KERYE Japanese Pull Saw 9.5 Inch, Hand Dovetail Saw with Double Edges of 10/17 TPI and Replaceable Blade, Ryoba Flush Cut Saw, Sharp and Light Woodworking Tools for Men and Women-KY01

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Your best choice for Mother’s Day gift. 【 Larger Working Area 】 Compared with 6 Inch saw, 9.5 inch pull saw enables larger working area for more working possibilities. Meanwhile, 9.5 inch saw saves at least 50% force than 6 inch in principles of Physics; 【 Sturdy Durable Material 】 We have blade made from SK5 high carbon steel, which is known for its hardness and wear-resistant; and we have handle made from beech and rattan, which is light and ergonomic for time and force saving; 【 3-Sided Grinding Teeth 】 As woodworking professional knows, saw with 3-sided grinding teeth is sharper and wear-resistant and thus has a longer life span. Besides, the denser side teeth are quenched to be harder; 【 2-in-1 Pull Saw 】 This bi-lateral saw has two sides with teeth, one with teeth of 10 TPI( rougher side) and the other, 17 TPI(denser side). The rougher side is more suitable for rip cut ( quick and less detailed cut ); the denser side is more suitable for cross cut ( comparatively slower and more detailed cut); 【 Reliable After Sale 】 We have 24 months after-sale support and 100% problem-solving service.
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Item Weight

‎4.8 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎24 x 3.2 x 0.02 inches

Item model number





‎Japanese Double Edged Pull Saw


‎SK5 Steel and Beech Wood

Power Source

‎Hand Powered

Item Package Quantity


Blade Length

‎9.5 Inches


‎Pull saw with double edges for detailed woodworking and DIY

Included Components

‎1* Saw blade; 1* Handle; 1* Wrench; 1* Fixing Clamp; 1* User Manual

Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎24 Months Warrenty





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#11,962 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) #13 in Handsaws

Date First Available

March 31, 2021

10 reviews for KERYE Japanese Pull Saw 9.5 Inch, Hand Dovetail Saw with Double Edges of 10/17 TPI and Replaceable Blade, Ryoba Flush Cut Saw, Sharp and Light Woodworking Tools for Men and Women-KY01

  1. DataJanitor

    Okay, so I’ve used a lot of different “western” saws, but I have never ventured into Japanese style saws. I kept seeing YouTube videos singing the praises of these “pull saws,” so I thought that I would give it a try and chose this one from Amazon because it seemed low in price and had good reviews.I must say, for the price, it is everything that it promises to be. It is sharp, comes with a blade guard on each side, it assembles easily and is comfortable to use. I’m a little older, so I’m not going to squat down on a low bench or use those short sawhorses that sit inches above the ground, which makes the long handle a little less useful to me. I still find it comfortable to use on a high bench, though I’m probably choking up on the handle more than I should. I should point out that this is really a two-handed kind of tool. I’ve seen some videos where craftsmen go at it with just one hand; I don’t think it can be controlled very well that way. I may be wrong.The blade is nice and wide, which helps make the cuts straight, assuming you get them started straight. On my western saw I usually began with a couple of pull strokes, guiding the blade with my left thumb. Then, held the board with my left hand while I pushed to cut. So, I tried a similar approach with this saw, except beginning with a push. This works best if you use very light pressure. Then once the cut is started, you’re probably going to want both hands on the handle, so you need to have the board well clamped or secured on the short sawhorses with your weight, use your favorite method.The only weird thing comes with a long cut (a rip cut for example) where the teeth on the back of the blade start to enter the cut that you made (kerf). The cross-cut teeth have a wider “set” (resulting in a wider kerf), so the longer you can avoid having them enter the cut, the better. The length of the blade comes into play here; the longer the blade, the more freedom you have to change the angle of attack. I think this particular saw will suit my needs, because if I’m doing a really long cut, I’m opting for a power tool.My Western saws have a much wider kerf. I suppose the blade needs to be wider so that it is stiff enough to cut on the “push” stroke without folding. That’s a good argument for using this saw, that narrower kerf means less waste and (IMHO) leads to a smoother cut. Of course, my KERYE saw is new and sharp, the smoothness of the cut may change with use.Overall, I am very pleased with the quality, accuracy and ergonomic features of this saw and look forward to becoming more skilled in its use.

  2. Ran R.

    I needed a new hand saw and turned to an old friend of several decades. He is a Professional Engineer, one of this nation’s most outstanding Mechanical Engineers, a private pilot, an avid fisherman (both fresh water AND deep sea) and a woodworking aficionado. All of his advice and suggestions have been immeasurably valuable over these many years. For my choice of saw, he recommended this 9.5 Inch KERYE Japanese Pull Saw.I had never heard of such a saw, so he acquainted me with it. I ordered it and received it 3 days later, and I immediately put it to use.I found the pull saw a somewhat different experience than a “push saw” with which I have been acquainted since childhood. I found the adaptation to be easy and quick. The double edge with different tooth-pitch was something I thought was very creative and practical.My first use was a pleasure to be sure. I was using a miter box and found the cut to be precise and repetitive. Because of the double edge with the different pitched teeth, this saw can do rip cuts AND cross cuts. The blade was sufficiently firm to allow me to exert my force during the pull movement – NOT during the push movement.I also learned from my friend that it is a good idea to protect all such tools from rust. Too often I have seen saws and other such tools in a shop where the tool had not been used in a while, and they developed rust. He suggested that I use 000 or 0000 steel wool on the metal of my new saw to remove anything on the blade’s surface and follow up with a non-silicone wax.Note:There are a number of silicone-free waxes to be found. A couple of suggestions from my friend are paste wax made by SC Johnson or Finishing Paste made by Minwax. Always verify any product you choose as silicone-free.He has done so for many years and has no rust issues. (BTW, there is a good reason for using wax without silicone. Transferring silicone from your tool to your workpiece can cause finishing issues with your workpiece. Google it and you can confirm the advice from my friend.)I can recommend this tool quite highly, and I consider myself very fortunate to have such great guidance from someone so knowledgeable. You too can gain this knowledge from him through this posting.I hope this helps someone.

  3. Barby4321Barby4321

    Great, affordable saw to have on hand as a homeowner. We have used it a few times and it performs impressively well.My husband bought it to trim an uneven rail on a cabinet face and it also Worked well to flush cut some dowels for my sons bunkbed that was falling apart. Provides accurate and clean cuts. easily and comfortably.Impressively sharp with a sturdy handle.You wouldn’t be able to saw down a cherry tree with it but for precision cuts on both hard and soft woods it is quite acceptable and a good value.Assembly was easy took about 3 minutes.

  4. anetprophetanetprophet

    As a boatbuilder, luthier, and woodworker, I am always looking for new tools to make my jobs and projects turn out better and make the work easier! If you are reading this, you probably know about these saws. I have owned a couple of dozen over the years of different sizes etc. This one is a great all around saw and is an essential size for my boatbuilding. This particular one is even better quality than some of the Japanese pull saws that cost three and four times as much. REALLY well built and expect to get a lot of use out of it! Nice tight kerf and cuts straight as an arrow!I’m going to order a second one as a backup just in case they are not available in the future!

  5. Jeff Blessing

    After watching a video by Rex Krueger about Japanese saws, then seeing a similar video by Wood by Wright, I thought I should give them a try. I actually bought two, so my kids could use one while I was working with one. Now, Im still learning about handtools and how to use them, so my workmanship isn’t the greatest. But that being said, these saws are GREAT. After getting a cut started, they zip through the wood very quickly. One just has to be rather careful with them andtry to keep to the lines; they don’t readjust nearly as easily as American push saws do. But I knew that going in. I’ve had a few really good cuts and a few not so good, but that’s ME and not the saw. My first project is, appropriately enough, a pair of Japanese saw horses for being able to make more items with these type of saws.I’ve seen some really pricey Japanese saws with this style handle and was very pleasantly surprised to find these…most I’ve seen with this price have shorter handles. I’m looking forward to getting my kids involved with woodwork, and these saws are a welcome addition to my growing toolset.

  6. Phillip S.

    This Japanese saw is worth every penny. It’s perfect for every precise cuts and is quicker than a traditional hand saw. The handle is comfortable to use and durable. As an added bonus, you can buy replacement blades if they ever get dull on you. I’ve had mine for a few months already and have not seen any of the blades start to get dull yet. I would recommend this product to anybody.As a side note, Kerye is offering me a $20 gift card in exchange for reviewing their product. This has not influenced my 5-star review in the slightest. This is a 5-star saw whether I get a million dollars for reviewing it or nothing at all.

  7. J. Anderson

    I bought this pull saw to improve my woodwork. After watching several videos on how to make better wood joints and looking at a bunch of different saws, I choose this Kerye Japanese saw. I like that it has different tooth counts on each side as it allows fast cutting and more detailed cutting. I liked that this saw was has a little longer blade on it. I have only used it a few timesand have been impressed with the saw. The only negative I have is that I was unable to tighten the handle tone blade and it wobbles slightly. The shipping and delivery was very quick. Overall I still believe it rates 5 stars.

  8. S. M.

    I have never owned a Japanese pull saw until I bought this one. Now I wish I had bought it 50 years ago !! What a saw! I am having to cut door jambs/trim to fit new tile flooring. This is a perfect tool for accurate and difficult cutting in small spaces. But I have discovered the satisfaction of making accurate cuts with ease using this manual tool. It is perfect for superior carpentry where perfection is noticed. This saw is very affordable, easy and comfortable to grip. The blade can be replaced or easily removed for storage or cleaning if desired. I have not tested to see if it is rust prove. The manufacturer says it is. It is a high quality instrument. I am happy with this purchase and recommend this saw.

  9. MitchMitch

    Every woodworker on Youtube uses these saws. This one is not expensive, so I figured it was worth a try. I’m a power tool guy but I’ve run into a few situations where this would have come in handy. On my very first test cut, I started it a bit off square and it maintained the exact same angle all the way thru the 2″ cut. Resulting in a very thin perfect little wedge. The handle’s grippy-ness is not the greatest. It’s wrapped in a plastic spline which is pretty slick. I guess it’s supposed to be like rattan; it’s not. I’ll probably wrap it with some grip tape to improve it. The girth of the handle is about right. All and all I like it!

  10. Will-Review4UWill-Review4U

    The media could not be loaded.  Reason for the purchase?Wanted to replace my Kobalt pull saw with a newer and sharper blade. I have always chosen and selected Japanese pull type saws for woodworking with older elementary or middle school aged students. The pull method handles with more control and does not jump around or skip on the piece like those large carpenters saws.Tools included?Yes – L shaped wrench and a dual sided fixing clamp for the slotted screw nut.Tools required?No additional tools required.Number of persons to assemble?1 – I was able to assemble this pull saw by myself. This saw can only be assembled by one person.Time required?2 minutes maxExtra components?No extra components were included with this setAssembly steps worth mentioning:The two sided fixing clamp uses the long flat side for the screw bolt on the handle. The two slot side is used the screw nut that is located on the blade.The diagrams in the instructions are detailed but tiny for my fifty year plus eyes so I suggest to pay attention to the hole depths on the top of the handle. The screw nut is inserted into the deeper hole.Additional or Optional steps:I made sure to insert the blade into the handle with the screw in the blade as the same side of the handle with the shallow depth hole. This does not impact use of the saw but I wanted the screws and screw nuts to be on the same side for matching and appearance factor.Noteworthy Features and Functions:The handle is wood that is wrapped with tightly wound thick plastic cording. The cording is glued to the handle and provides a great hand grip for all hand sizes. This handle does not require a hole with leather strap since there is a large hole located at the top of the blade for hanging on a pegboard after use.

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