ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button Function with Smooth Tracking, Precision Optical Gaming Sensor (M-XPT1MRXBK) , black

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✅《OPTICAL TRACKING TECHNOLOGY》The ELEOM “EX-G PRO” trackball provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy so you can get where you want on the screen quickly with less hand movement, improving productivity and efficiency. Wired / wireless / bluetooth connectivities are available. ✅《FUNCTIONAL 8 BUTTONS》You can assign favorite function to each button by using “ELECOM Mouse Assistant” ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software will be available to download from ELECOM NET website. ✅《DPI CURSOR》Designed with a high-performance gaming optics system sensor and lens. The DPI button can easily change between 500(LOW), 1000(MID) and 1500(HIGH) DPI, making the movements of your cursor faster or slower. ✅《EASY MAINTENANCE》The ball rolls on three 2.5 mm large artificial ruby ball bearings. They are extremely smooth and the relatively large size prevents dust and dirt from clogging them. So you don’t have to clean the ball bearings too often. The ball is held in place by the ball bearings, but can easily be popped out of the device, by pushing it through the hole in the bottom and it can be easily cleaned. ✅《PRODUCT DETAILS》System requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows RT8.1, Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.13 or later, Size: W4.3″(108mm) X L5.3″(135mm) X H1.9″(47.7mm), Weight: 5.2oz(without battery), DPI: 500/1000/1500 count (switchable), Connectivity: wired / wireless / bluetooth, 1 X AA battery(Included)- Battery Remaining Light Lamp equipped.

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Product Description







EX-G (Wireless)

EX-G (Wired)

EX-G Pro


Dr. EX-G

3 Button Mouse

Advanced Optical Tracking

Connection USB 2.4GHz Wired USB 2.4GHz + Wired + Bluetooth USB 2.4GHz / Bluetooth USB 2.4GHz / Wired / Bluetooth USB 2.4GHz / Wired
Customizable buttons 5 4 8 4 5 3
DPI 750/1500 750/1500 500/1000/1500 750/1500 2000 600/1200





  • 3 Way Connection : Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth
  • ELECOM Mouse Assistance software
  • Support Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows RT8.1, Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.13 or later
  • DPI: 500/1000/1500 count
  • 8 Buttons with Tilt Wheel
  • Low Energy Mode / High Speed Mode
  • Size: W4.3″(108mm) X L5.3″(135mm) X H1.9″(47.7mm)
  • Weight: 147g/ 5.2oz

The attached battery is for checking initial operation.

It may be consumed faster than the new batteries, but this is not a malfunction of the mouse itself.

ELECOM Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse “EX-G Pro” (M-XPT1MR Series)

-The ELECOM “EX-G Pro” trackball provides precise cursor movement for superior accuracy. Help improving productivity and efficiency of your work.

-Optical Tracking Technology : Optical Sensor can read your accurate movement.

-Control and Do More with the functional 8 customizable button.

-DPI can be switched to 3 different speed.

-Support Windows and Mac OS. Check details





Functional 8 Buttons

Assign different functions to fit your work or gaming needs with 8 built-in mouse keys and a left/right scrolling tilt wheel that provides limitless clicking combinations.

Customizable Buttons

You can assign favorite function to each button by using “ELECOM Mouse Assistant” ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software will be available to download from ELECOM NET website.

Recommend for PC Gaming Control: Customize each button function to enhance your gaming experience.

DPI Switch

The cursor movement speed can be switched to three levels; 500/1000/1500 counts. Get your computer set just the way you like.

Optically Designed Durable Wheel Encoder

The wheel scroll uses an optical encoder with excellent durability without wear of parts during operation.





Maintenance : Easy to Clean

Push the ball out from behind with your finger or a pen.

Remove dust from the areas where the three red support balls contact the trackball using a cotton swab.

As dirt and grime builds up around the trackball, the mouse cursor may jerk around the screen erratically or refuse to move at all. Keep your trackball clean all the time.

Receiver Storage

3 Ways to Connect with your device (Bluetooth/Wireless/Wired)

Receiver Storage is made for USB dongle. When you are connecting your device by Bluetooth or Wired Cable, easily store USB dongle and carry around with you. When you need it simply plug in and connect to your PC.

Power Off When You Don’t Need It

Power button is in the backside of the mouse. Prevents battery consumption when not in use.

Low Energy Mode : Battery will last longer. Low energy consumption.

High Speed Mode : Sensor will track accurate movement but the battery will run out faster than low energy mode.


ELECOM has a wide variety of product categories, including PC-related products, audio visual device-related products, digital equipment-related products, exercise-related products and more

We set out to create new markets with the concept of a “Human interface: Connecting users to devices with more comfort and better usability that are more friendly and comfortable for you and your family”.



With “Mouse Assistant” you are enable to assign mouse buttons to any functions as you like to customize your mouse.

  1. Access to ELECOMUS dot com to download “Mouse Assistant”.
  2. Click “Mouse Assistant” from the top menu.
  3. Select either Windows or MacOS version.
  4. Select “Download” tab and click the zip file to download and proceed to install “Mouse Assistant”. For more information, please click “How To Install” tab.
  5. After the installation, restart your computer.



Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎Laptop, PC

Operating System

‎Windows 8.1, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Windows 7, Windows 10

Item Weight

‎0.48 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.31 x 4.25 x 1.88 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎5.31 x 4.25 x 1.88 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 AA batteries required. (included)


‎Elecom Japan (PC)





Country of Origin


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎June 29, 2018

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#15 in Computer Trackballs

10 reviews for ELECOM Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth Thumb-Operated Trackball Mouse, 8-Button Function with Smooth Tracking, Precision Optical Gaming Sensor (M-XPT1MRXBK) , black

  1. ImJustHere

    Really a nice trackball BUT, I bought it in 01/2019 and the scroll wheel died (stopped sending scroll events) in 10/2019. Warranty period is 3 years but after spending a lot of time on their website trying to figure out how to submit a warranty request I decided to write this review. Their website is very confusing and what I did find was notices that they are unable to give support via emails, and telephone and chat is only in Japanese. Which left me to go get a new Logitech mouse.Update:Well, going back over the specs, I saw that the scroll bar operates using an optical interface. So… using a can of air I blasted around the scroll wheel from above and it now works again. It must have had 10 months of dirt and dust in there. There seems to be no other way of cleaning off the optical parts needed to use the scroll wheel, but at least it’s working again. It is my favorite track ball.

  2. yazfan

    I have had two for two years (one at home, one at the office). I have been a trackball guy for years since a hand injury makes gripping a mouse hurt over time. I had the previous model but now I am now addicted to this one. Yeah, everything is in Japanese, and there is zero customer support, but once you get the kind of finnicky software up and running, its great.The ring finger button is key – I have it set to ESC, and it makes navigating web based platforms and games much easier. When I use something else, I find myself constantly trying to push a button that is not there. Other programmable buttons are great too – if I have a certain function I am repeating I use the button next to the ball for that. I could try the new Logitech one, but without the ring finger button, its a no-go.The only real downside is that when using it with Bluetooth, the battery dies like 10x faster. I lost one of the dongles, and switching to using Bluetooth to connect. Changing batteries every other week is a pain, so I am here biting the bullet and buying a new one.

  3. dragon_eye

    Second Elecom I have purchased now. Love them. This model has nothing but improved over the last generation. Things like:- Improved ergonomics, fits hand much better, feels more natural- Smoother ball- Higher quality switches, which I can only surmise will lend to it’s longevity, unlike another brand **cough** logitech **cough**- Option to go wired, wireless, or bluetooth.- Since I bought this to pair with my gaming laptop, plenty of buttons!I found the company because I 1) wanted a wired trackball for gaming, and 2) one that didn’t burn out as quickly as Logitech products. I feel like their quality has started to go down hill. Elecom did not disappoint.

  4. F. Dean Toth

    Probably the best overall trackball I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned at least 6, almost all Logitech.PROS>Can be powered by cable *or* battery, making it eminently useful on the go or at home. (Even at home, I often sit across the room from the computer as I use it as a home theater PC)>You can connect wirelessly using *either* Bluetooth or the wireless radio dongle. I prefer Bluetooth as it is much more convenient to not use a dongle on my laptop. Bluetooth also allows you to use the mouse feature on Android devices. The dongle theoretically gives a higher bandwidth and thus would be better for gaming although I notice virtually no difference. The dongle is super tiny and can be stored inside the trackball.>Ball movement is very smooth, almost too smooth (note that during the first few days of use, the ball was NOT smooth moving, almost as if there was a film on it causing great friction, however after a couple days of breaking in, it is awesome)>Extra programmable buttons are a nice bonus though I’ve yet to use them>Side to side scrolling with the wheel is a great perk, not common in trackballs>Great build quality, nice button clicks>The ball cradle well is designed for maximum ease of popping out the ball (for cleaning the roller contacts). It’s the easiest to remove ball I’ve ever had in a track mouse, which is VERY important as, unlike a traditional mouse, the well faces up which makes it a dust catching bucket (this is not a flaw, it’s the normal physics of using an upside down mouse)>Great packaging, very pro. Good instructions. There is a DPI selector and refresh rate selector on the bottom which you need the instructions to use figure out.CONS>Sometimes the wheel button can be accidentally pressed too easily (you can press down on the wheel as a button). It’s a minor issue and you can even reassign the button function to disable it.>I use a rechargeable alkaline battery when not using the cable and the drain is fairly fast. A few days use (but we are talking 8hr plus gaming sessions). And rechargeables do hold less.

  5. Vitreous Humor

    This is the most amazing and versatile thumb-style trackball I have ever used. It takes a bit of setting up, and has about a 1-2 week break in period where the trackball gradually gets smoother for use. However I want to stress how well thought out this version of the ELECOM trackball is. The accuracy is great, there are an ENORMOUS amount of very adjustable buttons, and you can use it corded, wireless with a dongle, and wireless through bluetooth.Quite honestly the only downside of this device is that the ELECOM mouse configuration management software is just a bit janky. It still works fine, but you have to hunt it down on the mostly japanese ELECOM website and you can’t keep advanced operations going without it running in the background. This is only a very very minor problem given that ELECOM has created what appears to be a nearly perfect thumb trackball. Literally keep it in my bag all the time!Oh, some weirdo details, the device has a very decent battery life but is VERY bad at estimating how much battery supply is left, especially when you just start using it. My trackball has been saying it’s at 25% battery life on the same battery for, maybe 2 months? And in the beginning it said my battery was critically low after about 3 days use (scary), but that just went away. Just keep a spare AA around is my advice.Also, for Windows 10 with Intel Bluetooth you may get warnings about the device disconnecting (but still working). I found out this wasn’t the trackball, but Intel Bluetooth. You can either ignore those disconnect alerts (annoying, but the devices still work fine) or disable “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” in the Intel Wireless Bluetooth Power Management settings.

  6. toolness1

    I have been using a trackball type mouse since I was a kid and have used the wireless logitech for the last few years and have been quite happy with them, except they don’t have enough buttons for gaming IMO.I have a bad back so I play games totally reclined in a chair so I can’t really see my keyboard, so I can only memorize the feel of so many keys to be able to use them quickly during games, it helps to have more mouse buttons. This one gives me a few more and has already helped a lot.I used the software I downloaded from the company website to map it to some keys and then assigned them for example in DOOM Eternal. The ring finger button for the chainsaw, the button down by the wheel to swap between grenade types, and the one behind the wheel to swap to the crucible.One thing I haven’t figured out yet though is that I have to re assign those 3 every time I start the game and some show up as “????” as the button it’s assigned to. Oh well, it works.The wheel doesn’t feel quite as smooth as my well used logitechs, but I think it will with use since I have only had this for a day. I did put the blue ball in it from my logitech and it made it feel a little more smooth, the logitech ball fits a little tighter, the red one felt like it had a slight wobble.I have large hands and although this is a tad smaller than the logitech, I have notice no issues with that. It feels great. It needs one more button for your pinky though, why wouldn’t they put one there?? An entire finger gone to waste. Oh well.

  7. Eric A Theis

    I use trackballs exclusively. I’m a software engineer, so I use them a lot, and won’t tolerate ‘glitches’.I have largish hands. The most comfortable I’ve ever found was the (obsolete) Microsoft Trackball Optical D67-00001. That one is sluggish for gaming though. But I’ve used them for 10 years, work and home, have several, and I’ve never had one die.I’ve used the the Logitech trackball, but I always find it overly sensitive, and just enough too small that I end up shaking out my hands a few times a day. I always end up going back to the Microsoft.I have 3 each of the Elecom M-XT3DR (R handed wired) and M-XT4DR (L handed wireless). After waxing the balls (Renaissance microcrystalline wax polish) and putting a little Teflon lube on the ball contact points, they work fine.I’ve been using a set at work and at home for about a year now. No complaints, no issues. Comfoartable – I never notice any discomfort or difficulty.I decided to try the M-XPT1MRXBK, as reviewers compared it favorably with the Microsoft.Got one, and have been using it on my home system for 6 months.Briefly:- It looks and feels like higher build quality than the other Elecom trackballs I’ve used. After six months of daily use the palm area is slightly shiny, but otherwise you couldn’t tell it wasn’t new. This is the first trackball I can say is unequivocally an acceptable replacement for the Microsoft.- It’s a little bigger than the M-XT3DR (which is virtually identical in size/shape to the Logictech). It doesn’t really have a bigger footprint, but does have more volume. It was immediately more comfortable to my hand than the M-XT3DR.it’s definitely a step up from the M-XT3DR. It’s my new favorite.- The ball moves quite smoothly right out of the box.I used it for a month or so unchanged, but found the ball start motion just sticky enough to be annoying, making selecting a few letters out of small text frustrating and difficult.Finally I pulled the ball, and waxed it and lubed the bearings as above. That made a small but significant improment. Now I have no issues at all with the movement. It’s been about 4 months since I did that and it’s still fine.- Wireless seems to work okay. I keep having an issue where If I don’t use the trackball for several seconds, it ‘stalls’ for about half a second when I move it. I frequently move very quickly between (many) windows, and I have focus-follows-mouse set (so I don’t need to click on a different window to ‘select’ it). Also I often move over a new window (which almost instantly gets ‘selected’) and start typing. Very often the first character I type is ‘lost’ if it’s been a few seconds since I used the trackball. Very Annoying. I can’t say for sure this is the trackball.- Wired. This is how I use it most of the time.Works great, and the half-second ‘stall’ I see when I’m using wireless is NOT present when I go wired. Not sure yet about the lost character issue.- HOWEVER, the micro USB socket on the trackball is does not snugly grip the connector. You can move the connector back and forth about +/-10 degress while it”s plugged in. I tried a better cable, which changed nothing. It just feels loose, although the socket itself is firmly attached to the trackball.I pried the top and bottom sicde of the socket in a little, to make a tighter fit, which helped some, but it still fis not snug.Unfortunately, the connector is apparently loose enough in the socket that if you physically move the (entire) trackball, about half the time it will suddenly quit working.At first this would happen occasionally (about once an hour) even if I didn’t touch the trackball. (I suspect just the jarring from typing did it). Very Annoying.If you wiggle the connector the red ‘connected’ light comes on briefly, but the trackball generally doesn’t reconnect. Sometimes you’ll see an error popup about an unrecognized USB device. Usually you need to disconnect the cable briefly, then reconnect it, and it recovers correctly.After I bent the top and bottom of the socket in slightly it’s never happened without me physically moving the trackball, and even then only about half the time.This is Very Annoying – but since it’s a trackball, I rarely physically move it.So I forget, and then when I do move it, half the time I have to do the disconnect/reconnect. Grr.- Bluetooth – never tried it.- L, M, R buttons: No issues, ever. Short throw, definitele click, no missed/multiple clicks from a single motion.- Scroll wheel: It has a detent, but it’s fairly light. I thought it would be too light for me at first, but I’ve never had an issue.- Forward/back button work fine and are perfectly placed.- ‘sensitivity adjust’ switch works, and bumps the effective motion up/down ~30%. I like a very responsive trackball, so I leave it on ‘high’ always.- I have not tried to use the pinky finger or thumb buttons, so I can’t speak to them.The pinky button is perfectly placed, and feels just like the R button.The thumb button hits my thumb just below the joint, so It would be awkward to use more than occasionally. it would probably be perfectly placed if you have small hands.I originally installed their software, but never changed anything. So eventually I just disabled it, and the trackball still works fine.Recommended. (But you will want to wax the ball and Teflon the bearings).

  8. Mc

    Trackballs are really something you need to try yourself to know what you need or want. You may think you want certain aspects based on design or what should work best, but actual use experience will toss all that out the window. I tried all of the finger trackballs first because I was under the impression that it would be better ergonomics and accuracy. The Deft pro, kennsington expert, and slimblade (along with some other ones that I tried) had issues with the trackball sticking when trying to do micro/fine movements such as moving the cursor just a little bit to click on something. This made it extremely difficult to use on any screen set to high resolution and small text. Then I tried the Kennsington pro fit, which to my surprise, I had mich better control over the fine movements than finger trackballs. I thought the vertical position would make it more ergonomic, but I found it uncomfortable to use. That model also got dirty really fast, to the point that I had to clean it every hour. Not sure why. Then I tried the EX-G pro, and it is better than the $150 CST L-Trac. The L-Trac was the best finger trackball, with great bearings that allow for fine movements and high quality buttons. However, the L-Trac had poor button and scroll wheel placement that ultimately made it very unergonimc to use and acutally caused pain for me.Now on to the EX-G ProPros:1. Shape: I found the flat shape to be the most comfortable. I can easily reach all buttons, including the back and forward.2. Wireless: It is not necessary for a trackball but great feature to have.3. Replaceable batteries: No need to worry about charging and it won’t become useless if the battery ever goes bad.4. Lots of buttons: It has 2 additional funciton buttons you can bind to whatever you want along with the traditional buttons (left click, right click, middle click, back, forward,) and even scroll left and right on the mouse wheel.5. Price: This has way more features than the MX Ergo but at about half the price.6. Smooth bearings: The trackball moves with ease. This allows for fine movements (moving the cursor in small movements)7. Easy to clean: You can just pop the trackball out from the bottom to clean. Most trackballs have this feature or doesn’t need cleaning (CST L-Trac) though.8. Ratcheting scroll wheel: This scroll feels pretty good. Not the best but above average.Cons:1. No tilt adjustment: This doesn’t matter to me as I find the flat profile very comfortable but others might disagree.2. Micro USB connection: It really should be USB-C but I don’t plan on using it.3. Feels hollow: The texture feels pretty good but the mouse feels hollow when you pick it up and move it.4. Somewhat easy to accidently hit function button to the right of right click. I have found myself accidentlaly hitting this a few times.

  9. Veggie Delight

    The Logitech MX Ergo is a very good Thumb ball with a very good warranty. This one is just that much better in every regard. More ergonomic and more precise. Dare I even say you could game with this. Almost all trackballs require registry hacks for speed, acceleration and breaking. This works out of the box on one of your preferred 3 settings. I suggest if you use it wired you get a good heavy duty USB cable. This is also built better than any other track ball in my opinion. I prefer thumb to palm or fore finger. Just a preference. Do not believe any articles stating they will cause thumb injury. They simply cannot because there is nearly no resistance on the ball. Plus you are barely moving your thumb. You use your thumb more everyday regardless. This rides on synthetic rubies and the optical sensor is tuned to their ball. Yet, the ball has “micro” indents. So it has per pixel accuracy. Personally it fits me like a glove. The tenting is just right for me. The Logitech is too little flat and too much inverted. This is also much better at keeping out gunk and easier to remove the ball when need be. Furthermore the ball is heavier for more inertia but breaks very accurately.I want everyone to be aware this has NO warranty outside of Japan! If you are a hard core user,coder plan to be buying 1 or 2 per year which is par for the course. There is a more expensive model of this on Amazon with one letter missing in the part number. Also be aware per Elcom’s website it is the same exact model for the same Yen. Yes, it is made in Japan not China. I am not sure why there are duplicate models. Save your money. A different seller wants more money for the same thing. Since you will probably be replacing this frequently anyways unles you are capable of and wish to repair it. Then you could feasibly kep it in service a long time for low cost. It is just the switches that go and they are 40 cents each in low quantities from electronic parts suppliers. It is by no means low quality. It is just normal for any of these to last 6 months to a year at 14 hours of usage per day. I also like that it takes a standard battery. The highest real rating on a NIMH AA is 2800MAH. That will run for about 1.5 years in this! Logitech runs about 2-3 days and the battery is not replaceable. This is usually found for the equivalent of about $300USD in Japan, so here for $69 it is a very fine deal. I would equate this to Topre keyboards. If you are looking at this you are probably familiar with Topre as well. Same type of quality. I would not buy much into the bad reviews personally. There are alway’s duds in which case you have 90 day’s to return to Amazon. Or better yet purchase the inexpensive extended warranty it is going to offer you when you check out. It will probably be worth your while. One thing I do not understand is here on Amazon the picture states the switches are rated 100,000 clicks. Elcom’s website says 10,000. They are indeed Omron switches which are in fact rated for 10,000 clicks but that is actually more than you might realize. In summary I will say that this is the best Thumb ball that I am aware of if you prefer to use a thumb ball. If you are a heavy user you should not be using a mouse due to repetitive motion injuries which are no joking matter. I personally prefer a Thumb ball to all other types of pointing devices but what suites me may not suit you. Elcom also makes a Forefinger model of this which is fine as well. Just make sure you get the “G-Pro” line from Elcom. That is top of the line. One last thing. It says it has 8 buttons. They do not count the tilt as Logitech does so in that case it has 11. As far as I am aware it has more buttons than any other track/thumb ball. There software does not provide for macros though. If you wish for that functionality you will require 3rd party mouse software which usually comes at a nominal costIn closing most certainly 5 stars from me. Could not be happier with this device.

  10. thenoser

    at first i was only able to find ‘elecom mouse assistant ver’ but that did not control this mouse properly. you must search for version to be able to fully map all of the buttons.i was using the logitech m570, but needed more precise control (higher dpi) so i tried the elecom m-xt3drbk, but found the small size to be awkward as the mouse did not fit my third and fourth fingers at all. i then found this model and it fits the hand much better. you can adjust the dpi from 500, 1000 or 1500 dpi (the manual uses ‘counts’ instead of dpi) via a button on the underside. also on the underside there is an off/low/high power mode slider switch, pairing button and a slot to store the receiver.so far the only thing i dislike about this mouse is the button next to the trackball. i originally mapped it to be a volume mute switch, but due to its proximity to the ball, was always hitting it by accident. the button is now disabled. i also do not like the red ball so i swapped it out for the one that was in my logitech 570 – it fits and works perfectly.

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