3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology, 24 dB NRR, Ear protection for Mowing, Snowblowing, Construction, Work Shops

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Communication Direction: Two-Way Bluetooth Technology Lets You Seamlessly Stream Entertainment From Your Mobile Phone And Any Other Bluetooth Enabled Device. High-Fidelity Speakers Provide Premium Sound Quality Integrated Microphone Lets You Make And Take Phone Calls Without Removing The Hearing Protection
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From the manufacturer

Easy to useEasy to use


Flexible headbandFlexible headband

Built-in batteryBuilt-in battery

Simple single-button interface is easy to use with gloves.

Soft, conformable ear cushions and low-profile cups for a comfortable fit.

Flexible headband with cutouts to improve comfort when worn with hats.

Built-in rechargeable battery with auto shut-off and low-battery indicator.

3M WorkTunes Connect + Gel

3M WorkTunes Connect AM/FM

3M WorkTunes Connect

3M Gel Ear Cushions

Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Ear Cushions Premium gel ear cushions Soft, padded ear cushions Soft, padded ear cushions Replacement ear cushions for 3M WorkTunes Connect
Make & Receive Phone Calls

High-Fidelity Speakers

AM/FM Radio

Audio Assist/Voice Assist

Audio Input Jack

Battery Built-in rechargeable battery/low-battery indicator AA batteries/lowbattery indicator/ optional lithium battery pack Built-in rechargeable battery/low-battery indicator
Headband Compatible with hats & caps/vented headband Compatible with hats & caps/vented headband Compatible with hats & caps/vented headband
Noise Reduction Rating 23dB 24dB 24dB



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Item Weight

‎15.5 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.83 x 3.9 x 7.06 inches

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‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎3 Months




‎Worktunes Connect



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‎3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology, 1/Pack

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‎Lithium Ion



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#1,241 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) #5 in Safety Earmuffs

Date First Available

May 25, 2017

10 reviews for 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology, 24 dB NRR, Ear protection for Mowing, Snowblowing, Construction, Work Shops

  1. Asha Ember

    This is a fairly extensive review. I got the Bluetooth version with the built-in battery. Unlike most people who use these for loud industrial environments, I got them to work in my open office environment. As a writer with ADHD, the noise and chatter absolutely kills my productivity, so I wanted something that would totally cut off all sound, without requiring volumes that could damage my hearing. I’m more than happy with these.ISOLATIONTo elaborate, I work at one of the world’s top music-industry retailer. That means I can get my hands on all of the best headphones money can buy at cost. I own tons of headphones, including professional in-ear monitors used by performing musicians and similar headphone the these Worktunes intended for recording drummers. Many of these tout attenuation as high as -29dB, and none of them outperform my Worktunes.COMFORTThe isolation Worktunes provide is second to none, but even more importantly, they’re extremely comfortable. I have a largish head, and at first these headphones pressed my glasses too tightly at the temples, causing me mild headaches. However, bending out the headband a bit significantly cut down the pressure, without sacrificing acoustic isolation. The ear cops (the part that goes around the ear) are nice and soft. Once I got used to them, I’ve been able to wear these for upwards of eight hours, with minimal fatigue.BATTERY LIFEI can’t speak to this so well, which is actually a good thing. You see, I haven’t worn down the batter beyond medium yet, and even that took about a day’s worth of playback. In fact, I use Bluetooth headphones so often (thank you Apple) that I’m used to suffering if I forget to charge every day, yet even after neglecting to charge my Worktunes for two straight days, they held up. That’s pretty impressive.CONNECTIVITYThe Bluetooth connectivity of these Worktunes has some pros and cons. On the plus side, they connect instantly (far faster than any other BT headphones I own. If you do wander out of range, they’ll typically reconnect in seconds when you come back. This has a minus side, in that if you turn on another Bluetooth device, such as a speaker, the Worktunes will take over after a few minutes, so you have to make sure you shut them off. Finally, the range is a bit shorter than other BT headphones I own, but it’s not terrible.CONCLUSIONSI’ve since used my Worktunes in all kinds of environments, including in my wood and metal shop, and I’m continuously impressed by their performance. Do they sound as good as other headphones? I suppose that’s subjective. I tend to listen to my music at low volumes (I’m also longtime recording engineer/producer), and I don’t prefer hyped bass, so even though they aren’t exactly reference-monitor-grade, I’m totally fine with them.The only thing I wish they had would be a forward and reverse remote buttons, but that’s a minor drawback in an overwhelming sea of positives. I not only would but have recommended these Worktunes to several friends and colleagues.

  2. matt

    I was doubtful about these at first, however after having them for about a week now I’m going to buy a second set for home. I use these daily at work. I work in a very noisy environment. We build tons of different aircraft components so there are always cutoff wheels, rivet guns, air compressors and other noisy tools running or in use around me. Granted when I’m using these I’m not operating any tools, rather I’m at my desk in the middle of the factory, but even as I walk around the factory if i have these on and some music on about 1/4 to 1/2 volume I escape and cannot hear anything but music. I’ll literally take them off cause someone is speaking to me and I can’t hear them. Meanwhile as I pull them off I’m overcome by the noise of a saw or rivet gun in close proximity I had no idea was in use.I also recently used these when we had a bunch of people over for a party and I had to finish a homework assignment. Turned on some Jazz about 1/4 of the way up and could look around the room, see lips moving but not hear an external sound.My only negative about them is the volume and sound quality. Don’t get me wrong they have VERY crisp highs, mids and lows however the very deep lows are lacking a bit depending on what I’m listening too. They just don’t have the bass that my skullcandy headphones had and have a hard time trying to hit some very very deep bass notes. Also I know the volume is limited digitally for safety but sometimes I’d like to be able to override it and crank it a bit more. However I give them 5 stars because 3M did their homework on these. As an Engineer I appreciate the fit, form and function, I just wish they had a few more bells and whistles.Update 1/11/18: After about 3 months of use I still rate these at 5 stars. They seem to hold a charge really well. A bunch of the guys I work with have bought a set after using mine and seeing that it nearly eliminated all external sound in our shop. Also I’d like to add that I took them shooting at an indoor shooting range. I could still listen to music while I was waiting for my turn to shoot but they were unable to completely drown out that excessive noise but that’s totally understandable. I was impressed however with the fact that I could hear the music and enjoy it still.

  3. RK

    The construction is good and solid, and does an excellent job of blocking sound. Note, this is not an “active” noise suppression system…this is effectively just a very well made passive earmuff hearing protection device with the ability to pair via bluetooth to hear music, podcasts, etc from a phone. While it does have a microphone, that mic is so you can have a conversation via your phone while wearing the earmuffs, not for someone wanting to talk to you standing next to you…you’ll have to take them off to have an immediate local conversation.So, if used for listening to your phone’s MP3’s on an airplane for example, this is excellent…fidelity is quite good, and you can save a lot of money over other “noise cancelling” devices. Or, used when mowing the lawn, or other loud activities to preserve your hearing.If you use this while shooting, it will limit your situational awareness, just like regular earmuffs would do. You will not be able to hear people talk clearly around you, for example (again, just like regular ‘muffs). And…you could listen to your music on the range, but that will reduce situational awareness even more.I bought this for listening to my phone while on a plane (It’s REALLY good for that…you will be surprised at how loud you have to listen through “regular” headsets vs this one), and when using gas operated lawn equipment.Controls are simple and straightforward…one easy to find button on the side. A long press to turn it on or off. A double press for initial pairing. A double press to advance forward a track. Three presses to back up. Just one button. Volume control would be done on the device you are playing through, there are no volume controls on the Worktunes Connect ‘muffs themselves.Charging is easy, and an LED indicator will show full charge. The device will also “speak” to you when it is powered on, powered off, paired, and can tell you the basic charge of the battery.There is an aux 1/8″ jack if you want to connect to a device via a cable vs bluetooth. The box comes with just the hearing protector, and a microUSB cable. No USB charger is included, you have to supply your own.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Comfortable enough to tolerate. Slightly smaller cans than I would prefer, but my head is generally not compatible with one size fits all.I chose this unit because it seem to be the only choice that had Bluetooth but not radio. Consequently, it’s very discrete, and less cumbersome without the antennae I’d never use. I would have paid more for that setup, and even considered making my own from an instructable, but am glad this unit was an option at a reasonable price point.The actually noise suppression is amazing. I have to feel things, or even pull off a can, to check things that I could hear clearly through standard foam plugs. Even without a solid seal, they do a good job off cutting down the volume. I use this to my advantage by shifting them to funny angles for partial noise blocking.Sound quality is certainly passable, and the volume is sufficient, to say the least.I did notice some of the magic missing in my favorite tunes, but I haven’t messed with my phones EQ, so I can’t say the speakers aren’t up to the task. It’s good enough when you factor in the suppressed background noise, and I don’t want to constantly micromanage my sound settings.They at least have enough juice to get uncomfortably loud, if cranked up, and I am able to hear clearly over even the loudest machinery if I tweak the volume manually in response to my environment.The battery life is where this unit really shines. I work twelve hour shifts, and one charge will last me weeks. I don’t run them non-stop, but I rarely turn them off manually, so it seems to be very good at conserving power and seems to hold literal days worth of actually playtime power. I don’t go out of my way to write reviews, but when I turned them on for the 8th straight day and it said battery medium, I thought I ought to take the time.Overall, thoroughly impressed and highly recommended. Just wish I could get a slightly larger pair.

  5. Chato

    UPDATE: I bought these in November 2017 it’s now March 2019 and they are still working like a champ battery life is still very good (3 day’s before I get notified through the earmuffs that the battery is low) sound quality is still perfect for music but not so much for phone calls you sound too distant and noisy to the person you are talking to but I can hear them pretty good but again I bought this headset to listen to music not for phone calls and for that reason I am very satisfied with this purchase and gave it the 5th star up from the initial 4 star rating.I highly recommend you buy this set and shop around for the 3M clips that snap into your hardhat and if they ever clunk out on me I’m buying it again without hesitation.I’m so glad I found this head set even though I had to remove the strap that goes over your head and placed it on the helmet clips from a different set then after I just tucked the wire away on the inside of the helmet where nobody could see it and BAM! super sneaky nobody can tell it’s a Bluetooth headset especially if you work in a union factory who says listening to music is a safety risk get the hell out of here with that, now I can listen to music all day no problemo plus I have a earbud connected to my work radio/walkie so I can ear if I’m being called on the radio. I tried connecting my work radio directly to the Bluetooth headset using the axillary port but it sounds muffled/distant also when I get a phone call I have to use my hand and cover up the axillary / charging port otherwise I get a ton of feedback from my surroundings (minus one star) but I’m not complaining because my goal was to be able to listen to music discreetly without the union babies finding out and make my 8-12 hour shifts more enjoyable.They hold a charge really good so far three days (two 12’s and an 8) minus lunch and breaks plus I don’t have the music at full volume so that helps too.

  6. matthew

    Based on other reviews here I expected problems… well, I can confidently say I had none at all. Unpowered these block out noise as well as any set of protector cups I have in the shop. Powered and connected to my iPhone I could listen to podcasts, YouTube, or even music at great volume with little disturbance from the snowblower, shop tools, etc. You can still hear them, but they don’t ruin what you’re listening to. Dialog is just as easy to follow.I tried the BT calling feature once when I got an incoming call while clearing snow. It’s very poor, background noise is picked up by the call easily and the mic itself is very low grade. Do not buy these to make calls with. (Why would you?) I never intended to use that feature so I’m not including it in my star rating.Bluetooth radio distance for my iPhone 8 is approximately 30 feet clear-line-of-sight. Never any disconnect issues with the phone in my pocket.You must hold the power until “power off” is heard or you’ll get your calls stolen by it constantly. If you have BT hands free in your vehicle these will override it constantly if powered on. They absolutely do NOT play well with other paired BT calling devices. (As a last resort, unpair when not in use, and repair when using—it’s very simple to do so not much of a hassle)For the price this is a solid recommend.

  7. ChallengerRT

    So I gave this 5 stars for noise cancelling, bluetooth, and battery life because it meets / exceeds all my expectations. I purchased because during the pandemic my wife and I share an office and the Bose noise cancelling headphones weren’t cutting it (they’re really not designed to either, so this review isn’t a knock against bose, I never fly without them). But the 3m muffs just deaden noise, if she’s on a conference call I can work while listening to music, I can still hear her, but it’s brought to a manageable level I can work through. I’ve been using these all day as I’m on conference calls, they’re wireless, the bluetooth phone call connection is very clear both ways, and they are loud enough, and very comfortable. Since I have them I also use them during power tool usage, sanding, saws, lawnmower and they work great! For some of those tools I double up with the foam ear plus too and just turn the music up. As for volume and music, they are good, these are not headphones for a recording studio. They get plenty loud enough to moderately listen to music while I have double ear plugs and loud enough to cause damage if you turn them up while only wearing the 3m ones. For 50 bucks, checks all the boxes, when I go back to the office, I’ll probably leave the bose ones at home and take these. Highly recommend.

  8. steve hunt

    Decent sound quality using Bluetooth, good hearing protection, great battery life. I had been using a set of knock-off Beats headphones (corded) to mow the yard and do maintenance around the house. I’m sure i was damaging my hearing, turning them up loud enough to drown out the power tools. But i would get bored with just a set of hearing protection muffs on. These are the best of both worlds. They are awesome on long road trips to drown out road noise and listen to some podcasts or pandora. they are never going to rival the sound quality of a $300 set of serious audiophile headphones, but i like them better than the bose noise canceling headphones i was also considering because of the NRR passive noise reduction rating. noise canceling is great for constant droning noises (airplane engine rumble), but you can’t cancel out a loud lawn mower or circular saw. I got a set for my neighbor to use where he works at a manufacturing plant that requires hearing protection on the line. he loves that they are stealthy headphones too. they are a bit tight, even for my head that wears a 7 1/2 fitted cap. but a tight seal does help keep the noise down. even wearing a pair of sunglasses will reduce the passive noise reduction, with the stems going around the ears creating a tiny gap.

  9. R I

    Well designed earmuffs. I work around high pressure water & air noises all day. In the past I would wear earbuds under my earmuffs, very uncomfortable, and I would still be damaging my ears with the earbuds volume on max. Then I discovered these Worktunes. Despite other reviews, I understand why and appreciate the very smart design. Yes, the volume is reduced in these headphones, otherwise if you could blast your music, then whats the point of protecting your ears… However after a couple wears, and getting past the bad habit of blasting music, you realize the volume is just fine while you are still protecting your ears! Great speakers, crisp and clear, and they produce great bass as well. The phone feature is great, the mic is very powerful. And yes, you can hear yourself a little when talking, which is needed, otherwise if you can’t hear yourself talking, you might mispronounce words, fact. Some people complain about bluetooth range, well duh, the human body is 60% water and water blocks RF, so keep your phone on the same side of your body that the power button is on, and you will be just fine. I also get about 15ft range if the phone is on a table. Battery last for quite some hours, I can get at least 15hrs out of them before recharge. Also very comfy, on top of blocking out noises, I can wear these for a while without ear fatigue. I am VERY HAPPY with these earmuffs, other colleagues have gotten these Worktunes too and are very happy as well. Kudos 3M!!!

  10. N. B. Campbell

    This unit was perfect for my requirements. I did not want AM FM radio. I wanted to listen to radio via the Internet and streamed music or recorded music from on my iPhone whilst protecting my ears.I do a lot of gardening and wanted something to protect my ears from the noise of motorised garden equipment and listen to talk back radio.The unit arrived fully charged. It was just a matter of turning it on and connecting it to Bluetooth on my iPhone.A female voice advises when it is turned on, turned off, connected to Bluetooth and battery level.This is how it works for me….I leave Bluetooth on on my iPhone. I start up the App which plays the internet radio station I listen to. I hold the button down on the earphones which advises that the unit is on, Bluetooth is connected and the charge state of the battery. I am then able to hear the internet radio station through the earphones.There is only one button on the right side of the unit which turns it on and off. Below that is the micro USB charger connection and a stereo connection for a physical wire to your phone if you desire.Bluetooth is automatic and connects quickly and easily. The unit does not have a visible aerial and looks like a regular pair of ear muffs. They fit comfortably and firmly on the head.I’ve used them all day in the garden and the battery level has remained on full charge.They are well made. I am really happy with this unit and highly recommended them to those people who only want Bluetooth in a set of headphones/ear muffs which also perform well at reducing external noise.When charging, a blue LED blinks on the right side of the unit until it is fully charged.Listening to talk back radio is easy when mowing the lawn or using other noisy equipment.Highly recommended.

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