KISCHERS Reusable Half Facepiece and Anti-Fog Safety Goggle Set Against Dust/Organic Vapors/Smells/Fumes/Sawdust/Asbestos Suitable for Painting,Staining,Car Spraying,Sanding &Cutting

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About this item Silicone + PVC plastic SUPERIOR QUALITY : Made of premium silica gel, the half facepieceis non-toxic, soft, comfortable, durable, safe and healthy. It will effectively eliminate any hint of organic chemical vapor or fumes once wearing DOUBLE PROTECTION: KISCHERS’s professional half facepiece use a dual filtration system to effectively block 97% of organic vapors/gases, fumes, pollen, dust and other particles in the air. It is the ideal protection device for you at work WIDE APPLICATION : The half facepiece can block multiple hazardous substances ,work areas with chemicals, glass, metal, paint, agriculture, formaldehyde and other irritating vapors/gas. Protective against dust particles in mechanical work such as welding, sawing, grinding, graffiti etc INCLUDES: 1x half facepiece, 1x safety goggles, 2x replaceable filter boxes, 8x cotton filters, 2x caps.

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Product Description

Suitable for all occasionsSuitable for all occasions

Suitable for all occasions

(1) Demolition work

(2) Polishing work

(3) Grinding work

(4) Sawing work

(5) Laboratory work

(6) Renovation project

(7) Auto mechanic

(8) Metal cutting and welding

  • It is suitable for the production of cement plants, ceramic plants, stone processing, wood processing, metal smelting, interior design, graffiti paint, wall art, powder processing and other fields.

detail detail

Flow ValveFlow Valve

Elastic SiliconeElastic Silicone

Soft Face CoverSoft Face Cover

Protective GlassesProtective Glasses

Flow Valve

The left and right sides rotate in opposite directions, the left side rotates upwards and the right side rotates downwards; the direction of installation of the two filter boxes is different.

Elastic Silicone

Elastic silicone is made of food-grade silicone material, which will not make you feel uncomfortable, breathe smoothly, and help to dissipate heat and moisture. Wear it to preventinhalation of toxic gases or particles.

Soft Face Cover

With the flexible cover, the cover fits perfectly to any face shape.Adjust the wearing angle until you feel comfortable and sealed.

The cold flow exhalation valve has a large opening range, which makes breathing smoother, reducing heat and moisture accumulation inside the mask, and keeping the air fresh

Protective Glasses

– Protective goggles can protect your eyes from harm, and prevent micro-particle dust, chemicals and liquids in the air from splashing into your eyes during work.

Four layers of professional protectionFour layers of professional protection

Package ContentsPackage Contents

Package Contents:

1 x Face cover

1 xSafety Glasses

2 x earplugs

2 x Filter box

2 x Caps

8 x Cotton

Four layers of professional protection

1.PP Non-Woven Fabrics

2.Low Resisttance Dustproof Cotton

3.High Electrostatic Filter Cotton

4.Filter Layer

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7.95 x 5.71 x 5.16 inches; 1.19 Pounds

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November 12, 2019

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#27 in Reusable Respirators

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2,979 ratings

9 reviews for KISCHERS Reusable Half Facepiece and Anti-Fog Safety Goggle Set Against Dust/Organic Vapors/Smells/Fumes/Sawdust/Asbestos Suitable for Painting,Staining,Car Spraying,Sanding &Cutting

  1. David Arcos

    This mask save my life. Best $40 bucks I ever used

  2. JustFlo

    Wow, this respirator is great. My husband is very happy with everything from the no-fog lens to the fact that it comes with extra filters. “Cats meow” I believe were his exact words….really.

  3. R. Kernisant

    I bought this to when I was doing a automotive paint project in my garage. I started out with a tiny N95 mask then decided to get proper protection. I was considering the 3M brand but got tired of trying to understand all the different models. This one was a much better value, made it a simpler to decide, and included the goggles.They are super comfortable where I can wear it without feeling my breathing restricted and the goggles cover my glasses perfectly. I didn’t think it made a difference until I took them off after I was done painting and smelled how strong the fumes were but nothing came through with the mask on.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I usually do not give 5 stars to products as most could improve somehow but this one is a 5 star. Very comfortable and VERY functional. I have gotten into woodturning ala lathe, chainsaw, grinder, oscillating tools, etc. In other words, I have started working with a LOT of dust! I find that this product has saved my lungs an incredible amount of effort and problems. How do I know? The first time I used it during shaping one stump I was stunned how must crud was on the outside of the filter! Without this mask I would have breathed in a lot of that crud without knowing it. I’d give this product AND other ones like it a 10 out of 10 recommendation to use in a dust environment. Save your lungs, get something like this. I would recommend this particular product since I can attest to its comfort and functionality. Well done!

  5. Ainariel Miriel

    Very comfortable, I’m a 28yr old woman with a rather large head lol and it still has enough slack to adjust to make it fit perfectly. The pads for the filter were a bit tough to put on-mainly because I was afraid of breaking it. But once I got past it I was about to pop them in fairly easily. I use these for 3D printing/cleaning (I use a fair amount of bleach) and don’t smell anything.

  6. Karma68

    I do various projects with resin and to avoid the fumes and subsequent headaches I started using these. So far I’ve used it for at least 10 projects and haven’t had to change out the filter. I can also make my own filter to fit, if I don’t want to buy refills. I don’t become short of breath in these either. I’ve tried the N95 masks and still end up with a headache but I have no side effects when I use this filter.

  7. R. A. Miller

    I’m not really using this in its intended way. I have an immobile family member and a very, very strong gag reflex. The mask allows me to go about the cleaning of this person without having to run out of the room gagging, and has made the situation much easier to handle. Sure, I look like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom, but that’s a small price when doing what I’m doing.

  8. Batman

    Great value buy. The filters work great for concrete dust/grinding. Haven’t used it for anything else yet, but will be when I start installing my epoxy flooring. Only complaint is the pain I get on the bridge of my nose after long use. I was able to get this to mostly go away by wearing a bandaid to provide a little padding between my nose and the mask (no seal issues from the mask with bandaid fix so far). Also, the plastic attachments for behind the neck are flimsy and broke after a few days of use. Probably a good idea to get a large safety pin as a backup replacement for this likely high fail design flaw.

  9. Amber B.Amber B.

    Easy to figure out and goggles fit so well with it. I wore this to remove drywall with black mold and to clean off mild spots of mold on other parts of house. I could breathe well in it. It was comfortable for the first few hours but then the bridge of my nose became very sore. I used this mask for nearly 3 days straight and it left the bridge of my nose with a red mark and sensitivity that felt like a bruise. Took about a week or longer for it to heal. Periodically the goggles would fog up. Easy fix is to spit in them, rub saliva around then give a quick rinse. Any scuba diver knows this trick. Overall, i would have preferred not to wear anything but it was necessary for my health.

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