Remembering The Forgotten 

Here You Can Donate Directly To The Guild Or Explore What We Offer In The Store In Restoration Supplies and Services.

International Guild of Artisans & Masters: Training center of the trades. (Imagine a world where there is a place where skilled craftspeople can go when they fall on hard times and find themselves out of balance. A world where the purchased or donated; abandoned, damaged, and unwanted homes, apartments, hotels, motels, and historic structures. A world where these skilled people, repair them, move in and maintain them. A world where these same skilled people will teach these skills to locals. A world where those who would normally not have a place to turn in hard times because most programs do not create sustainability, just a stopgap) A place where they can find help and support. Therefore, the International Guild of Artisans & Masters has been working to open a training center for the trades in Riverside CA. and plans to open similar training centers throughout the state of California and maybe someday the country. To teach the trades and train all who wish to learn. Such as veterans, students, those in transition from homelessness, or exiting incarceration. We will have master tradespeople teach classes. After completing the designated class hours the student will transition into the field where these students learn on the job working with local restoration companies, and other local construction firms in their chosen trade. The training center will also be where local residents with small jobs come to find skilled people to repair their homes. Which in turn helps to support the training center. We offer a store on this website also to help fund the training center. When you purchase from the online store you help offset some of the cost of these properties and help buy the tools used in their restoration by the students, REMEMBERING THE FORGOTTEN. and keeping the trades alive. Thank You!

WE NEED TO. Words spoke time and time again. My house needs work. I need this fixed. I want to do it myself but I need help. We all see, hear and feel what is being expressed but had no one to take care of the issues. UNTIL NOW!