades, Automated Blinds, Custom Shades, Smart Shades, Lutron Shades

Smart Bridge L-BDG2-WH

Dimmer Switch PD-6WCL

On/Off Switch PD-6ANS

Plug-In Lamp Dimmer PD-3PCL-WH

Pico Remote Control PJ2-3BRL

Serena Smart Shades


Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge and FREE app for iOS and Android

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch for Wall & Ceiling Lights

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting On/Off Switch for Lights & Fans

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Lamp Dimmer

Lutron Pico Remote Control for Dimming with Favorite Button

Serena Smart Shades by Lutron – Custom Automated Window Blinds


For mobile device contol, scheduling lights, integration with other smart devices and more

Turns on, off, dims and brightens lights. Perfect for kitchen, foyer or family room

On/Off control of lights or fans. Perfect for outdoor or garage lighting, ceiling fans and bathroom exhaust fans

Turns on, off, dims and bridghtens table or floor lamps. Perfect for family room, nursery or bedroom

Attach to any wall surface (fits within a standard decora wallplate) or mount to a tabletop pedestal (L-PED1)

Raise, lower, and set to your favorite shade level using a Pico remote, the Lutron app, or your preferred voice assistant (smart bridge required)


Plug into power source and connect to router

Replace existing switch in 3 steps – NO neutral wire required

Replace existing switch in 3 steps – NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED

Plugs in to standard outlet. Plug in up to 2 lamps per dimmer

Easy pairing to multiple Caseta dimmers – just press and hold buttons

Attach bracket inside, on, or outside window mount and attach shade to bracket

Control Capability

Supports up to 75 Lutron devices: Caseta dimmers, switches, Serena shades or Pico remotes

Up to 150 W dimmable LED/CFL or 600W INC/HAL; not rated for low voltage applications (i.e. track or landscape lighting)

6 A Lighting, 3.6A general purpose fans

Up to 100W dimmable LED/CFL or 300W INC/HAL

Each Pico remote can control up to 10 Caseta dimmers

Voice Control

Alexa, Google and Siri

Alexa, Google and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google and Siri (Smart Bridge required)

Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (Smart Bridge required)



Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond and Black

Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond and Black


Available in White, Ivory, Light Almond and Black

Available in Shell and White

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‎0.01 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.8 x 2.8 x 1.2 inches

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‎1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer





‎Dimmer Deluxe Kit




‎600 watts

Item Package Quantity


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Mounting Type

‎Surface Mount

Switch Style

‎Push Button Switch

Included Components

‎(1) Smart Bridge, (2) In-wall Dimmers, (2) Wallplates, and (2) Pico Remotes

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Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Metal





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#2,876 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement)#14 in Dimmer Switches

Date First Available

November 1, 2016

10 reviews for Lutron Caseta Deluxe Smart Dimmer Switch (2 Count) Kit | Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant | P-BDG-PKG2W-A | White

  1. Buster

    These are awesome.1. The dimmer switches don’t need a neutral wire, so they’re super easy to install.2. Instructions for replacing 3 way switches are clear and easy to follow.3. They work when grandma comes over because they still work without needed an app.4. They work when the internet is down, because it’s all kept local.5. They even work when your whole network is down because the intelligences is pushed down to devices (even the pico remotes talk directly to the switches when the hub is down).6. They’re very reliable. They, just work.I also have their ceiling fan controls and non dimming switches. Those ones do require a neutral wire, but most new homes have those capped off in the back of the switch box anyway. The switches are great for controlling vent fans (can’t use dimmers on fans, so their switches are great for that. Their ceiling fan controls work great on basic pull-chain fans to give you the remote control and integration with all your home automation.I also have several of their lamp dimmer modules and they’re great to pair up with room lights on a dimmer to be able control lamps, ceiling fan lights and general overhead lighting and create “scenes” for different lighting needs.This is the second home of mine that I’ve used Lutron Caseta for the lighting automation.Unless you have some huge mansion, this is really all the setup you really need to automate lighting.

  2. Ryan

    Basically, this is IT. If you’re like me, and you’ve got a home that was built in the early 2000 era, some of your switches may not have a white neutral wire. THIS IS WHERE LUTRON COMES IN.You see, they’ve got a smart switch that requires no neutral. I also purchased the kit, that comes with the bridge that enables Alexa integration, it also comes with a remote you can pair and stick anywhere to use to control that same switch on the wall. It’s wonderful.Expensive? Yes. Guess what? If you want nice things, you’ve gotta pay for the good stuff. And when you get this item and it’s set up, you’re good to go. I downloaded the app and set up my scheduling for my front door porch light. I set it up for when I want it to turn on and off, and it’s lovely.Dont’ bother getting other lesser-known company switches that purport to use no neutral. It won’t work. Trust me, I tried. GE sold a GE smart switch, and it caused nothing but headaches for me. Not that there’s something wrong with the company as a whole, but that switch, which said works with NO NEUTRAL, didn’t work. Lutron did.Get it, set it up, and forget about it. Control it from your phone or the remote, or set up a schedule so you never have to worry about forgetting to turn the porch light on if you’re home late.

  3. V.R. Thurman

    My husband installed these throughout our home and synced them with Alexa as a birthday gift to me. I’m the wife that comes home and turns on every light in the house and then walks out. Now, rather than having to run around hitting 17 light switches before leaving again (or uh, just being a terrible person who leaves them on), I just very smugly yell “Alexa turn off all lights!” and saunter on out. It’s been seven months and it still hasn’t gotten old. Alexa will also control the dimming settings and such. The future is now, folks. I feel like a Jetson.According to the hubby you should get smart switches, not smart bulbs, because they’re more reliable and can’t burn out. I can’t promise you he’s right but we’ve had exactly zero problems with these switches so far.

  4. L. McNerney

    I use a few of these around the house, and I plan to expand the use of them. These work great for a smart home setup, and I use the Amazon Echo to control the lights. However, these are not perfect….they are just closer to perfect than any other option I have seen. So I will make a Pro’s and Con’s list, and then explain a bit of why I prefer them over other brands.Pro’s:Easy installReplaces existing switchesWorks with Amazon EchoClean flat appearance (adjustable)Optional remote (I do not use)Works with nearly all light fixture stylesYou only need a single IP addressCon’s:You need a dimmable lightDoes not dim LED the same way it does other lightsExpensiveRequires use of Lutron AppNow, lets start with the install. This is simple, just shut off the power, remove the old switch, and connect this one to the existing ground, positive, and negative (and the pos & neg are not in any specific order!). They even include the screws and plastic wire caps, so it is twist on and screw it in. No tape (although you SHOULD use it!). So since you are replacing the existing light switch you do not need to do anything else, no wire runs and no electrical box install.So now we move to working with Alexa, or the Amazon Echo device. I don’t call mine Alexa, because my daughters name is Alexis. So everytime we talk to her the other her responds….whichever her we were talking to. I use Amazon. But it is nice, just say “amazon turn off the bedroom light” and get a quick “ok” and boom, darkness. It makes us lazy. Or rather, it stops the “It’s your turn to get the light” arguments with my wife, and makes it easier to take care of the baby at 2 am without getting out of bed. But here is the catch, Amazon can only pull the information from the Lutron App. You CANNOT use ONLY Amazon Echo to set it up! You cannot even rename the device. So you are forced to use the Lutron app to set up all the home devices, and name them properly so they are usable with Amazon Echo. Once your entire setup is done you are free to uninstall the app. Although to be fair the Lutron app is pretty good in itself. But this leads to another concern here, if you use the device as part of a smart home you absolutely MUST purchase the Lutron hub….in this case I used Casetta, but since I do not use the PICO remotes I am unlikely to cross the 50 device limit. This is another $150 ish, but it is worth it.Why would a $150 hub for controlling light switches be worth it? Well, if you are like me and are setting up a real smart home, you probably have a lot of other tech stuff in the house. A smart thermostat for example, or maybe even a server or two, a cloud device, and a firewall. For those of us tech geeks who have all of this, but do not want to pay for t-he expensive licenses, we use a free version of whatever we are using. In some cases for the firewalls you are limited on your number of devices. So, if I was going to connect 50 light switches in my house I would use up all of my devices….just to create a smart home. This is not worth it. However, Lutron made it easier, that little hub takes an IP address and that is it. All other switches connect to the hub, not using an IP address that would be counted as a device on the firewall. You have no idea how hard I looked for this particular feature! With all my kids tablets, the computers, phones, servers and cloud….not to mention the other smart home devices….I am already near my limit. This keeps me under it.That covers almost all of the real issues. But the not so real issue that people forget about is that not all lights are made equal, ESPECIALLY with the older filament style bulbs being illegal to produce now. A dimmer on these bulbs worked every time, without any changes needed. But this is not the case anymore, the new light bulbs are required to be dimmable. If they are not you get little flashes in your light bulb while it is off….all….night…..long.Get a dimmable one and this problem goes away, however the LED lights do not dim well. You get off, 75%, 100%. Nothing lower then that….so dimming is not really possible here. However, I got the dimmer because it is cheaper than the regular switch, and who knows….I might find a good bulb that dims properly.

  5. David S.

    I ordered these to dip my toe into home automation. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of bulbs and have them wear out after a few years. My kitchen had three switches, and my breakfast area had one. I shorted out two of the switches for the kitchen and replaced them with pico remotes mounted in the switch slots. I put the real switches next to each other and set them up. The installation was pretty straightforward if you can use a screwdriver and wirenuts.Once I confirmed that the installation did work and the lights turned on and off, I set up HomeKit by plugging the Lutron hub into my router and used the Lutron app on iOS to add the switches and remotes, then tested using Apple’s Home app. It works flawlessly! I can control the lights from home or at work.I did have to replace two older LED bulbs that buzzed when the dimmer was set less than 50%. I just moved them elsewhere in the house and pulled out some newer bulbs for those spots.Overall I am very happy with the results.

  6. Chris

    I got 2 of these kits. They were $119 each and I just went for it.I put 3 of them on 3-way circuits, 1 on a single pole. They just have you take all the wires on the second location (except neutral and ground) and wire nut them together. Then you install the pico switch over where the second switch used to be. This is nice because smart switches are huge and can be a pain to fit into a box, especially if you have a lot of extra wire or other smart switches installed in the same box.For the single pole switch, it was nice to have the ability to add the second switch. We wanted another switch for the dining room but it wouldn’t have made sense to have someone come out and wire it (too costly). This pic was simple and cost effective.The app is good as well. Not perfect, but you can control lights without issues and there are some scenes that are nice.I use Philips warm dim bulbs with the switch. I had installed Feit LED retrofit prior to installing the switches, but they turned out to not work well and I swapped the light kits back in and got the Philips.Only complaint is there aren’t Pico mounts included in the kit, so expect to fork out $4-$5 extra per mount.

  7. Laura K.

    Got this because we kept accidently forgetting to turn lights on in the house for our pup and our main area is open with no spot for a floor lamp on a timer, as I’ve used before. Our main area is just overhead lights and we have old wiring so no c-wire. While this is pricier than other switches it’s cheaper than an electrician and repairing ceilings and walls. I didn’t really need the second switch but we have another bank of overhead lights in the living room so figure i could always use it there and it was cheaper to buy this kit regardless. SO GLAD I DID!It installed like a dream, my husband leaves these things to me, I’m handi-mom, and he was amazed at how fast I installed it. Harder part was getting the hub recognized. This needs direct plug in to the router only headache. We have smart bulbs with a hub that only needs power. It integrated perfectly with Alexa.My fave feature? Being able to set it to turn on xx min before sunset! Our house can get dark so I had to fiddle with it but found the perfect setting. I dont need to keep adjusting the “on” time as sunset changes! Unlike my smart bulbs. I might see if Lutron has smart bulbs or plugs to get all lights on this system one day. Once in a while when it dims or turns on only 1 light turns on but that happened with our old switch too. Which was an analog lutron switch made for LEDs so it was the correct switch. Very happy and loved the lower price of the package.

  8. Leslie Dicken

    I’ve tried 2 other brands of home automation dimmers. Neither of them worked for my situation. One was the X10 switches. Those never worked at all. Then I tried Leviton’s solution but that required a neutral wire and I don’t have one everywhere. This is a very easy installation. We have multiple 3 and 4 way switches. Instead of having to worry about having a neutral wire, this solution simply ties off the other light switches and replaces it with a remote. It is so simple.I was concerned about the distance limitation from the hub to the light switches. We have a 3,500 sqft . I have had no issues at all with the distance. I’ve called their technical support a couple of times to get help with the wiring and understand if the solution will work in my home because of the distance. The people on the phone were very patient and helpful.I’ve integrated the switches with my Echo dot and Echo and it works! Be aware that if you want to group a bunch of lights to turn on and off with a name that is similar to the names pre-programmed, you will need to create a group on the Alexa website. For example, I have 4 switches in my kitchen. I created a group called Kitchen Lights. Then I can tell Alexa to turn on the Kitchen Lights. I also used it with Apple’s Home. It also worked pretty well. I’ve also integrated it with the Logitech Harmony remote. That also works pretty well.My wife is happy that the outside lights are on when we come home using the sunset feature. I like that I can have all of the lights that I want turned on automatically when I come home.Also, you should be aware that if you plan to install remotes on the wall, you have to buy a separate wall adapter. These cost about $7. This seems pretty expensive for a cheap piece of plastic. I don’t know why they don’t include those in the product when you are already paying $60 for a dimmer.Be aware that the RA product line does not work with the Caseta system. If you have a really large house, you may need the RA2 system to reach all of the locations. I suggest trying out the Caseta system in the furthest distance from the hub to make sure it will work in your situation.I just wish that they had a solution for my ceiling fans and lights. I haven’t found a good solution that integrated with the Lutron and Echo systems. For now, I just used the Caseta switches for the lights and a traditional 3 way fan switch for the fans.

  9. Brendan McDowell

    Have had this system in place for over 6 months now. Ended up replacing every switch in the house (20) with a combination of their Caseta wireless smart light/fan and dimmer switches. I integrated this system with my ADT SmartThings system (activate lights when certain sensors are tripped) as well as Google Home (for voice control) and Logitech Harmony (for remote control). You can even use Google Home or SmartThings to create different scenes for different times and scenarios around and outside the house.

  10. Reggie

    I did a lot of research when deciding on a smart dimmer switch option. I ended up choosing lutron because it uses the bridge and won’t clog up our Wi-Fi. We don’t have any kind of general smart bridge to use the z-wave or zigsbee other types of smart options. The bridge is tiny and unobtrusive, but does need to connect to an ethernet port. The dimmers work perfectly, and connect to Alexa seamlessly, which was the most important part to me. We have it set up so our lights come on automatically based on certain conditions and can all be turned off with 1 command, so we rarely use the actual switches. They work perfectly for our needs.A few caveats/responses to other reviews that initially made me hesitant:Buzzing – when dimmed, we could hear a very faint buzzing from the lights in our kitchen when we had a few panels of our drop ceiling down. Once the drop ceiling was replaced this was no longer noticeable. If you have literally any other noise in your house, like a refrigerator, the buzzing pretty much can’t be heard.No ‘last setting’ button – this is 100% the biggest downside to these. The actual hardwired switches only have on/off and increase /decrease buttons. If you walk into a dark room and want to turn the lights on your options are 1) turn them on 100% or 2)slowly increase them from 0 to whatever you want by repeatedly tapping the dim up button. The remotes this set comes with do have a button in the middle that will turn the lights up to whatever you last had them set at, so I have no idea why they didn’t include that on the actual switch. We created a 2-way with a switch and remote bracket and mostly use the remote ‘switch’ when needed, which is rare. We specifically bought these to use with phones and Alexa so this is a minor issue for us that we were willing to overlook. However, if you plan on mostly using the switch it’s probably worth considering getting the more expensive switch version that comes with the button in the middle. For us, the extra money wasn’t worth it. Alternatively, if you plan on mostly using the wall switch it may not be worth getting smart switches at all, to be honest.Installation – we had these installed by professionals as part of a larger electrical overhaul so I can’t speak to the ease of installation. I did not have any issues connecting them to my phone once I set up the bridge though.Overall, if you want a smart switch because you plan on mostly using your phone, timers, or a virtual assistant to control your lights these are perfect. Especially if you plan on installing a number of them, since they come with the bridge to use instead of Wi-Fi. If you plan on mostly using the wall switch itself, or if you only plan to install 1 or 2 smart devices in your house, the design and cost of these might not be worth it – smart bulbs or another product are probably better options in that scenerio.

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