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WE NEED TO. Words spoke time and time again. My house needs work. I need this fixed. I want to do it myself but I need help. We all see, hear and feel what is being expressed but had no one to take care of the issues. UNTIL NOW!

Friends families, neighbors, communities Sometimes our clients take on projects that they find are well beyond what they imagined, far more involved than they first thought. They purchased an old house or building and did not know or were not told all of its issues. For the current owner, this is a nightmare. Far too often someone needs help making repairs or doing restoration, and there are no skilled tradespeople available to do the needed work. This is why we are opening a school in Riverside CA. and plan to open similar schools throughout the state and country. To teach the trades and train all who wish to learn. Including veterans, students, those in transition from homelessness, or exiting incarceration. We have master tradespeople to teach classes. We have been given the opportunity to build the school on a local property but it needs to be restored. We offer a store on this website for just that reason. We are working with local businesspersons who deal in antiques, knickknacks, furniture, and equipment to sell on the International Guild of Artisans & Masters ( online store. When you purchase from the online store you help offset some of the cost of restoring this property and help buy tools for it's students, a portion of 75% of the proceeds of all sales go to this project to remember the forgotten and to teach and keep the trades alive. Thank You!

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When you see your walls crumbling. Window in disrepair. and the home of your dreams falling in around you. This is when you call Jordan’s Custom Woodwork / JDB Restore LLC