GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock for Table Saw, Router Table, Jointer, and Band Saw by MICROJIG

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GR-200 Features Include: 3-Directional Force for total control of the workpiece and virtually eliminate kickback Moving-Blade-Guard Hand protection.Cutting Range (Table Saws):1/4 to 5 inch Precise 1/4″ thin rips Stabilizes for cutting bevel rips, resawing, irregular-shaped stock, dowels, dados and more Made in the USA. A true MICROJIG Innovation.:
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GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock

Three Directions of ControlThree Directions of Control

Green GripGreen Grip

Superior SafetySuperior Safety

Three Directions Of Force Gives You Superior Precision, Control And Safety.

1. Downward – Virtually eliminates kickback.

2. Inward – Keeps stock firmly against the fence.

3. Forward – Controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts.

Unbelievable Gripping Power with Green-GRIP

Green-GRIP is the proprietary non-slip material that gives you superior gripping power over workpieces and materials such as oak, cherry, walnut, ebony, pine, poplar, maple, plastics, and aluminum. Treaded grooves provide increased traction on the workpiece even with sawdust.

With the included Adjustable Spacer, you’ll get 54% more gripping area for your biggest projects (compared to the GRR-RIPPER GR-100). Easily cleaned with denatured or rubbing alcohol. No other push block’s grip comes close.

Superior Safety

The GRR-RIPPER is engineered to be a Moving-Blade-Guard shielding your hand throughout the cut. It’s unique design creates a Saw-Blade-Tunnel for the table saw blade to pass through while your hands are safe from contact.

Downward pressure prevents the workpiece from lifting off the table saw top or kicking back. Inward Pressure guides the workpiece along the fence substantially reducing burn and improving cut quality.

The included Stabilizing Plate keeps the stock against the fence without binding, and also provide 250% more stabilizing surface area (when compared to the GRR-RIPPER GR-100). More control gives you safer, smoother, and smarter cuts.

Freehand routingFreehand routing

Versatility – Table Saws, Bandsaws, Router Tables, Jointers, and More.

The GRR-RIPPER is engineered for maximum control over your workpiece when freehand routing on your router table. The powerful hold keeps you in control of the workpiece. The Balance Support and Stabilizing Plate stabilize the work material for precision handling and detailed cuts. All the while, your hands are protected by the GRR-RIPPER.

Rip long stockRip long stock

Versatility – Table Saws, Bandsaws, Router Tables, Jointers, and More.

Rip long stock and significantly reduce burn on the table saw by using two GRR-RIPPERs with the hand-over-hand leapfrog technique. Virtually eliminate the need for stop-and-go feeding that results in unwanted burn marks on your stock. Rip from 16-inches to over 8-feet boards with two GRR-RIPPERs keeping both hands protected and guiding the stock smoothly along the fence.

Veneers on bandsawVeneers on bandsaw

Versatility – Table Saws, Bandsaws, Router Tables, Jointers, and More.

Cut straighter and safer veneers and resaws on the bandsaw with the GRR-RIPPER in a vertical position. Keeping even pressure on the cut from top to bottom and beginning to end prevents bandsaw drift. Use the Stabilizing Plate to handle your larger work material and stabilize your cut.

Face jointingFace jointing

Versatility – Table Saws, Bandsaws, Router Tables, Jointers, and More.

For proper and safe face jointing, you need technique and reliable heavy-duty holding power. Strengthen your operation with our Green-GRIP non-slip material.

Freehand routingFreehand routing

Freehand routing

Rip long stockRip long stock

Rip long stock

Veneers on bandsawVeneers on bandsaw

Veneers on bandsaw

Face jointingFace jointing

Face jointing

GR-200 ADVANCED PushblockGR-200 ADVANCED Pushblock

GRR-RIPPER GR-200: Handle, Main Body, 3 Legs with Green GRR-RIP, Balance Support, Stabilizing Plate, Adjustable Spacer, and Hardware.



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‎2.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎8 x 5.5 x 4.65 inches

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‎1 Pack







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Special Features

‎Cut ultra thin rips, stabilize for odd shaped material, built to last


‎Safe Wood Cutting

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Warranty Description

‎Extended 3-Year Warranty from Authorized Resellers





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#20,704 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) #9 in Table Saw Accessories

Date First Available

July 22, 2006

9 reviews for GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock for Table Saw, Router Table, Jointer, and Band Saw by MICROJIG

  1. Jeffrey Getzin

    Table saws and routers make me very nervous. I’ve had too many close calls for comfort.This this is ridiculously expensive for a piece of plastic and rubber, but it’s worth every penny. It gives you complete and safe control over your workpiece, letting you make cuts that would otherwise have been very dangerous but are now completely safe.Better still, you have control of your work piece AND the cut off bit so there are no shenanigans at the end. Just clean, safe cuts.It’s expensive but it’s a must-have!

  2. Bioengineer

    The GRR-Ripper is such a nice tool and safety device that I recommend anyone using a table saw to have. It’s simple to put together, although be careful that you do thread the screwed carefully so that they don’t misalign and potentially strip. The grip and pressure of the GRR-Ripper is helpful and stands up to many types of wood as you cut them on a table saw.Pros: Simple to put together, great accessories, easy to modify for a variety of cuts, provides the ultimate in safety. I actually use this in combination with a push stick sometimes to get better guidance and more safety.Cons: my only complaint was that the first one I got had a bad screw as I was putting this together and there wasn’t an extra one to build it, causing the threading in the nut to strip. Quickly replaced it however.Added Bonus: Get the movable handle accessory. You can then skew the handle to get some added diagonal/side pressure enabling further control and additional safety.Otherwise, I highly recommend this safety device and general guide for use. I’d rather have this thing get cut to pieces than my fingers.

  3. Dr. V

    I read many many reviews before buying this item. Some of them were a bit concerning. So I waited until I had used the Grr-ripper enough before writing my review. I have used it on the table saw, re-sawing on my band saw, on my router table, my shaper, and my edge plane and have found it to be a tremendous help. I am in my 60’s and not as agile as I was 30 years ago. Would like to keep all my fingers till the end. I have not had any of the problems that some have had. It is an extremely well made product. I have been over the plastic stigma for many years. This is a quality product and I highly recommend it to any woodworker.

  4. Doug WDoug W

    I fell in love with this the first time I used it. It is flat out AMAZING. It’s one of those things where I wonder how the heck i got along without it.This improves cut accuracy, stability, as SAFETY. You get a nice, solid grip on the wood that yields an amazing amount of control. No more worrying about fingers because your hands are on the block itself, with the saw blade going through the “tunnel.” I needed to trim a piece of wood to 1.5″ x 1.5″ and my chop saw was buried at the time – I used this and my table saw to do it. I would have never considered doing it without this push block.If i could give this 10 stars I would have, I am THAT impressed with it and am going to order a second one to be able to cut long boards more safely.The photo I uploaded speaks volumes about the product.This is really designed well. Making adjustments for different pieces of wood take seconds. It’s a little pricey but worth it – fingers can’t be replaced.

  5. J and B

    When I first saw the product, I doubted the gripping ability due to saw dust. Sure enough…it looses its grip when repositioning. However, if I manually blow the dust off the board before repositioning the Grr-ripper it does well. I also put my air compressor blow gun near by to blow off the Grr-ripper pads, table saw deck and wood before starting another run.For many decades I have used all the standard push sticks, etc. and I still have all my digits. However, when making thin cuts it was a balancing act, never pretty and I felt my digits were in the red zone. WHAT A RELIEF it was using this product. Everything was safer, cuts were cleaner and the process went faster. Being able to reconfigure/adjust the product to various needs is a plus.

  6. Nicholas

    This is the second one i have bought. The price of this is way less than the price of losing a fiber both monetary, and mentally.I purchased my first one while watching a bunch of guys on YouTube using them. I would say about a month later i was pushing a small 3/4″ for strip through and it caught on the blade which pulled the side of the grrriper into the blade. It pulled it hard and fast. The grrriper was positioned where my fingers would have been to guide and push the wood through. I immediately hit the emergency stop on the saw and my whole hand that was holding the grrriper handle up to my elbow was vibrating. And…That was it. No damage other than needing to replace a grrriper leg for $15. That alone was worth every penny. I’m so thankful i did not sit and wait thinking if i should get this. It would have been way worse. An accident can happen day 1 to a day 30 years in experience. It just so happens that i got this and was able to see the safety of it payoff within a month of buying it. I bought the second to be able to provide better safety with a leap frog push motion so i have contact and control consistently while keeping my hands and fingers better away from the blade. Do not hesitate or contemplate if you should spend anything to buy this. Get two and consider it a necessary accessory to have nearby for your saw.

  7. Jer2

    I saw this thing on some YouTube videos and given I’m a car mechanic not a wood guy, I thought I LIKE my fingers, and I’m a new owner of a superb “portable” table saw that scares the whee out of me. This thing takes the fear out of using a table saw. Fantastic tool. If you have a table saw and want to keep your fingers, BUY THIS. My wonderful now deceased neighbor was a wood guy for many decades. He was short one finger and part of a thumb. I’ll keep mine, thanx.Edit: Got curious and looked again at the negative reviews. Can’t address the missing parts – mine was all there AND they include a few extra washers & grommets etc. The one that got my attention was the poor goof who couldn’t put it together. YES it’s in pieces. YES I’m a car mechanic, so hey, it took me maybe 15 slow, appreciative and careful minutes to put this together. Could have done it in five. But if assembling this is too much for you, you don’t have any business around tools in the first place.

  8. One Degree Life

    This is a great device and adds and incredible level of safety. It’s quite expensive, but well-built and performs as one would hope.The gravity heels are helpful (extra purchase) and if you place them right they won’t get cut and therefore used up quickly.It is time-consuming to constantly readjust if you’re not making repeated cuts, but, again, worth it.Honestly, to make the 3D the most versatile it can be, you need the 1/8th inch plate and gravity heels IMO.I push several things with this, but mostly I use it to cut smaller blocks of wood for knife handle making which usually requires very narrow cuts. The safety alone is very helpful.I would recommend it, just save up some coin. If your tasks require two, this is certainly very pricy, but cheaper than new fingers.

  9. Kevin Kabatra

    I watched a few of their sales demo videos on YouTube and was very interested in this product. I was skeptical about it performing as they claimed, but I had a co-worker who swore by it so I purchased 2 units. I am very happy with their performance, it allows me to keep my hands and fingers away from the saw blade while making cuts that are very close to the blade. The green gripping pads hold the wood very firmly, and the unit comes with lots of adjustments so that you can mold the push block to your cut.Be prepared for around 15 minutes of assembly for each piece, this arrives flat packed and requires you to put in all of the screws, washers, and o-rings. I think this is a good feature though, as it educates you as to what each piece on the tool does and makes you comfortable with adjustments.Would recommend strongly and would purchase more if I some how gained additional hands.

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