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NRR of 25 dB (Noise Reduction Rating) Integrated Mic allows you to make and receive calls while maintaining hearing protection To Music/Audio From Connected Smart Device on High Fidelity Speakers Adjustable, Padded Headband Micro-USB Connector Cable Included

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Adjustable and Comfortable

The DEWALT Bluetooth Hearing Protector comes with Bluetooth connectivity that is compatible with most smart devices. This hearing protector allows you to make and receive phone calls with ease while assisting in noise reduction in loud environments.

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This adjustable high fidelity speakers also comes with a micro USB connector cable and has an integrated mic so that you can answer phone calls with ease.

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‎10.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches

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‎0.43 Kilograms

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‎1 x 1 x 1 inches

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‎Radians, Inc

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‎Hearing Protection

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‎Radians DPG17 DPG17 Bluetooth Hearing Protector Ear Muff


‎One Size



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August 22, 2019

9 reviews for DEWALT Hearing Protection, Black/Yellow, One Size

  1. nircee

    I bought these headphones to use while mowing the yard. The noise from the engine and blades was cut out by at least 60-75%. I also used these at the gun range, and it did a fantastic job of reducing the bang from a 12 gauge shotgun.The only problem that I have with them was it took a couple of weeks to get used to how tight they fit on the ears, but a couple of yard mows took care of that problem as I get more used to them. They connected very easy to my phone.Bottom line, they work and they work well. I would have no problem recommending these any who ask about them. The battery life is fantastic.

  2. Phillip JohnsonPhillip Johnson

    Update 11/12/2020 try changed the exterior design on these from the original ones I purchased so hopefully all this is still true… Mine are the olded rounded model. Dewalt really should have made a new model number for the new release.I literally bought six different work headphones. They were all a huge disappointment, mainly in regards to sound quality. They all lacked bass and full sound. The DeWalts finally delivered. They are in a completely different league! Do not expect the sound to be as good as your favorite pair of headphones, all of these work headphones have reduced bass and volume. However, DeWalt WINS!!!! If you respect music, buy these ones. In fact, if you ever even occasionally enjoy music, buy these ones. I literally can barely hear myself talk when I have some music on, which I imagine will be glorious with a screaming baby behind me in coach. I feel so good about these headphones I”ll be bothered about bad reviews of these, because they don’t have a baseline to compare to. All other safety headphones are literally terrible. These are in a league of their own. No I was not paid for this review, I don’t even prefer Dewalt tools ( I Have RIdgid!)More about the other headphones:-MPOW’s were the closest in terms of sound quality, but it still lacked that full sound, their highs were distorted. Similar in comfort level to dewalt-Inf Protear, they were very comfy but the sound quality was atrocious.-3M WorkTunes, pretty close runner up to Mpow, but Mpow still had better sound, similar in comfort level to DeWalt.SafetyWorks – very uncomfortable, and horrible sound quality. they made my ears throbDetailed review of DeWalt:Sound cancellation- The sound cancellation and hearing protection is top notch. Comparing these to andComfort – I wasn’t impressed at first, but after wearing the headphones for a few hours, they are great. They fit tight at first, but after some wearing, they fit well. Ears do throb very lightly but not noticeable. Be warned, that ear protection headphones go on much tighter. You definitely know that they are on. I am still able to sleep with these when needed.Sound – Highs and mids and lows are all great. The bass doesn’t sound like a movie theater, but it is acceptable and music is still enjoyable.Look and feel – They look pretty nerdy, but they got the trademark dewalt look.Battery life – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Lasts literally for a week if I don’t use it that much, and seems to last for two full days of use if I’m lucky.

  3. Brandon C.

    These things work amazing great for mowing grass and listening to music from the phone the Bluetooth was a little tricky to figure out with no instructions you hold down the power button for like 3 seconds then Bluetooth is activated. Comfort towards the end of mowing they were starting to hurt the side of my head but I have a lot of grass to mow overall pleased with them.

  4. Mr. T

    So I use these while mowing and weed whacking. Also just to work outside so I don’t have to hear my wife ! Lol, Jk. No but seriously.Charges it once when I first got it. It has not needed to be charged yet. That was weeks ago. I use maybe an hour or 2 at a time 2-3 times a week. Got this set back in late May it’s now July and I haven’t had to charge yet. That’s pretty awesome. When you turn on the set it says battery high or low tinker you know if it needs a charge. Honestly not sure what it says when the battery is low because it hasn’t been low yet. But assuming it says low.Sound quality. It’s not a set of beats ok but I listen to all different kinds of music from rap to country to Motown to rock, blues and alternative. It all sounds good. I mean it’s not a boom box but the sound quality it good.Sound deadening is good. The world does not go silent but they muffle the sound. Hence the term “muffs”. I have not used at the range yet so if using for shooting not sure yet how they hold up to muffling gun fire but I bet they would be just fine.Comfort.. they do fit tight, after several hours of wearing they are uncomfortable. But any muffs you wear for hours will be tight and uncomfortable after several hours of use.All in all for the money and what they are.. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  5. Susan

    Sound quality is outstanding! Arrived as promised and easy to connect to Bluetooth. You downloaded some radio apps and now I can listen to radio or my library. You have to adjust volume with your phone is the only thing I don’t like but not a deal breaker. I also love the looks. Bright color and easy to find and adjust to your head.

  6. Sir Thomas

    The media could not be loaded.  Works GREAT!!! I’ve only used them one time while cutting grass. I didn’t hear nothing but the music playing through my bluetooth. FYI… Plenty loud enough. The only complaint is the instructions on pairing with bluetooth. As of 9-1-20 the instructions don’t tell you how. I had to call to find out.Here’s how:1. Power headsets on2. Turn phone to bluetooth scan3. Tap headset power button twice real quick. Headset will say bluetooth pairing4. Tap Dewalt when it pops up on your phone and you’re good to go

  7. Lynn

    These are very protective of my hearing and the Bluetooth capability allows one to listen to something else instead of the mower, blower, and whatever else drone. The volume level is almost disappointing in that it will only go up to a level which I adequate, but nothing beyond that. That said I am very happy with them and my hearing is good enough that I can notice the difference in volume, but some one with some hear impairment would possibly not be able to hear music very well with them.

  8. Brendan

    I have a few high end headphones (mostly Sennheiser) so I know what a good set of cans is supposed to sound like. For the price (less than 50 doll hairs as of this review) the DeWalt headset has acceptable quality. I don’t think it would make sense for them to include better drivers in the headset given their intended use. The background noise of a mower, saw, or otherwise is going to muddy some of the sound anyway.That said, they’re very comfortable, even compared to other hearing protection that I have.Again, for the price these are excellent. I will say that the volume might be mistaken for being “too low” if you already have significant hearing damage, but for me it was what I would consider medium volume at the highest setting. With the noise isolation of the hearing protection, it was like listening to music in a quiet room… so not a big deal.

  9. Jason

    It was hard to get Bluetooth connected because I didn’t know to push the power button twice fast. After that, all was well. These are arguably better than my $400 Sony noise cancelling headphones because I can talk on the phone with them. On my Sony headphones, everyone complains they can’t hear me. I could have bought 8 pair of these for the cost of the Sonys. These block out the noise rather than trying to cancel it electronically. The result is these squeeze a little harder on the head. I will enjoy these when weedwhacking etc., and not worry so much about sweat and damaging my good Sony headphones. Music is adequate quality. No brainer purchase.

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