Product Description

The Best Quality, Period – Since 2005.

Our industry-leading floors are backed by our hyper-durable Accuseal Ultra Finish System with aluminum oxide. We use only premium raw materials like Moso bamboo (aged 5-7 years), and the most advanced finish and milling systems in the world. If you’ve done your research you already know that we have more than a decade of happy customers. Check out our Better Business Bureau profile for yourself. When leading architects, designers, contractors and homeowners around the world want beautiful bamboo flooring that won’t let them down, they call Ambient.

Easy on the Wallet and High on the Quality.

We sell our brand directly to you, whereas most big box retailers are simply resellers (of brands like Ambient). This allows us to give you a much higher quality product, but less expensive. If you add up all costs associated with your flooring order: shipping, moldings, flooring, and installation materials, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a less expensive floor than ours (especially considering our quality).

Janka Hardness Ratings of 5,300+.

Our strand woven bamboo and eucalyptus floors have tested higher than 5,300 lbf on the Janka scale, which is about 2-3 times harder than most wood floors (Northern Red Oak is 1,290 lbf). This translates into a superbly hard floor that will take a lot of punishment from active families and are highly resistant to pet claws. Combined with our lifetime finish system, our floors rarely if ever need to be refinished in a residential setting.

24-Hour Spill Protection.

Strand woven bamboo flooring is suitable for use in kitchens, and our super tough Accuseal Ultra finish system provides 24 hour spill protection against puddles. Small water droplets just evaporate with no problems. Our bamboo floors are also extremely dent-resistant compared to other flooring types, so your kitchen floor and children’s playrooms won’t be all dented up after a few years of active living.

Lot-Specific Ordering.

Hardwood and bamboo flooring always come in different dye lots and the shades can vary widely from light to dark. With other brands, the final floor they ship you might not match the color sample you based your decision on. At Ambient we provide you with lot-specific ordering, assuring you that the floor that arrives at your home will match the sample we sent you. We also will not ship you odd lots, mixed lots, or totally different shades of flooring. Just check the lot number sticker on the back of our samples and request that specific lot when ordering.

The Best Indoor Air Quality.

Ambient is proud to have achieved FloorScore Certification, which means peace of mind when it comes to dangerous off-gassing and VOC’s. We carry out independent third-party testing every year to ensure that our products are safe. Unlike many plastic & vinyl floors, our products all meet the CARB Phase II indoor air standard, which is the most strict in the world. Ambient products consistently test at less than .015ppm, which is so low as to be considered effectively zero. All of our adhesives are ultra-low VOC and our floor finishes are ultra-low or zero VOC as well. Besides, our employees and their families live, work and play on our floors too.

The Environment Matters.

We only have one home – and the earth needs our help. Our floors are made from rapidly renewable bamboo & eucalyptus that is harvested from well-managed forests. All of our products are Lacey Act compliant, which ensures they are legally sourced and with minimal damage to the environment.

World’s Largest Selection Of Bamboo Trim.

We do our best to stock all the matching moldings and trim pieces for all of our floors, and we also sell the installation supplies you’ll need, all at very competitive offerings that won’t inflate your final bill. Your floor, moldings and installation supplies will all arrive in one shipment, which will save you and your installer valuable time driving around purchasing materials.

We Care About Our Customers, Not Just The Bottom Line.

We do not employ commissioned sales representatives. No pushy sales tactics, no misleading information – just honest, insightful advice to help you with your flooring project.

Floor ScoreFloor Score

All of our products are safe for you and your family.

If you’re looking for safe, ultra-low emission floors, look no further. We’ve proudly achieved Floorscore certification, and our annual test results show that Ambient floors emit “effectively zero” formaldehyde emissions. We take the health of our customers very seriously, as if it were our own – that is why many of our employees and their families have our floors in their homes.

Stylish OfferingsStylish Offerings

Huge variety of flooring options from classic to contemporary.

Whether you are interested in traditional colors like blondes and browns, charming handscraped and antiqued, or contemporary greys – we have you covered! We have over 30 colors and styles to choose from – with more options added every year. We even offer custom colors if you truly want a 100% original floor.

Our SpecialityOur Speciality

Bamboo Flooring – It’s what we do!

Unlike big box stores that carry carpet, tile, laminate, this and that, and maybe a handful of bamboo flooring options – we only specialize in providing the best bamboo and eucalyptus flooring you can buy. And because we specialize in bamboo flooring, we make sure our quality is unbeatable.

Matching MoldingsMatching Moldings

We are a one-stop shop.

We stock all the matching trim, moldings and installation materials for our floors, and we ensure that the moldings we ship you actually match your floor. We ensure that you have a finished look that will get compliments for years to come.